Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Mirror for the Vanity

 An old mirror that once belonged to a dresser has found a home on my vanity.
I love the shape of this pretty mirror.
My friend Bridget, from the blog Rehab Boutique, also has a shabby store in NH.
She sent an email out with some of her wares and that is where I spied this mirror.
I had her measure it for me and then I tried to visualize how it would sit and look.
Pretty sure it would be just right, hubs and I drove up yesterday to get it.
Visualizing is a big part of being a decorator...
I am happy to say that I visualized correctly!
 I am considering re-doing it in a silver finish, but for now it has the shabby treatment.
I am over the moon with this new addition, and the price was right too!
Sweet and feminine and just right, don't you think?
It appears to make the alcove space wider.
An old mirror meets a new table to give this bathroom vintage appeal.
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  1. Gorgeous as always Amy! Love your style and taste in everything!

  2. Been watching your evolving vanity from broken marble til now the new mirror, looks fabulous and I know how wonderful it feels to sit there and use it. If your interested stop by and see mine
    Keep up the great work,

  3. Oh love your new vintage mirror Amy! It is absolutely perfect for your little window vanity! I would love it in the silver too if you decide to paint it- very glamorous! Just saw your comment about my patio set and the green color is original- one of the things I absolutely loved when I found it. :)

  4. Looks perfect! It does make the space look bigger! I can't wait to see the new paint treatment.

  5. It is just perfect Amy! I love the shape of it and it is a wonderful match for the table! Your entire master bath is really great! ~Hugs, Patti

  6. Oh, your space just delights me!

  7. Please. can I come get ready at your house every day?

  8. The mirror is just beautiful! I'm so glad you found something to fit so perfectly with your table. I love it!


  9. You definitely had good decorator vision because the mirror is so perfect. I love the curved top and it really does make the space larger

  10. You have such an eye! Your sense of taste and style is uncanny.

    What a change to the entire look with seemingly such a simple solution.

    Luis Banda

  11. ohhhhhh myyyyy gosh... nothing could have been better! It was the piece de resistance!


  12.'s perfection! It's just the right size. I love it. Now the vanity is just right. I don't know about painting it silver....I like the white with the makes it look as one but I'm sure silver would look good too and I do love anything silver. Great find!

  13. Now your cove is complete and I've got to say.... to-die-for!

  14. You are a great visionary. It completes the space.

  15. Hi Amy, I agree it looks lovely and has made such a difference! take care, Maryann ps will be sending those pics today.. finally.

  16. Hi Amy,
    Ooh, I love it! I think I would leave it shabby as is. Perfect fit too!


  17. What a very pretty dresser and mirror you got there.

  18. How perfect! I love the shabby look of the mirror. Looks like it was meant to grace your vanity. Your whole room is gorgeous!

  19. What a great mirror! It is absolutely perfect for the space. You have such vision and talent as a designer. I want you to know how much I have appreciated all the advice you have given me in the last few months about my home decor... I have really appreciated it.


    P.S. It has snowed A LOT here in Kansas City, too, so I feel for you. :)


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