Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dressing Table Designs

source: country living
While I am doing the master bedroom over and hubs is making my window seat
I asked him to build me a dressing table under the window.
Looking for skirted inspirations I searched the web...
Isn't this sweet makeup table divine?
Another skirted table in yellow striped silk 
I would have hung a huge ornate mirror over the table instead of the floral painting.
This pleated skirt is attached to an existing table.
Mine will have a platform top built into a recessed area inside a dormer,
so it will need a pretty skirt.
My vanity will most likely resemble this one, but the fabric will be quite different.
A straight top, with old crystal lights in the corners, and a pretty floor length skirt.
I have silver accessories to give it some old world glamour.
 This table has a mirrored backdrop, however mine will be set under a window.
As Barbra Streisand says, it is a must to do makeup
 in natural light if you want to look natural!
Did you notice the mink stool? Tres chic!
This ruched skirt has tiers of ruffles.
I find it looks kind of dark for a makeup area.
This skirt is made out of a cotton lace hung from a marble top~ so french!
So stay tuned for my bathroom dressing table.
I am getting close to finishing my bedroom too, and can't wait to share!
Keeping it pretty.....

sources for all other photos: google images

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