Saturday, February 5, 2011

A painting mistake!

 Snowed in and snow crazy I decided I would paint my bookshelves pink.
I imagined a pretty shell pink color.
 However the can of shell pink that I had been saving had gone bad~
it turned mildewy. Throw it away if you ever have that happen to you.
After you paint something, the smell stays and it is horrid!
So I decided I would use another can of paint that was in my cellar.
 I wasn't thrilled about the color as I didn't like it when I painted a room that color
and I immediately painted right over it!
Ben Moore Morristown Cream. A heathery color. Mauve is what it really is.
If you don't like it on a wall you still won't like it in a small area either.
You can see I tackled the left side first.
The right side has the old living room wall color that I never repainted.
The yellow tone was bugging the heck out of me,
and so was the snow.
When the painting urge strikes, I pile all my things up and get right to it.
I figured the mauve would go with the color in the rug border, and all would be fine.
 Both sides painted now...step back and see how if feels...
I hated it!
It is too syruppy looking, even for me!
Bookcases are visually busy that a bad color compounds the problem.
Why would I share this bummer of a moment with you all?
Because we all make mistakes. 
Listen to your vision voice.
I used a paint color I hated and I should have known better.
 Now I am going to run the other direction and
paint the shelves the wall color, grey.
I may use beadboard wallpaper and paint it white.
Those are my two options.
This was my version of the Cat in the Hat
 "Snowy Day Pink Ring That Won't Go Away" lesson.
Soon it will all be a not so fond memory!
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