Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shabby chic slipcover style

This chair and ottoman got a quick slipcover right before Christmas.
I really didn't get a chance to write about it, so here it is.
I had just thrown an old sofa slipcover over it.
Here it is under a pile of that white fabric. You can see the old yellow walls
and how I have now moved tables, chairs and artwork.
It was still a pretty look. 
 I like the blue frenchy marble topped table with the white slip better
than the iron and wood table.I got this table at the local
Salvation Army Thrift shop for $40 and painted it with a light coat of
Palladium Blue by Ben Moore. (Sidebar for the post)
It used to have a traditional cream with gold french provincial paint job.
Table before paint job...
The greige walls have a calming effect and look great with blue.
The color is #1515 Ben Moore.
The large floral painting suddenly felt too busy  in this spot.
The chinese lamp came from my parents house. I grew up with it.
It broke and my dad glued it back together, 
but my mom didn't want it anymore~I  always liked it.
Its toile-esque.
You can see I am still carrying this book everywhere with me.
I love the cover shot of her velvet damask sofa 
and how she matches in her casual yet elegant clothing. 
She actually has clothes made to match the rooms she has!
I will not be doing that....
Here is the pretty chair in its original covering.
It has a lovely Marie Antoinette kind of fabric with nail head trim.
I bought it from a fancy store called "Domain" that is now out of business.
I still love the look of this chair, but wanted a change for a bit.
I ripped apart an old white slipcover, seen here, and reused all 
the fabric to make this new one. Pretty green I have to say.
This is the same chair.
I made this slipcover for my NH house where I had a lot
of clearer colors in pink and green and yellow.
Ignore the blue carpet, I had to~it came with the house.
It is amazing what a difference a slip makes.
Not the best picture, I  had used my iPhone to
capture the before and afters on this project.
Its kind of sloppy looking here..I was rushing.
Note:  I didn't have enough fabric to make cording for a lot of my seams.
Less cording makes a slip a bit more modern and casual to me.
I had wanted to make a tiny knife pleated skirt
 like these pretty chairs have in Lauren Ross' home.
Due to lack of fabric I settled for a triple kick pleat in the corners.
I had just enough to cover a mismatched ottoman.
I will be painting the insides of the bookcases shell pink.
But for now...I'm lovin' this corner.
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  1. Amy, The slipcover looks wonderful and I love the little blue table. The first thing I noticed was the fabulous lamp. This entire corner of the room is beautiful.

  2. Amy~ It looks gorgeous. I love the original fabric you showed on the chair too- but it looks amazing with it's white slip and in the redesigned corner and speaking of the corner, I am loving that paint color! I remember you recently painted it - I am going to have to go back through and read that post again! Happy New Year!!

  3. Amy - The slip cover looks wonderful! Love it - you have inspired me to pull out the sewing machine!
    Happy New YEar.

  4. Great look! I do like the new paint color and I love that marble top table!~ Hugs, Patti

  5. Your slipcover is wonderful. I love it. I really love the original chair also, such beautiful fabric. The blue table and lamp are perfect. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love that table with the marble top. Very nice. And the slip covers too!!

  7. Amy, the gray walls are fabulous with the marble top on that table! I also love the table with the barely-blue paint! The original fabric on that domain chair with the nailheads is gorgeous... I think I'd have a hard time covering that up! I'm about to tackle a slipcover for myself this week for my own living room... but you wouldn't believe how ugly my BEFORE chair is!

    New England Style

  8. Okay. That's it! I'm officially taking the aqua blue plunge that I've avoided for 6 months. The color on that table is FABULOUS, Amy! Did you glaze it to bring out the details? On my monitor, it looks to have a chalky gray glazing. What color is the blue? I saw the name of the greige paint but not the blue. Is it straight up blue or aqua? It looks aqua on my end. All of that to say, I'm lovin' your corner too! The slipcovers are gorgeous. I have several to make but I've only made simple dining chair covers so I'm very nervous. I found by-the-yard white denim from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Coutour collection on ebay (haven't bought it yet) so there isn't much room for error. So happy to have talented friends like you. Thank you for putting me over the edge with the blue. I have been struggling to choose a color for my new estate sale desk/hutch find. White with a faux zinc top, white with lavender bead board, all lavender, RED, etc. I think this is it. Boy, I'm long winded from excitement!

