Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Girl

I'm the Birthday Girl today
I've received birthday wishes and gifts in my favorite colors.
My card from Mr. Maison Decor was perfection.

 This sweet miniature Eiffel Tower porcelain box was a gift from my sister-in-law.
Cards from my family make my day!
This morning I opened some cards and the mailman is coming later on...
Anyone celebrating a birthday gets to have their cards on the mantle.
By the time the afternoon mail arrived I had quite a collection.
Mr. Maison Decor is taking me ice skating on
 my new skates for the second time this week.
 I am a beginner and my first time went really well~
so much more fun than going to the gym.
I'm no Peggy Fleming, but wasn't she so elegant on ice?
I just imagine myself being Peggy.
My Inspiration 
My Reality
 Yes, I am actually skating and not on my #ss
Mr. and Mrs. Maison Decor hit the ice!
My son calls us "America's Couple"
I think that is so sweet.
The other fun thing that happened:
Yesterday I found out I won the pearls from French Buttons~
 Pink pearls!
She picked me by chance out of 211 other bloggers! 
Feeling pretty lucky I have to say.
 Thank you Pamela.
 My heart cake
I will be having a heart shaped birthday cake made
 from pans my mom used to use on my special day.
I'll be the baker, since Mr. Maison Decor does not bake.
However he did make me a yummy tomato and cheese omelet this morning.
I'll be spending the day with him and so I am signing off for now~
Another year older and enjoying (almost) every minute.


  1. Well happy Birthday! Sounds like you are having a lovely week! The heart cake is so cute! You look so chic in your fur hat! Traci

  2. Happy Birthday! I think a Valentine Birthday sounds like lots of fun. That card that Dave got you looks like the two of you from behind...doesn't it? Have a great day ice skating. Those skates are pretty impressive...I had no idea that that is what skates look like these days.

  3. Happy Birthday Amy!!!
    I love the card from your hubby soooo romantic!!!
    Great pic with your new skates, I hope you had fun!!
    I hope your Valentine/Birthday was wonderful!!
    Suzann xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Amy! Looks like a great day ahead and already great start! Enjoy your day celebrating~

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Peggy! Oops, I mean Amy! ;) It sounds like you have already had a wonderful start! How nice that you won the bracelet too! Happy skating ... Happy great start to another year of being you!

  6. I hope you have wonderful Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!

  7. My Peggy pose if a goof at myself...know I am not serious here!! Hubs and I roared when he saw the post.

  8. Lovin that tower and the card from your sweetie well...totally sweet!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I saw that you had won the pearls and was SO happy! How perfect for you on your birthday! Enjoy your special day...and eat lots of cake! Birthday HUGS coming your way! ♥♥♥

  10. Hi Amy,
    Happy Birthday ~ Joyeux Anniversaire to you!
    You're darling in your Peggy Fleming look a like photo. When we lived in Los Gatos, we used to see Peggy walking around town & she went to the same manicure place I did, she was always so nice & friendly too.

    It's wonderful you have the heart shaped pans your mom used ~ enjoy your special day, Amy!

  11. Happy Birthday Amy! Have a wonderful day....looks like you're off to a great start!

  12. Bon anniversaire to you dearest Amy! I wish you all the love and happiness on this special day. How cute that you get to ice skate for your birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Amy! I saw that you won the pink pearls yesterday. What a perfect birthday surprise. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful birthday, Enjoy.

  14. Hi Amy and Happy Birthday! Today is my sister's birthday too, of course she thinks it's a National Holiday! LOL!

    I say that Peggy has nothing on you girl. You are going to look fabulous out there on those skates.

    Love all your presents and your cake.


  15. Happy Birthday Amy!!!

    Pamela xoxo

  16. Happy Birthday, Amy. Have a wonderful day of celebrating!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's so cool that you won the pearls! and, I love the picture of you with the ice skate, funny, and cute...


