Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in the Kitchen

 The kitchen is small, so the window is my focal point for Christmas decorating.
 A swag of green that has a touch of flocking and 
pine cones drapes across the window and down the sides.
A christmas candle painted grey burns at the window. 
Are you a candle person at christmas time? I am!
 All it takes is a little bit of green and silver
 to get in the holiday spirit.
A bit of green garland for the mini hutch.
This garland from Michaels has a tiny bit of silver sparkle 
and flocking which makes it so pretty.
Faux green trees and boxwoods

in silver containers have silver mesh ribbon bows.
 Its so dark in this kitchen so the pictures are never the best.
It does look very pretty, you have to take my word!
The Christmas window~
 My kitchen is where I started decking  the halls at Maison Decor~
what room do you start in?


  1. Gorgeous! So exciting that Christmas is near :)


  2. Amy,I'm still going to steal your island. Anyway love your kitchen it looks like a winter wonderland Happy Christmas decorating can't wait to see the rest of your beautiful home...

  3. I start with the mantle in my dining room, move to my mission hutch, then the book cases, then the tree. Your kitchen looks very festive!

  4. Looks great! I start in the Great Room, the place where we put up the nativity set and tree. Merry Christmastime to you!


  5. Oh, it looks lovely. So fresh and green. I worked at Pier One today and am now over at Shelly's. She is not doing well. I was hoping to go home and work on Christmas at my house but I don't know if it's going to happen tonight.

  6. What a wonderful look! I love the greenery in the silver.

    I start in the living room. I get the tree up and the mantel finished. Then I head outside. Eventually I get to the rest of the house.

  7. So pretty, just a touch and you are all set to go! I start in the living room. With the tree.

  8. Looking good...your house is so elegant and cozy and inviting all at the same time. Love the evergreen and the tree on your island in the silver container...beautiful!

  9. Aww it's super cute Amy! I have the same crown hook in Macayla's bedroom that you have hanging by your sink. :)

  10. I don't have to take your word for it. I can easily see how pretty it is! It is very tasteful too. I like simple greenery and natural items with a little shimmer and you have done just that. I think it looks perfect! Love your ribbon tied around your champagne bucket with greenery in it too.

  11. That looks terrific Amy! i love the touches of green

  12. Amy, It may be small but it is really cute. I love the simplicity of it...and it is NOT a tiny kitchen like some I have seen. I'd say that you have done a great job dressing that window..and look how cute the shelf looks that you put up. Very sweet- xo Diana

  13. That's a good question, Amy. I have no idea where I started this year! I don't usually go to a particular room; I guess it depends which bin I open first. I do like to keep it simple in the kitchen because I don't like a lot of "stuff" on my counter tops. I think bits of green throughout can really add just enough.

  14. love a candle in the kitchen window...exactly the same as mine.

  15. Your kitchen is lovely....and not all that small! I start in whichever room the mood hits me! Love this time of year!

  16. Amy, your blog is one of my favorites! I love when I see a new post from you, because I know I'm in for a treat and you don't disappoint! I would love for you to visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway and I could see my little glitter bird that I made nestled somewhere in your fabulous home:)
    Have a great day!

  17. Well, i start upstairs in the closet pulling out the bins of ornaments cussing because it's all such a mess ... it's pretty much uphill after that...
    I'm really into the natural greenery with the silver, and you totally nailed it in your beautiful kitchen... i'm so going to copy that look...


  18. Looks pretty, I especially love the tree in the Champagne bucket.

  19. All the greenery makes it look so festive, Amy. I hadn't thought to decorate my window but since I don't have curtains or blinds yet, I'm wide open! Thanks for the inspiration!


  20. That looks so pretty Amy! You have a gorgeous view and that window certainly does make a perfect focal point.

  21. Your christmas decor looks really simple and beautiful. Have a nice christmas

  22. Amy, so simple, so elegant. Well done, Love to you, Ginger

  23. This is lovely! Brilliant idea to focus on the window. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  24. Your kitchen looks so sweet, Amy. I love the garland around the window! I usually start in the dining room because it is usually the "cleanest slate," LOL!

  25. Your Christmas decor in the kitchen is beautiful. Where did you find your candle in the window???? I like the shape of it. I particularly like the garland, everything looks so tasteful but yet there is a simplicity that is very appealing. Gorgeous!!!!!

    I began my Christmas decorating outdoors but that also includes the candles in each window, upstairs and down and in the middle upstairs window a small tree decorated with handmade crocheted white angels, snowflakes and bells that my grandmother made for me many years ago. They are beginning to show their age but I love them all the more. I am doing a post about it next week.

    I enjoyed your post so much.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

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  27. Love your kitchen it looks so clean and beautiful
    great job

  28. The Dining Room. Amy your kitchen looks so soft and heavenly! The garland around the window, the trees in the silver coolers, fresh and elegant.

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways from Dovecote Decor! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  29. Hi Amy, LOVE your kitchen! Mine is very small, not even sure what to call it, very tiny but I love it! I do also love your fridge! I have a stainless stove like yours, what is your brand? I like the shape! Right now I need to replace my in my kitchen "garage fridge" with one that goes with a little better! thanks if you can give me the name please? Hugs KAT =^.^= and OH I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I am a new follower :)

  30. HI Kat, Our appliances in the kitchen are all by Frigidaire The Professional Series. The refrigerator is a shallower depth than a standard one at 27" not including the handle.
    And Carolyn, the candle in the window is an old one from my childhood home. My dad made candles attached to thin plywood bases with a z bracket out of lead in the back that you can slip into the window and close it on it so it won't fall off the sill. I spray painted it grey. I think you can still get these plastic candles at Home Depot or Walmart..

  31. I love your kichen decor Amy. It's so fresh and inviting. Not overdone, perfect.

  32. I really love the simplistic and fresh approach to your decorating. So sweet and does not overshadow your beautiful kitchen.
    Whatever box which gets pulled out first is where I start. And yes, I adore candles at Christmas. Well, all the time really!

  33. I'm catching up, I haven't had time to look at your posts. I love the garland in the window and hutch and the tree in the silver urn, the urn is very beautiful. And yes, you made a very pretty Christmas decor in your kitchen, I believe you ! lol !
    If the darker pictures annoys you, you could add more light in them by working with a photo editor. I use Corel PaintShop Pro X4 and it does miracles !


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