Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Pistachio and Pink Workroom

 This is my home office/workroom.
After my son moved out I took it over and painted it pistachio green.
I hung up some pink and green toile draperies and got my girl on.
This is how the room looked one year ago.
Since then I had to find a home for my giant green hutch.
The large green hutch and the carpet came into play when we sold our NH house
 and moved them into this room. 
It is always interesting to me that if you buy things you love, 
they seem to fit together, no matter which room you put them in. 
I keep supplies and samples in the drawers for my drapery business.
On the shelves are some odds and ends.
My drapes are now made by my custom workroom for designers only.
I used to have my own workroom complete with 10' table,
but now I send out my designs and fabrics to the workroom.
 On the other side of the room is an old drafting table that Mr. Maison Decor
 had in the cellar and I painted it shabby chic blue.
I usually put my notebook and design ideas on this table as I work on jobs.
 Underneath are baskets holding workroom necessities
 and on top is an inspiration board for pinning notes and sketches and fabric cuttings.
A current job I am working on is laid out for planning.
In the corner is a quirky idea...
 a bookcase is tented by a mosquito net! 
Here there are mostly decorating books and magazines, a few garden books,
 and Emily Post's book on Etiquette. A few odd lampshades, 
and a stained glass window I had in my NH laundry room that needs a new home.
This is a temporary set up as it is too cluttered, but until then it is a funky spot.
A chair used to be here, which I called my "thinking chair". 
But once all the furniture came in
here that was moved.
 The mahogany secretary desk also came into this room
 as there was not other place for it and
 so the bookcase which used to be here,  had to find a new spot.
 Musical furniture arranging happens a lot in this house
 since we have had to combine our two households of furniture into one.
This antique victorian chair will be getting a makeover soon, so it sits here waiting.
It will get painted and upholstered on my first attempt ever.
My green and white bag is the one I take on consultations.
The secretary I have had for 18 years bought at an auction.
I want to paint that too...
A crystal chandy with pink and purple crystals and leopard shades
 with a pink silk cord cover is hung from a baby blue medallion. 
Tres shabby!
I love this old writing desk that belonged to my husband's uncle.
His uncle was the original Mr. Peanut! 
I do my blogging right here.
There has been no distressing or painting at all.
 100% original finish with the original black leather inset writing surface.
Look at the cool wood drawer pulls. 
If you stop in to talk to me while I am working, 
you can sit in my green dragonfly chair that used to sit under the netting.
There is a view of the Boston skyline right out that window.
Over in the corner is an antique trunk that I painted cream and metallic pearl.
Look at my fabric of the moment waiting for me to many ideas.
Will it be a tablecloth, pillows, an apron or line my china cab?
Inside I keep remnants and pillows and stuff like that.
I lined the whole trunk in petite floral fabrics for a romantic effect.
You can see how I made this trunk here.
 My sister gave me this original pattern of a french drape. 
Tres Magnifique, n'est pas?
J'adore my leopard chair that sits at my desk.
I haven't been asked yet to be on The Hoarders, 
but I store my piles of vintage tole trays underneath my green hutch. 
I was considering doing the whole wall with them over my drafting table.
I'd be rearranging things again, but thats ok~
what do you think about putting the trays in there?
Or do you have some other spot I didn't think of?
This looks pretty cluttered with the mosquito net, the bookcase,
the stuff under the table on the floor...its a work in progress.
I would love to wallpaper this wall in a flocked velvet damask in hot pink and silver!
Anyway, this is where I do my drapery and decorating and blogging work.
 Thanks for visiting.


  1. So great to have this huge room to create your ideas in! Ooohlala, I love everything. The leopard chair, the desk, the bookshelves, those trays!

  2. I love it all. I would love to have a room like this. I think it is gorgeous just like it is. So many beautiful furniture pieces and your accessories are gorgeous. Love it. Hang the trays, they will look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. My bedroom is painted the same green from Waverly. I love the color and it looks great in your room. I love your toile drapes...they look great with the wall color. You are so lucky to have such a large room. You have so many yummy things to look at in your room thanks so much for the tour!

  4. The green hutch adds so much interest to the room, and the rug really anchors the room. You have so many ideas and so much to work with, its very exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved seeing your workroom. It's so pretty especially compared to my office. Love the big green hutch used in this room. I think that is a great use for it. I think too....that if you love can keep it forever and just move it around the house. I have pieces that have been used in different rooms over time and with each move..I've found a new use for different pieces. My little desk that is in the living room used to be used as a sideboard in the dining room of my old apartment. It was plenty big enough there but in this house...was too small and so went back to being a desk.

    Loved seeing this room. Now I can imagine you in there working.

  6. Such a beautiful space! I do think those tole trays would look fab over the drafting table. Ties in with you rug.
    I hope I get a "girl" room in my next place!

  7. Wonderful room! Love your green sideboard hutch. So many nice things, and such a great room to work and be inspired. thanks for sharing it. Carrell

  8. What a great space and a pretty color combination! Those drapes really catch my eye!

  9. What a nice tour. Everyone would love such a fabulous work place. Me too on the toile drapes. They are so pretty hanging anywhere.

  10. How much do I love your work room?! The area rug is beautiful and I love how your pistachio colored walls make your toile drapes rise to another level. The green hutch is perfection in the space, especially with the pops of pink and the framed toile fabric hung between the shelving sections. I also think your black desk is very special. Thanks for the tour!


  11. Looks so organized and feminine. Love it.
    Mary Ann

  12. I am totally envious of this room. I just love it. I do all my projects (except blogging) in the garage lol

  13. Pink and green is my favourite combination ever. I have done variations on the theme for years. I like how you throw in unexpected surprises in this soft work place like the leopard shades and chair. I think the trays on the wall above the drafting table would draw the eye over and showcase your beautiful pieces.The geraniums on the window sil and the dangly doo trim on the curtains are adorable too. Love your look. Thanks for sharing how you work, live and love life through your designs!


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