Friday, January 28, 2011

His and Hers Chandeliers in Blue

His and Hers Chandeliers
Adding a little romance to the master bathroom
Painted pale aqua blue
Soft and sweet and shabby
Ordering things online is tricky because
 you can't tell exactly how it will look in real life. 
Turns out these baby chandeliers were too shiny and bright for my taste. 
I was a bit disappointed and had to come up with a plan.
I decided they would be blue chandeliers.
I planned to use the same color as my linen panel.
While Mr. Maison Decor was hanging my chandeliers,
 I was just staring at how white and shiny they were. 
They came with a lot more crystals but I hated the gold connectors.
I like the old iron looking ones...because I like old chandeliers~
but the price was right so I was going to figure out how to get a look I could live with.
This is the image from
It looks pretty cute here! Oh well...
 The candles were very brown so I painted them ivory 
and added a metallic champagne color to the wax drips.
I removed all of the strings of crystals because the gold links 
were overpowering, and just left a few crystal drops.
The pale matte blue paint turned beast into beauty.
As for my pretty dressing table, I am on the lookout for a vanity chair.
So for now one of my dining room chairs has taken flight up here!
One question though, should the wicker chair stay or go?
It was on its way out, but now I am not so sure...
I scooped up a few yards of pale aqua linen to cover the cushions
if the chair is right but the rose print too overpowering.
What would you do with this chair?
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  1. These are so cute, You see my friends think I have a problem they think I have to many Chandeliers in my home.. I say you can never have enough, I just put one in my closet.

  2. I like the chair in there but I think maybe the rose print is a bit over powering as you suspected. The aqua linen looks great, especially with your gorgeous new chandeliers! Fabulous job on making them work for your space. Very pretty!
    Have you ever checked these guys out for crystals?
    I see them advertise in mags that I read but have never bought from them. I like their prices and that they offer ones with both silver or gold tone.

  3. So is it weird that I just want to grab a sappy romance novel and cuddle up in your bathroom - it's just so romantic!

  4. Amy, you made a great choice in painting them blue. So much softer and pleasing. I like the idea if the chair and I agree with you about the floral. If you haven't already, try laying the linen over the chair and keep it there another day or so and see if you like it better.
    Are you wanting a different chair or no chair at all? It looks like you bathroom is definitely big enough to handle the chair.
    You've done a beautiful job here. BTW I like the angel wings on the chair! It suits your bathroom!

  5. Oh they look gorgeous!
    I love how the candles now show against the blue,just beautiful.
    I love the chair but i agree change the fabric,
    Love Kristina x

  6. HI Sonya,
    Yes I laid the linen fabric over the cushions and it looks very nice. Seems like all agree it is the way to go. It is nice having a big comfy chair in the bath!

  7. Don't touch that wicker chair. It looks fabulous right there. Love the candeliers and the soft blue that you chose.

  8. Those chandeliers look great! I would have only bought one, but the two side by side make such a bigger statement! It is gorgeous!
    And I agree- I love the wicker! If you feel it needs a change, just try a new cushion (yours is lovely already) but sometimes a smaller touch is enough to feel fresh.

  9. oh my gosh, i was thinking about buying those exact chandeliers, i have them on my "watch" list online... They look wonderful! I'm so happy to see them hung, because this is one of your amazing ideas i want to use in my own bathroom... I like your wicker chair in there... it looks like a great place to sit and polish nails, or drop your bathrobe... and even though the fabric is pretty, I think it's definitely too strong for the room...


  10. Love the chandeliers in the soft blue, and the chair is wonderful. I agree a soft blue linen would be much better. Beautiful bathroom. Hugs, Marty

  11. I adore your chandeliers in the pale aqua. I agree with you about the way they looked before. I love that you even took the time to champagne the candle drips. Everything made such a beautiful difference! Personally, I like the wicker chair and think you should keep it\. LOVE your angel wings too. :) I just received a pair from Baba Moon in the mail and will blog about them shortly. They are knitted with the prettiest white yarn and so soft. First of many pair. Your house is coming along quite beautifully, Amy! Happy Friday.

