Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marie Antoinette meets Maison Decor in new home office

The plan: 
Marie Antoinette meets
 Dreamy Cottage Girl

My office makeover results.

A drafting table I snagged out of the cellar 
got a coat of frenchy blue paint.
I matched the pretty bookcase I just bought at Rustique.
 The long wide drawer is great for holding plans and
 samples for the current jobs I am working on.
A black needlepoint rug and a 
frenchy leopard desk chair anchor the room.
Bins under the table hold workroom supplies.
The Rustique bookcase has embossed wallpaper on the back panel.
Lots of things that inspire me have found a place here.
My antique thimble collection, cut glass...
Silverplate creamer and pitcher hold my pencil collections.

A magnetic board holds sweet thank-you notes and attractive calling cards over the bookcase..

A cookbook stand holds a decorator book open to an article I find inspiring at the moment.
A thrift store picnic basket holds my spools of thread.
My thinking chair is in the corner~a mombasa mosquito net over a comfy chair.
My frenchy table with marble top sits next to 
the dragonfly upholstered chair.
My vintage trunk holds fabrics and pillows
 for upcoming jobs.

Frenchy blue paint washed over an old ladder
 holds my current job samples. 
Behind the scenes: ladder and table getting a paint job.

I ordered these decals online so
 I wouldn't forget who I was when blogging. 
The crown came from Hobby Lobby.
Tres Cool.
Amazingly enough,
everyone speaks with a french accent
 when they enter this room!
Pink and green toile draperies with tassel trim
 hang from iron rods and fleur~de~lis holdbacks.
Hubby hung my auction find chandelier. 
A ceiling medallion I just painted
 french blue that has yet to be installed. 
 I mixed some pink crystals in with the clear.
twinkle pinkle twinkle pinkle
This space was created to inspire me.
Little bits and pieces of lovely are everywhere.
 Filled with all the things I am attracted to, 
I love walking through the door to work!

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Show and Tell Friday
Funky Junk Interiors SNS
Metamorphosis Monday

My office ended up being featured on
 French Obsession


  1. I love this room Amy! My 8 yr old daughter, says she loves it too, very girly!! I love the color scheme and how you have things organized, great job. BTW, love the blue, and the thinking chair, I need one!

  2. What a fabulous room and space. YOu have it decorated beautifully. This would totally inspire me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Everything is just lovely. I would love to work in this space. It would totally inspire my creative juices.

  4. Quite cool! I could use the mosquito netting!! I love all the spools of thread in the basket--something so simple yet so colorful and happy! The room is inspirational, lovely colors.

  5. Amy,

    I am a sucker for needlepoint rugs. I love a little animal print mixed in to. Your office is gorgeous. I like that you've got the dark rug to ground it and yet the wall color and soft toile drapes are so light and airy. I like your netting over the chair to. Looks like a good place to recline with a book. Oh, and I love that you put Maison Decor over your desk. Too cute!

  6. Wow! I love the pink and the green! All the special touches are fantastic.

  7. Oui, Oui madame! Very dainty and quite French-y! Very well should be pleased with yourself. Well done.

  8. Hi,
    I am the editor and founder of, a magazine based on the idea that we should live well at work. We have a weekly series where we feature Office Makeovers from around the world that are interesting, stylish or innovative and we’d love to feature your office in an upcoming article. We would need 10-15 well-lit, clear photos along with answers to a few interview questions. Would you be interested in participating? If so, please email us at

    Sayeh Pezeshki

  9. Oh, everything just looks beautiful!
    I am signing up to follow your blog~

  10. Your office looks great Amy! and so cozy and very French. The ladder idea is perfect too!

    By the way, I'm in the market for a new camera and your pictures for this post look great. What kind of camera do you have and what lens was this shot with? Email me and let me know if you get a chance. Thanks! -c

  11. What a great room to help inspire your creativity!! I love it :)

  12. I love the room. I've been working on my room in a soft pink and white color scheme. My office is in the corner of my bedroom.

    I just found out last night that there are no Hobby Lobbies in California. I'm bummed. We have Michaels and Jo Anns. When I saw your adorable crown I was thinking of that.

