Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Window Treatments Can Make a Room

 This was my vision of how I imagined this bay window to look when completed.
The inspiration point of the design came from the upholstered chairs.
There should always be a starting point when you develop a plan,
 and in this room, the chairs were it.
A painted green table in wood and iron was also
 part of what I envisioned to complete the seating area.
 The naked window with the club chairs 
and a table that would soon be going elsewhere.
 Side panels in green linen hung from wooden rods
 in a bronze finish frame the space.
The ceilings are low and have wooden beams,
so hanging the drapes outside the bay and up high
creates a sense of height and balance in this room.
Dressing the top of the armoire does the same trick.
Adding roman valances takes this space to the next level.
The table has been replaced with a custom painted french magazine table.
It was done by Bridget at The Rehab Boutique.
I have bought a ton of french style pieces from Bridget.
You can sign up for her email which shows her latest creations,
and that is where we spied this table.
It was in blue and I had Bridget paint it green.
The romans are needed to carry the width of the big bay.
A multi-color tassel in red, green and camel trims the bottom of the romans.
One pair of drapes on the outside of a large bay is not enough to do the job.
We used a rustic red fabric with small gold pattern to marry the fabrics in the room.
This room has a classic den/library feel to it with
 the handsome wood bookcases surrounding the fireplace.
 Recently I posted on step one of this installation
 where the kitchen window was done.
It is important to have your rooms sequence, color wise,
 into the next room to achieve flow.
The kitchen is open to the family room so 
all of the fabrics have to mix, but not match.
You also want to mix the scale of patterns.
This large scale pattern was made into the kitchen treatment
 and the pillows for the sofa.
Calico Corners, "Dyson", a  washed upholstery weight fabric~
was the star fabric of our decorating plan.
Look how it ties in the red and camel striped chair,
 the red and gold romans, the green linen and the gold walls.
The bay window has been transformed into an inviting spot.
A room that is now balanced with color and pattern.
In my humble opinion, the window treatments make the room!
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