Tuesday, February 22, 2011

French Wallpaper for My Cabinet

 My china cabinet has a pretty blue exterior 
and the original yellow french provincial finish.
It has been crying out for a wallpapered interior....
at least it has been crying out to me.
The worst part of this job will be to empty the cabinet.
 I have it packed to the gills after 30 years of collecting.
Meet my new cabinet interior~
a lovely Marie Antoinette kind of paper.
Excuse poor image quality, I took it with an iPhone of my computer monitor.
Today this wallpaper is on its way to Maison Decor!
I might like to display the cabinet with the doors
 wide open after it has its makeover.
Martha Stewart shows off her pink strie wallpaper by leaving the doors open.
I have shown this pic before, but I just love it, so here it is again!
This wallpaper would be fun in a cabinet filled with white china!
source: style-files.com
Country Living shows a purple toile wallpaper inside this frenchy cabinet.
Don't you love the chicken wire on the doors?
If my china cabinet held only my purple transferware I would do that toile.
Instead, most of my purple transferware hangs on the wall around the mirror.
I bought several of these from Nancy's Daily Dish 
who has an incredible collection for sale in all colors.
Her shop is located on my sidebar if you are in the market.
My cabinet holds a bunch of patterns and colors.
There are different sets of china in pastels and whites and creams.
I have glasses in purple, salmon pink and crystal.
The outside of the cabinet is a powdery blue so the wallpaper 
chose has a blue background with pinks and other colors.
It has a big pattern repeat so it will stand up behind my tiny china patterns.
Very feminine with a historical flair.
I found it on Ebay and am excited to start this project.
(I am not of the mind that birds are bad luck either!)
File this under my latest obsession.


  1. Can't wait to see the cabinet with it's lovely new backing Amy~ bet it is going to be just gorgeous!! :)

  2. Hi Amy,
    I am soooo happy I stumbled across your blog, this is my first "visit."
    Oh my, what beautiful china and inspiring interiors.
    Barb in Texas

  3. It's going to look fabulous!! I have a hutch with chicken wire doors....

  4. Well you are just having way too much fun Amy! That is going to look great - hope it comes soon!

  5. When you bought the paper online, did you have to buy the whole roll?

  6. Very pretty wallpaper. You are a busy bee, aren't you? Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  7. Hi Amy, that wallpaper is devine and I think you should leave the doors open to show it all off! Can't wait to see the final look! take care, Maryann

  8. Kat, I bought it as it came in a double roll on sale for $27! I could have bought more as there were ten rolls available. It is risky buying things like this online, so hopefully it will look as good as I imagine it to be.

  9. Hello and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  10. Hi Amy!
    Your cabinet is going to be beautiful with that lovely wallpaper. Can't wait to see.


  11. Love the pattern on that wallpaper! The roses are a perfect match to your china. Gonna be purty!

  12. Love the cabinet!! Pretty dishes to... Thank you for your comment on my blog so much !!! I'm adding myself to yours...have a great night

  13. It's pretty! I think the larger print in the wallpaper will really work with the delicate prints on the china. This is gonna be a fun project to watch...


  14. LOVE the paper! Can't wait to see the cabinet. I't going to be lovely.

  15. It will be beautiful in your cabinet, Amy! Love the paper.

  16. That paper is exquisite! I love the serene blue background and the linear pattern of the print. With the larger pattern of the paper, your china, that is detailed and variable, will work beautifully. I wish I had your talent. Can't wait to see how it all looks.


    P.S. Love the birds in the wallpaper!

  17. Oh wow..love the big print! It will make a real statement in the cabinet! Can't wait to see the results!~Hugs, Patti

  18. Oh this is going to look gorgeous Amy!
    This is what I have been wanting to do to my cabinet for a long time. Right now I am going to paint it French blue. I have always thought about doing the chicken wire just like the above photo!!
    Can't wait to see yours when it is done!!

    I am so happy the pearls arrived safely...and that you like them!!!
    Pamela xo

  19. That wallpaper is gorgeous. This is exciting.
    Mary Ann

  20. Thank you for stopping by so I could "find" you. Love your cabinet and all the gorgeous glass and china you have collected. Perfect choice on the wallpaper. All the best, Lori

  21. What a great idea, it will look beautiful!! I thought those were real plates on the wall, not wallpaper!I have never heard birds were bad luck, good thing because I have been really into birds lately, especially fabric with birds!


  22. Your dishes are so gorgeous. You have one of my favorite patterns: Asiatic Pheasant. What a wonderful collection.

  23. Hi Amy!
    I love your choice for the inside of your cabinet. So pretty! I also love the one with the red toile. So inspiring! I look forward to seeing your piece when it's finished....But I don't evnvy ya having to move the collections. I know how big and HEAVY they can get! *winks* Vanna

  24. Amy,
    I looked at that same wallpaper a year or so ago but in a different colored background. I think it is stunning! It is going to be so gorgeous in your cabinet and really make your dishes stand out.
    I think I might have to do this in my corner cabinets in my dining room. I just LOVE it!
    I cannot wait to see it all put together.

    Hugs and kind wishes,


  25. The wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous and what a different way to use it. Your home is utterly breathtaking--my dream home!

  26. Your cabinet is really pretty right now so I bet it will look amazing once you add the new paper. Looking forward to seeing it!

  27. Your cabinet is going to look beautiful with that lovely new background, Amy... can't wait to see!

    p.s. thanks so much for your kind words about my mention in FMS mag... much appreciated, my friend. :)

  28. Good morning! Just grabbed a cup of coffee and clicked on a link on someone's page and here I am!
    What a gorgeous blog. Love your style. I am excited to see how your project turns out.
    Love the paper.
    Your new follower,
    Alison :)

  29. Hi - glad I found your blog. I have the same China cabinet - only mine was two of them pieced together - with a larger crown molding keeping the two together. I separated them (thank goodness the insides were finished) and now the two are in my dining room with antiqued mirror panels separating them (I'll have to post a picture). But I have been dying to paint them ever since I got them! Love your wallpaper ideas for the back of the cabinets. Looks great!



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