  9. Amy thank you for all your visits, that you for your much needed beauty to the world of blogging!

    Love the pale French blue marble top end table as well. there is a sweetness with added glamour to the room.

    Ooooooh! I also love the "Barbra Streisand book" !!! I had the pleaseure many years ago with attending a design show in L.A CA. at the designers show where BARBRA STREISAND was there with her peeps buying up peeled chippy furniture and some repo Yellow ware. A beautiful wow moment!

    Happy New Year dear soul

  10. Boy, you're ultra-talented at a lot of things! I love that blue shade of paint. Perfect with the top of the table.

  11. Happy New year to you!

    WOW! it looks so beautiful and chic i love the whole corner and have just gone to Amazon and ordered Barbara's book,thanks for the heads up,
    Love Kristina x

  12. I plan to edit this post to add the color of the blue table, but for now, I painted it with Ben Moore Palladium Blue. I did a fairly light coat and tried to not cover up the gold highlights too much. No glaze, just paint. Look for the how to post on my sidebar.

  13. Oh Amy, everything looks really great. The grey wall and the blue table are the perfects shades. I was just thinking about buying slipcovers for my furniture, trying to decide on the type and color for now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Gorgeous! I wish I could sew like that! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in! Hugs lulu

  15. Hi Amy,
    You did a wonderful job covering the chair! I also love that gorgeous round table painted blue and your Mother's lamp!

    What's funny is that I had that same cottage floral picture in your before shot. I got tired of it and sold it in my booth. Now, I wish I had it back! LOL!
    I also made some porch cushions with the green fabric you used on the chair. They have since been redone! I cannot believe how many things that we have alike. I guess creative minds think alike!!

    I love your corner and it looks just perfect in your home. I like the idea of the pink behind the bookcases. I would love to try something like that on mine.


  16. Love the round table, love the wall color, love the lamp, love the little "Domain" chair original fabric, AND after... love the slipcover and the little blue pillow, and the calm colors... and can't wait to see what shade of pink you paint the back of the bookshelves... so, basically i love everything you do, i'm sooo you're groupy now....


  17. Very soothing, I love it!! Don't you ever get tired of painting your walls? :) I'm glad you've decided not to have clothing made to match your rooms :) The greige really goes well with the blue, I checked out the color swatch and it's not going to work in my living room, too green. So I am trying to decide. I have pale yellow on the walls now and hate it, I'm going to do something in the brown/beige family, I think. xo

  18. Bridget, I never get tired of painting rooms, I find it very relaxing for some strange reason. I don't see green in this color, it comes across as a pearl grey mixed with beige. I had yellow forever too and suddenly had to get rid of it, so I know how you feel. Why don't you try a small sample size? I am in love with this color (#1515).

  19. Your slipcovers are so pretty. Thanks for showing the Barbara book again! I was just thinking there was a book I'd just heard about that I wanted to get from the library and couldn't remember what it was! It was your book! So thanks for moving it all around and taking more pictures with it!

  20. Be still my heart! I love white slipcovered chairs! I'm just to much of a scaredy cat to try it in my home.

  21. The slipcover looks real nice and comfy...
    Nice and comfy is good right?

    Happy New Year!

  22. I am amazed how you created this slip cover. It makes a dramatic difference.

  23. You are amazing at slipcovering and the finish you did on the marble top table is just perfection! Love the new wall color... it is elegant and soothing. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Hey Amy - I'm so jealous of your talent for sewing, especially slipcovers. And I'm in love with your $40 table find. What a steal and love it especially since you painted it grayish blue. Great job, great projects!

    Happy 2011!

  25. Oh, I love your slipcovers, both for the chair and the ottoman! You did such a beautiful job on them. :) The whole corner of the room is gorgeous.

    I hope you have a good night~

    {Beautiful Nest}

  26. Lovely! The whole room looks calm and peaceful. Oh, to curl up in the chair, rest my feet, and devour a good book.

  27. What a difference a slipcover makes! I'm so glad I came across your blog. You are so talented!

  28. gorgeous slipcover! i love that you threw it together before Christmas...fearless! love it! that pretty blue table is to die for!

  29. I have been checking out a few of your article stories and I must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Thank you very much.


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