Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiring Things To Do List

Making a Things To Do list is something
 I learned early on from my dad.
 It is also one of the 7 habits of "Highly Effective People". 
I am in a waning mode right now and
 find making a list helps jump start my engine. 
Using inspirational images makes me want to accomplish these things.
1. Paint my secretary like this one from Martha Stewart. 
I also love the pink strie wallpapered background.
2. Wallpaper the back of my china cabinet using a vintage floral pattern.
3. Repaint the back walls of my bookcases.
4. Redecorate my powder room on the first floor.
I love lavender!
5. Order new smocked draperies for my dining room.
6. Make some floral pillows for my living room
7. Finish painting the kitchen and the hallway

These things are on my to do list~
I have completed #5...need to get a few more checked off the list.

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