  12. I love your bathroom and the chandeliers. I bought some crystals not long ago from They are very reasonably priced and I also got some silver might want to just buy some of those. :)
    I like your wicker chair in there, but I do agree it needs the softer fabric colors..your room is so soothing and ethereal and the fabric stands out a little more than the rest of the room. (but still lovely!)
    I have been looking for two chandeliers to go in our masterbath that we'll be re-doing in the spring..think I'll hop on over to overstock and look at some now! :) thanks!
    Have a great day...beautiful job!

  13. I like the chair but it does need a different fabric. I love the look of a chair in the bath, it seems kind of luxurious or decadent or something like that. :-)
    The gold on the prisms may fade. You might even experiment with ones you took off, try to age them, like wipe the gold part with Comet or some harsh cleaner. I think I've had gold ones fade.
    I love how the mirrors work with the slanted ceiling. Such a beautiful bathroom.

  14. Wow! I love your bathroom!!! Those chandeliers are gorgeous there! I love chandeliers in bathrooms...actually I love them in any room! I wonder how the chair would look painted light blue with a white cover???

  15. Hey, it's me again. Do you have the link from the chandeliers you bought..I've looked and looked and can't seem to find them?
    missy :)

  16. Very pretty chandeliers, I love what you did with them. I am looking for a mini for one of my bathrooms and Overstock is usually where I turn.

    I love the wicker chair...more subdued fabric would be great!


  17. Great job with painting the chandeliers! As for the chair, what about a pale plue toile (i.e. white with a soft blue print)? By the way, do you have any plans on painting the cabinetry? Or putting in shabby mirrors over the sinks?

  18. Hi Amy, love, love the chandys.. they look so pretty painted blue.. you did a wonderful job! Keep the chair, especially since you have the room. I like the look of it and don't mind the fabric either. I would probably just accessorize it.. like a gorgeous dressing gown draped over it with some pretty slippers close by. take care, Maryann

  19. The chandeliers turned out so cute. I like the prisms on the chandeliers...why don't you just replace the gold connectors with wire? That is what I've have to sit and work on it but it's a good project for while watching tv. I like the chair. I like the fabric a lot. I can see that you might want a upholstered slipper chair....that would be even better. I'd keep the chair till you found something else.

    Great Bathroom!!!! Love all your changes.

  20. I realized I bought these on Ebay so I edited the post from Overstock to Ebay. I will be doing something with the wicker chair soon! My future dream plans would include painted cabinets and marble counters!!!!

  21. Looove your twin chandy's!!!I'm ordering that very chandy for my work room! I already have one from the company I'll be ordering from, it came with a bazillioin brassy connectors, making it look so tacky! I took every last one of them off and spray painted them a silver chrome color. They're perfect now!(Big job though)! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  22. Beautiful! You only need one more thing in here- a box of chocolates on that chair! :)

  23. I am in agreement....a different fabric for the chair. I do LOVE what you did with the chandeliers...great idea! You have a beautiful master bath...a romantic retreat!~Hugs, Patti

  24. I really like the color you did on the chandeliers! Much more custom looking! :)
    I think you have a great big space- perfect for a chair. I think it would look really dreamy with a tufted white chair. Something really curvy and shapely- maybe a little taller with less width?
    Really a gorgeous space to get ready in the morning!

  25. i really like the colour! and the chandeliers are to die for! love them! always dreaming of getting one but never got one that within my budget.. huhuhu.. anyway, i really love your room! comfy!

  26. That is one big bathroom! You could fit both of mine in there, with room to spare!!! Love, Love, Love the chandys!!!! I think painted cabinets is the way to go.

  27. I love the color of the chandeliers and I agree the crystals look great this way. It is nice on the slanted ceiling too.

    I think I would change the chair, I think it needs something less outdoorsy and more vintage.

    Fun to see Mr. Maison hanging the chandeliers too.

  28. Hi there, Just found your blog and wowzers!! Gorgeous!!!! I will be book marking you so I cane come back and visit very soon!!

  29. Your chandes look beautiful, Amy. I'm still looking for the perfect ones for my LR and my FR/playroom. I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Also love your vanity chair with the wings on it... sweet. :)

  30. Gosh, they look so beautiful. I love the color. You really make me want to have this look at my least one room.
    Leave the chair, I say. I love it, love the fabric too. It adds a warm, inviting feel. Just my opinion.



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