Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Pink Mirror

 Its pink, its frenchy, its finished~
 and its fabulous!
  I had been searching for an oversized ornate mirror to hang
 over the bombe chest in my dining room. 
This mirror was on Craigslist and the 
size and shape were perfect~the color...not so much.
 The obvious choice was to match it to the chest,
 but I had a desire for a piece in the room with a twist.
I have always been captivated by this image.
So frenchy, so pink, so pretty.

The pink  paint goes on...
 this Valspar color is my outdoor porch swing paint.
It is called Reflecting Rose. 
I must press on with my vision....
worse case scenario it will be white by the weekend.
 Bright pink, bad photo, 
but this is how two coats of pink looked.
 Not so chic.
 Next step was to distress and
 then apply a coat of rustic brown Hemnant's wax.
Following the wax I highlighted the entire mirror with this 
metallic champagne craft paint with that funny brush.
The little fan brush allows you to lightly 
brush it onto the carved areas of the mirror.
I liked how it looked, 
so I was liberal with the metallic paint application.
 The mirror is pink, but it is soft and pretty.
 I have a lot of pink in the carpet so it looks right at home.

It picks up the pinks in the wallpapered cabinet as well.
If anyone asks, I'll say I got it in France!

Pink and Pretty!

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  1. oh, its perfect and gorgeous!!!!

  2. It is beautiful. The pink is perfect and the distressing and highlighting really made it fabulous.

  3. I love it Amy!;) It turned out gorgeous~ Have a beautiful day~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. It is lovely Amy. And love your French doors, and rest of your room too!!

    barbara jean

  5. I love the mirror you painted pink!!! It looks so good in your dining room!!
    Great job!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  6. I'm not much for pink but that is truly lovely!!! I love the glittery look you got! Gorgeous!

  7. It's GORGEOUS! Everything about it (I even liked the before color lol). The pink just pops in that room. Great upcycle!

  8. Amy,
    It is gorgeous. Being a true lover of all things pink this is really beautiful. I think that it is perfect. Have a wonderful day.

    Letters from the Shore

  9. Oh...I was envisioning hot pink. This looks very nice. I love the shape of that mirror. What a find that was. I would have driven far out of the way for it too! I love how big it is and all the curly cues. So jealous....

  10. Hi Amy! It's perfectly lovely. Love how you glammed it up with the metallic champagne.


  11. Love the pretty pink! Did you actually paint it while the mirror was hanging on the wall? I would have been out in the driveway and still made a mess!

  12. I'm amazed at the "vision" you have in your head. It's fabulous and is the perfect touch over the chest. Looks as if they were intended to be frenchy partners.

  13. I'm so glad you stuck with it, to see your vision to the end. You had me laughing with your comment. So many times I have found myself in that same predicament when I judge too soon what the outcome might be.
    It's quite lovely and I love that shade of pink (with bluish-undertones?).

  14. Perfect! I am totally stealing the idea, I hope you don't mind :)

    My motto with art projects: When you think you're done, add something else. love the extra touch

  15. When I saw the pink paint I was thinking No Way BABY!

  16. Hi Amy!
    I love it that you dare to be different! You're my kinda girl! I am in love with your mirror and now I want to do's fantastic. Looks so perfect in your lovely home.


  17. AWWW i love the pink!! I love the mirror as well. Great job !!

  18. Gorgeous mirror and i love it PINK!!!!

  19. I love the way the mirror looks especially with the metallic highlights! I am partial to pink anyway and the mirror is a winner with me!~Hugs, Patti

  20. Amazing, what a transformation! Great job!

  21. Amy- It looks GREAT- Tell them you were drinking latte at a small French cafe and a most handsome (and distinguished) Frenhman whisked you home with him for a little afternoon delight. You bartered- and came home with the mirror. Yep! That's what I would tell them! xxoo Diana

  22. oh my!!!! love it! I use that champagne paint too and it is awesome. Love the end result. Your tulips in the ice bucket are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

  23. Pink is very becoming on your new mirror! It's very 'you' .. I loved seeing your process. I also loved that you just painted it while it was on the wall!

