Sunday, February 13, 2011

Musical Chairs..and drapes and cabinets!

Like a life long game of musical chairs I have reused
most of my furnishings each time I move.
My furnishings and accessories have 
served me in different ways over the years and
 I wanted to share the now and then photos with you.
Now:  pink toile drapes in my office
Then: pink toile drapes in my bungalow dining room
Now: Green Hutch in my office
Then: Green Hutch in NH dining room
Then: I bought it for my bungalow dining room.
Now: White chandelier, painted, in my dining room
Then: It was a black chandelier hanging in my NH kitchen
Now: The carved element above my mantel
Then: carved element used as a headboard in NH 
Now: slipcovered chair in white cotton and lamp
Then: chair is in green and pink slipcover. My office rug is here too and the lamp. NH family room.
Now: Crystal chandy in my office
Then: Crystal chandy in my Victorian's dining room, its original hanging spot.
Then: Same chandy. Also my office rug, current dining room table, 
office hutch all in my bungalow dining room. You can see the white slipcovered chair in its original upholstery in the far room.
Now: My Boos Butcher Block Island
Then: in my bungalow kitchen (I'm in the hat, gift from then boyfriend, now hubs, not shown)
Now: My toile wing chair: I gave it to Bridget from Rehab Boutique
Then: in my NH library with my current office leather topped table
Then: I had the toile chair in here too. 
This is my old workroom office in my duplex!
 I loved finding this picture.
 Look whats in here: my secretary desk.
 I forgot it once lived in this room.
Then: The secretary was in my dining room just last year.
Now: Here it is back in my current office. Oh my goodness.
Then: Look at the picture hanging above my mantle in my federal colonial! 
My sisters and I are raising our glasses to our Nana Cooke that Thanksgiving.
Note my transferware collection has started. 
Sad to say that large blue platter fell off the wall when
 it was hanging in my duplex kitchen. I still have the pieces.
Does everyone move their stuff around like I do?

To see all the houses that I have been talking about you can visit them here.
House Tour

Have you ever been working on a post that was meant to be saved and instead you published it?
I had just written a post about my pistachio and pink workroom but now no one will see it
as it was up only a half hour before I published this post!
So if you want to visit my workroom click below.
Visit my Workroom

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  1. CH CH CH Changes, aren't they wonderful! My mother-in-laws house has been pretty much the same since I dated her son, 35 years ago. She buys a new couch, but it sits in the same place the old one did.

  2. I love how versatile all of your pieces are...and that you take advantage of that. I will move small items from one room to the next, but the furniture pretty much stays in the same room, maybe just moved around a bit.

    I love that hutch and cabinet. Did you paint it yourself?


  3. Oh I saw the workroom and it is fabulous. I loved this post also. I've had some of the same furnishings for years and years also and they just follow me from house to house. I always find a place for them. Hugs, Marty

  4. You could have copied the whole post and pasted into a new post that you would set to publish tomorrow and then deleted the one that you didn't mean to publish. I think that would work.

    I loved seeing how things were used in your old houses. I especially love that table and chairs in your New Hampshire house. Do you still have it?

  5. I love seeing all the changes Amy~ Gosh I just love your style! I wish we lived closer so I could get your input on a few things- or maybe my entire house! lol! :) I have published instead of saving... really aggravating when that happens- I have also been typing the Title of the post and hit return accidentally and it publishes.
    I have done as Nita suggested and just went ahead and copied and pasted into a new post and republished when I wanted to, but it does delete any comments you get before you realize it.
    Happy Valentines Day! :)

  6. Yes, I move stuff like that! I think it comes from having to move so much. Nothing ever seems to work the same in the next house.
    The great thing for you is the wonderful classic pieces you have look good in every place they've been!

  7. Amy......i absolutely adore peeking at your posts. This one really shows how versitile everything is - that hutch you have is amazing & i love all the different ways you have displayed goodies on it. off to peek at your "work room"....Hugs!

  8. I love all the photos....full of inspiration!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys change!!!

  9. whoa! cool tour. i love that black and white toile hallway, is it still that way? and your pink toile curtains are great everywhere. your slipcovered chair with the little round table are to die for... that's one of my favorites, and the greens are really nice. green is a color for new life and healing... your workroom has a really peaceful feel about it. i was really tickled to see that my new chandelier looks alot like yours! and, believe it or not, i have that same rose print!


  10. I have to have change in my life especially when it comes to decorating. Amazing how an object can take on a whole new look in a new environment. I love all of your looks!~Hugs, Patti

  11. Hi Amy!
    Change is a good thing. I think that when you have pieces that you love you will always find ways to use them in your new home. I love changing things around and looking back on how my style has changed and evolved.
    I love your workroom. That big cupboard is really great.


  12. You are very good at coming up with new ways to use what you already have! I love seeing all the transformations. Hard to believe that all of those houses were basically decorated with the same furniture, the look is so different!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Yes, I do that all the time, you never know where something will end up next! But it is so much fun!! Again, Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you and your hubs have something special planned!XOXO

  15. You showcase your pieces so beautifully! I love that you showed us how you changed things around! You have a beautiful blog. Happy Met Monday.

  16. You have chosen beautiful furnishings and accessories and because of those very smart choices you have been able to use them very successfully in different spaces. I wish I had your seemingly effortless talent and style.


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