Monday, February 21, 2011

Authentic Shabby Chic Pillows

 I made some Shabby Chic pillows out of real Shabby Chic fabric.
I used a one inch mini knife pleat along the edges for a tailored ruffle
since these pillows will be in my living room not in my bedroom.
 I found this Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic fabric on Ebay.
I originally selected it for my bedroom makeover project.
It has a light aqua background with scattered pink roses and beige leaves.
I could barely see Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic 2006
 printed on the selvage edge, but it is there in palest aqua writing.
That is where you can usually find the maker of your drapery fabric.
The selvage is also where they also put all the dye colors used in that print.
Here my ruffle strip is ready to be added to the pillow.
I pleat it by hand as I add it to the pillow cut out.
This is a cute pin cushion that I made out of a vintage china ramekin.
Wrap a fabric scrap around a ball of stuffing and glue it  into your teacup or whatever.
I covered a chip with a raggy linen bow and rosette.
It is a fun little project to make with old china pieces...
anyway back to the pillows!
Miniature knife pleated ruffle on my pretty pillow
Rachel Ashwell has such a way with soft pastels in vintage styles.
It may be snowing outside again, but spring time has arrived!
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  1. Love your darling pillow. I have not seen that pattern from Shabby Chic but I do like it. It is snowing her too.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I love that fabric and agree that a overly girlie ruffle would have been too much. Your pillows look great on your sofa. Too bad about the snow. I'd be going crazy if it was still snowing where I live.

  3. They turned out very pretty!!
    I bought a Shabby Chic headboard at a sale this weekend and some shabby chic curtains at the outlet.

  4. Sweet! I'm jealous over your mad sewing skills. Just doesn't seem fair. lol Love the pillow!

  5. Your pillows are gorgeous. Such pretty fabric and I love the little ruffle. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh the pillows are so pretty and that pin cushion is adorable!! Love your blog!

  7. I am such a sucker for Rachel's fabrics! Your pillows are absolutely lovely! The pin cushion is so sweet and I love that you rescued a little chipped dish that might have been thrown out....what a great way to give it a new life!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  8. Very pretty. Great job on the ruffle. I bought a RA Shabby Chic sheet off eBay years ago to use as fabric but still haven't done anything with it. You are inspiring!
    Cool idea with the pin cushion. I want to try that, too.

  9. Oh your pillows are perfect! I love them! What a sweet fabric you found, XO Christie

  10. Hi Amy, I am not familiar with that Rachel Ashwell print...but sure do love the color combo that you are going for! xo, Janet

  11. Those are such pretty pillows, i love the little delicate pleats on them, and i believe i recognize that throw on the sofa!


  12. Amy, seriously, I'm so envious of your talent for sewing beautiful pillows and curtains (and slipcovers too). Unfortunately, God did not bless me with this talent. Happy week!

  13. Gorgeous pillows, I love the rose print...

  14. Amy, those are so pretty. Love the fabric and the ruffle is the perfect finishing touch.

  15. Very pretty Amy and they look lovely on your sofa!!
    I wish I had your sewing skills!!
    Pamela xo

  16. aah, Shabby Chic - you're talking my language! What a beautiful fabric and the pillows look wonderful - have always loved knife pleats. They add a feminine touch without being too frilly.
    I love your house...*sigh*

  17. Those are beautiful! The fabric is very sweet and romantic....very pretty and I love your pleated ruffle. I so wish I knew how to sew. I've purchased a couple yards of different fabrics lately to inspire me to learn. Your home is lovely!

  18. Hi Amy!
    Your pillows are perfectly shabby chic! I love the fabric and the little pleat that you added is so pretty.

    Good job!


  19. I love Shabby Chic fabric. It's so soft. I bought some on Ebay a few years ago and made lampshades out of them. Your pillows are so pretty...perfect in the living room. It got cold again here today...not as cold as it was before our hot spell...but cold. I had to turn the heat back on. I was able to go without heat or air for a few days.

  20. I love the pillows you made- the fabric is so pretty!

    I am sorry I am slow answering your question about my header problem-but I have not found out why that happened. I checked with my son(my computer expert but he didn't know)I have written to blog helper before and never heard back so I don't know how to solve the mystery.
    I bought new space awhile ago and still have lots left so it is hard to know what is going on.
    Thank you for your concern,


  21. I love the pillows and the fabric. Gotta get started on pillows myself. Thanks for the push.


  22. Beautiful, "authentic" shabby fabric. I am oogling some Rachel Ashwell White denim on Ebay right now & her gray striped, shabby, belgian linen. Anyhow, the pillows are so you and go well with your decor. I'll be catching up on emails in a bit...will get you that lavender paint color info., etc.

    Is your sofa slip cotton duck/canvas or denim?

  23. I love her fabric and adore your pillow!


  24. Beautiful! It is snowing here, too and bringing a little spring inside does lift the spirit! Your blog is beautiful, I am having so much fun looking through your posts and photos. Have a wonderful day.

  25. I miss Rachel on HGTV and especially loved having her fabrics and products easily accessible back in the day. I just love your choice of fabric for the pillows and that little pin cushion is so precious, I am going to make one for my mom for mothers' day.

  26. Hi Amy, I love Rachel Ashwell fabrics.. they are my favorite to work with. You did an excellent job with those cushions and they look just gorgeous! Cushions can make such a difference to a room. The vintage pin cushion you made is too cute! take care, Maryann

  27. I love those knife pleated ruffles. I have several of Rachel Ashwell's books. I need to pull them out again for some inspiration. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm coming via SSS today. I'm new to blogging but I'm fascinated by all the creative people who blog.

  28. Love that fabric! I'll have to remember to add some pleats around some of my pillows, it looks so pretty. Love the pin cushion idea too, you may see some of those in my shop :)

  29. I love Shabby Chic fabric, they are very comfy to use. Just the right thing to use for making pillows. Nice job Amy :)

    By the way, feel free to visit my website to see more of our pillow's unique designs.

    Anne Oozman
    My home Decor Website | Decor Pillow

  30. I absolutely LOVE those pillows! And I adore that lamp in the last's exactly what I've been looking for!


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