Friday, January 28, 2011

His and Hers Chandeliers in Blue

His and Hers Chandeliers
Adding a little romance to the master bathroom
Painted pale aqua blue
Soft and sweet and shabby
Ordering things online is tricky because
 you can't tell exactly how it will look in real life. 
Turns out these baby chandeliers were too shiny and bright for my taste. 
I was a bit disappointed and had to come up with a plan.
I decided they would be blue chandeliers.
I planned to use the same color as my linen panel.
While Mr. Maison Decor was hanging my chandeliers,
 I was just staring at how white and shiny they were. 
They came with a lot more crystals but I hated the gold connectors.
I like the old iron looking ones...because I like old chandeliers~
but the price was right so I was going to figure out how to get a look I could live with.
This is the image from
It looks pretty cute here! Oh well...
 The candles were very brown so I painted them ivory 
and added a metallic champagne color to the wax drips.
I removed all of the strings of crystals because the gold links 
were overpowering, and just left a few crystal drops.
The pale matte blue paint turned beast into beauty.
As for my pretty dressing table, I am on the lookout for a vanity chair.
So for now one of my dining room chairs has taken flight up here!
One question though, should the wicker chair stay or go?
It was on its way out, but now I am not so sure...
I scooped up a few yards of pale aqua linen to cover the cushions
if the chair is right but the rose print too overpowering.
What would you do with this chair?
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