Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wallpaper Winner and a Window Treatment

 The winner of the wallpaper giveaway offered by 
selected randomly
Kristy from
Congratulations Kristy!
 You said your hubs liked the 
china cabinet interior I papered. 
Tell him thanks!
You'll have to show off what you do with your wallpaper winnings, ok?
Send me an email and I will hook you up with the ladies at D.Marie.
Lets talk about window treatments......
Today was another rainy day in New England 
as I pulled into the driveway for part one of an installation
at this cutest of houses! I have to say, 
New England does know how to build pretty homes.
Their garage is darling.
Before we go in..
look at the wood shingled roof! 
Don't you love that?
The clipped boxwood hedges. 
The way the clapboards go smaller in size as they near the foundation~
all traditional design elements.
This is such a happy looking house.
I am ready to hang a treatment at the kitchen window. 
One complication is the cabinet molding protruding
 into the space above the window frame. 
You will rarely find a custom window treatment 
hung at the window frame, it is usually hung higher.
I had the wood rod cut to the proper angle after making a
simple template of the space above the window.
This "Moreland Valance" feels more than just a valance.
The fabrics are from Calico Corners, and are upholstery weight.
The pole is a 2" tortoise finish and looks nice with the cherry cabs.
 Hard to see, but the pole ends at the cabinet molding perfectly.
The back entry way off the kitchen got 
a cute little number in the same fabrics but different trim.
 This window also has no room for a finial on the right
as the window is built right next to the wall.
I love these 8 over 12 windows. So New England.
This room above got a pair of linen panels
 today but is still waiting on the roman valances.
That will be part two of the installation. 
I'll be sharing that soon and showing off some of the room's details.


  1. That house looks so much like my aunts house in CT!

  2. Upon me seeing your commented this morning on my Turquoise dresser post including that I had won ... it's taken me some time to realize it might be true. Now I'm again perusing the wallpaper selection over at D.Marie Interiors Wallpaper. I definetly want to get the chic french floral you used and I just might be ordering some others as well. I'll definetly share and show what comes of it all. Thanks again AMY and the fine ladies at D.Marie Interiors Wallpaper Decor.

  3. Such a cute home and great window treatments.

  4. Gorgeous, Amy! I especially love the valance with the rings in the back entry ~ one of my favorites!

  5. Congrats to Kristy!

    I love the window treatments and the solutions worked out beautifully. I'm sure the owners are very pleased.

  6. Adorable home and beautiful window treatments! You never cease to amaze me!

  7. These window treatments look even better in person! We are loving what you did to our windows Amy! Can't wait to move along to another room in our house. So much fun to work with you Amy!!


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