    I got the cutest fleur de leis book holder for my daughter when I did a french pink poodle birthday party. She doesn't want it anymore so it's mine. Isn't that sad? I'm taking my daughter's handmedowns. Especially since she is 12!! lol

  13. Wow, it is fantastic!! How could you not be totally free to create and dream and thrive in there. lol

  14. You really know how to capture the spirit of the person,most importantly yourself, when you create spaces.

  15. I just love this room! It is beautiful and I love the colors that you have chosen!!
    It is a beautiful and tranquil room!!


  16. Fantastic job! I love the ladder. If I ever come across one in a thrift store/garage sale, I'm scooping it up!

  17. This is beautiful, Amy! You did such a lovely job with your space, including every little detail. Loving your thimble collection.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my faux zinc nightstand. To answer your question, it only took about 2 hours (not including drying time between the primer & base coat.) It's a MUCH quicker process than it might seem in the video tutorial. I'm too ADD for anything that I can't finish right away! You could stop at Step 6 (after the basecoat) and still have an awesome zinc piece though.

    I hope you're having a great weekend,

  18. What a great work space, love it! And I want that crown plaque on the wall!!!
    I am hoping to get my new craft/laundry room walled in this Winter. Can't wait to finally have a real work space again. Going to be in Cream & Black damask theme with hints of red.

  19. You did an absolutely fabulous job on this room! I love the curtains, and how you hung a canopy over the upholstered chair! :)

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by Beautiful Nest and for your kind words about the painted kitchen floor. You asked about whether I did the bead board myself~ I did indeed. My husband got me started and showed me the ropes, and I learned how to use our table saw! (Love that table saw!)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  20. SO pretty! You did a great job!
    I would love if you linked something on the French Obsession on August 1st! It would be so much fun! You have so many French inspired posts!
    Love your blog! Following you back!
    Gros bisous

  21. Wow. I want to live in there. It is so serene and peaceful. All the details are so unique and make the room so personal. You can tell from this office how much you love your job and how well you do it! Beautiful!

  22. You have created a beautiful office. I love the colors you chose and the toile drapes. Needlepoint rugs are one of my passions and yours looks wonderful in the room.
    Hugs, Sherry

  23. What a nice office. The colors are very soothing.
    Dropping by from Met Monday.

  24. This is a beautiful space! Your needlepoint rug really sets the stage for the space, and the pink and green colors are very soothing. I can see why you like to go to work! LOL
    ~ sarah

  25. Hi Amy! You know I love your frenchy office! I would be inspired, too! I especailly love the tolie! Mine is called "Nouveau Bergere" from Covington, I think. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  26. looks gorgeous! so light and whimsical!

  27. A room can really set a mood can't it. No wonder this one inspires you. It is fabulous.

  28. Hi Amy! I love your French office! You were right we do have a lot in common. Thank you for your sweet words about my mosaics. If you like my Lavender Hill Studio blog, I know you will like my home blog. I decorate in the French Country can view my other blog at:

    I have signed up to be a follower of your blog. I am off to read past posts. Hope to see you at my home blog soon.

  29. I love this room--especially the colors! You have wonderful windows and light too. Love your "thinking" chair and the drafting table. This would be an awesome place for working and projects!

  30. What a beautiful office you have. And I see you have a beautiful family as well!
    Best regards,

  31. Oh what a great pretty place of your own. I really love the drapes crown all of it!

  32. It is beautiful. I really need to redo mine - thanks for the inspiration! I'd sure love to have you link up at Momspiration Monday too =)

  33. I love your new office!! I am just in the planning phases of my sewing room. I hope it turns out as beautiful as your room!

  34. What a wonderful space to work in. Might never leave that room.

  35. Beautiful room! I love the color of the walls.

  36. Oh my gosh--this is a room fit for a princess!!! How beautiful! And I love your sign on your wall too and the curtains and is all completely fabulous...and you must be excited!

  37. Thank you So much for linking! I love it all! great inspiration for me. I love the colors you chose!
    I just saw your 4th grade report card! HAHAHA
    So cool!
    Wow, your sons are so gorgeous! WOW
    Beautiful family!
    Good luck on the give away :)

    I adore toile also, can't never have enough of it :)
    I just bought some toile fabric again....hehe

  38. Talking about you on my blog!


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