  18. Happy happy birthday! I loved your inspiration photo and your reality photo! How lucky of you to win that gorgeous bracelet! Have a great day.. Maryann

  19. Happy Birthday. Ice skating and a heart cake too. Best of all are those heart felt cards. Don't you love reading them again through the years?

  20. Happy Birthday!! Love your skates! I applaud your learning how! And, congratulations on winning pink pearls so close to your birthday, too! Enjoy!!

  21. Happy Birthday Amy! Have a wonderful year. Christie

  22. Joyeux anniversaire, my friend! Love your Peggy inspiration photo! Too cute.


  23. Hi Amy, I just had to stop by and wish you a Happy Mutual Birthday!:) I hope it was just lovely. Seems as if you have wonderful plans. Mine has turned out very well too.
    Enjoy your birthday cake in your mom's heart pans. I think that is so sweet! :)

    Best wishes, Donna

  24. Happy Birthday! It looks like you are having an amazing day already!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog :)


  25. Happy Birthday Amy! What fun to ice skate. I haven't done that in years. You look gorgeous in that picture! Love it!

    Hope you had a fun day!


  26. Happy Birthday Dear,It seems that you have enjoyed your day to the fullest.Keep smiling...

  27. Oh Amy! Happy Birthday!!! Sorry it's late :( Looks like you had a wonderful birthday filled with love, you deserve every bit of it!! I hope you had a great time skating and you won that beautiful bracelet on your birthday! How cool is that??? Happy Birthday, my good friend!xoxoxoxooxooxoxoxo

  28. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Amy! Your cake looked delicious! Yum...is that a lemon filling I see? I am jealous of your courage to learn how to ice skate. I used to ice skate but I am lucky I can walk now let alone skate...lol Be careful! ~Hugs, Patti

  29. Happy Birthday a day late! I'm from the South so I don't see many skates. I had no idea Nike made them. I like! You are just as beautiful as Peggy Fleming. Your little fur hat looks glamorous. Congrats on your win! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  30. Just got to the computer [finally] to check out the post. Looks like you had a great day! Glad to call you my mom. Love you!

  31. Happy Birthday,and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment on my bench.

  32. Darn it! I missed your post yesterday. Happy belated birthday Amy! Hope it was a fabulous one!!!!!!!!

  33. Happy Birthday! No wonder I like you so much, you are a February birthday girl just like me, mine is on the 21st. What a lovely card your hubby got you, and that fur hat! WOW! Gorgeous!

  34. Happy Birthday Amy, Thank you so much for visiting me and your kind words. I visited your portfolio. It is awesome. I am in love with the ball gown drapes and seem drawn to the asymmetrical designs. You are an artist.
    I am now following you. Hugs, Ginger

  35. Happy Birthday Miss Amy!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful fun day! Hugs, Courtney

  36. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it was a lot of fun. Best of luck with the skating.
    Peggy Fleming - look out!

  37. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Its mine tomrrow- got to love being Aquarius ( we rock!)

  38. Hello and a very Happy Birthday to you! It's so funny with the heart shaped cake as my Dad's birthday was on Valentines Day and each year my Mom made a cake for him and now continues to carry out that tradition each year with a heart shaped cake on VDay.. Mom loves to bake so this year we made quite a few heart cakes! Anyway just stopped by to say hello!

  39. Sorry I missed this post till now, but Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a very special day. You look gorgeous in your fur hat and I love the skates.


  40. Hi Amy, I am just getting caught up on my favorite blogs after my trip. Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a fabulous day and congrats on winning the pearls.

  41. Amy, you know what is sadly ironic about your post combining skating with your birthday on Feb 15th? That is the day our third cousin, Gregory Kelley of Winchester, died with all the other skaters from the US Skating Team, on that plane crash 50 years ago, on Feb 15th, 1961. When I saw a photo of Peggy Fleming in the Sports Illustrated magazine article about the crash, it reminded me about your post. She was the first American to win a championship after the loss of the whole team. Greg was just 16 years old at the time. Peggy was 13 or 14. Sorry for the sad note on your blog, it was just a very strange coincidence.


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