Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marble Top Vanity

This marble console sink is set in front of a dormer window with 
pink striped wallpaper and a very cool magnifying mirror.
How elegant and sweet is this?
I am working on my vanity table that is set inside a dormer alcove.
Yesterday hubs and I took the plywood top he made to a local stone 
fabricator and picked out a remnant of Calcutta marble. 
The cost was $25/square foot~thats a pretty good price.
I am beyond thrilled~this will be ready on Friday!
I had him make it with a 1" overhang
 so the skirt will tuck neatly under the marble top.
There will be two holes cut in the back for the crystal lamp cords.
I have a pair of these heavy cut crystal lamps
 I purchased at auction over 20 years ago. 
They have been in a box for years.
Now they are going to sit in the corners of the dressing table, 
and they will sit right over the holes cut in the marble so it will appear cordless.
Calcutta marble is mostly white with grey veins like this image.
I could barely see my remnant stacked in the pile,
 but it appears to be mostly white.
Marble is less busy to me than granite, its softer and lighter.
I just love the look of marble and am excited to have it in my bath.
Here is the picture I showed a few days ago of a marble console.
This is pure heaven!
A little quirky, some vintage and the elegance of marble and crystal.
A pair of iron and crystal baby chandys will soon be installed over my sinks.
I'd like to find a bath caddy like this for my bath tub too.
Its been snowing in Boston~here is my front garden this morning.
Meanwhile, I've been tucked inside working
 on my bathroom and bedroom plans.

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