  24. Pretty in Pink! I really like it! It sort of looks like a pink pearl! Great transformation! I love frenchy mirrors you can never have too many.

  25. Hi Amy!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my wire cage and Shelter!!
    The mirror turned out perfectly imperfect! a great job! you really captured the look of the inspiation room!

    Beautifully chic :)


  26. Just that you picked pink for the mirror it goes so well with everything else in your room!


  27. I absolutely love it. I'm glad at the beginning you didn't give up. It really is the perfect touch. I don't think I have anything Pink in my house. Pink could be the new Red for me.

  28. I am not a fan of pink but this is perfect! With the rug and in that room it is beautiful.The distressing is perfection!

  29. Pink is so popular right now, and I think it was a brilliant choice for a mirror! I love the way it turned out. Great job!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. You had the perfect vision for this mirror. By painting it pink it becomes a focal point in the room and makes such a pretty statement. Love it!

  31. It is fabulous and the pink is pink done right. I am weird about my pinks. ♥Olive

  32. You truly added the crowning touch to an already beautiful room. LOVE the pink looks incredibly beautiful!

  33. Perfection, shearly gorgeous. I also noticed you changed your header pics, they look as stunning as the last ones. DO YOU MAKE HOUSE CALLS? I have a large ornate gold mirror hanging on the wall waiting and wanting a new color but honestly I'm a chicken.
    Have a good night
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  34. Very, very pretty Amy! I'm working on some finishing touches for a guest room that is pink. How I wish I could find a mirror like that! It has such beautiful lines, and beautiful detail. I'm on the hunt! Love what you did with it!

  35. Perfect, I love it:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  36. so pretty - what an improvement!

  37. Don't let France take the credit on this beauty- Much more impressive you did it! Love the mirror and the room in which it hangs. Lovely!

  38. I'm in love with your mirror all dressed in Pink! You did a wonderful job tranforming it!
    Happy Easter!

  39. it's awesome, Amy. you did a fabulous job and made me fall in love with your dining room. come visit anytime.


  40. Love that mirror, I think pink was the perfect choice, love the metallic paint too. I was with you in France when you got it, right?? Ahhh.. we can dream.... someday....

  41. Oh Amy, your mirror turned out just beautiful and very frenchy. I also love your bombay chest.
    Happy Easter

  42. Your mirror looks so gorgeous! You painted it while it was still hanging on the wall? You're amazing! I love it and have a Happy Easter,
    Shelia ;)

  43. This mirror is just gorgeous Amy~ I love it in it's new pretty pink!! Sharing this on Facebook - thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  44. WOW! this room is just stunning and the pink mirror makes everything pop! Can't wait to see the kitchen reveal, HPS and Happy Easter, Marcia

  45. The mirror turned out great, and is really a beautiful addition to the room. 2 thumbs up!
    Happy Easter and PS

  46. Absolutely gorgeous color! Love it!

  47. Amy, What a gorgeous mirror and I adore it in pink. It looks fabulous in your room! I can't believe you painted the mirror while hanging on the wall. I am such a messy painter I would have had it all on the wall, floors and sideboard. Thanks for sharing this at my party.

  48. LOVE IT!!!
    I love that photo, I would love a pink and brown room!!

  49. love the mirror, love the color, love the whole room!

  50. this is SO lovely!!! good work and thank you so much for sharing :)

  51. this is so stunning - pastel pink is my all time fave... pastel colours are popping up in a lot of my illustrations lately, inspired by magnificent images like these. Thanks for sharing your process! Very inspiring :)

  52. I know that you've been decorating longer than I have been alive, but Oh My God you have a new super fan! I just subscribed to your blog! Lovely lovely lovely! Can't wait to see what you do next :)

    Peace & love
    oxo, ETTE


  53. I think I am the first to ask you what color of pink you used.
    I am always looking for a new good pink.

    Thanks I would love to know.

  54. Absolutely lovely! I need one at my house!

  55. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!


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