Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happily Ever After

On the eve of the Royal Wedding 
my own Prince Charming and I popped a bottle of champagne.
We were celebrating 
True Love and Happily Ever After.
We had tied the knot that day in April, four years ago.
The Royal Wedding was a fantasy to watch,
and it reminded us of how we felt at our own wedding.
As my eldest son, Justin, walked me down the aisle,
 seeing my betrothed at the altar was exhilarating.
My prince stood waiting with his only brother, just like Will and Harry.
However this prince was watching the bride come up the aisle.
Our church was small and modest, unlike the Abbey.
Also unlike the Royal Wedding, 
we had a guest list of only 34 people.
This was to be an intimate affair for us,
and somehow I think Kate and Will got the same result.
Kate looked beautiful.
Our tiaras were quite similar, though mine was not Cartier.
I remember feeling beautiful on my wedding day, 
as every bride should, 
and as I watched Kate those memories came to me.
I searched for a dress that would be just right and kept it hidden 
in a closet so it would remain a secret.
Our own wedding theme was
"Happily Ever After"
Our Rehearsal cake topper was none other than
 Cinderella and her Prince Charming.
Our wedding was our own private fairy tale come true.
Candlesticks at the rehearsal dinner 
were tied with Happily Ever After ribbons.
Even our wedding rings have the inscription:
Happily Ever After
I married my Prince Charming on April 28, 2007.
The best day of my life.


  1. Happy Anniversary. You are a beautiful bride and your wedding sounds perfect. Love the cake topper and the candlesticks. I wish you many more years of happiness. Hugs, Marty

  2. That's sweet! Happy Anniversary! It was a beautiful wedding yesterday for sure! I am glad I set the alarm for 4 am, even though I felt like a zombie for the rest of the day!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Happy Anniversary Amy!! You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress and what a charming cake topper- love Disney and princess themes!

  4. Amy this was so sweet, you looked as pretty as a princess with a waistline possibly even cool that your hubby has a brother just like Harry!! That was my favorite part of the whole royal wedding watching Harry Watching Catherine and then turning around with that smile talking to his brother, just precious. I think it is awesome that your son gave you away and I want to thank you for sharing your Fairytale dream come true wedding with us! I love stories and post of real life especially enchanted ones!

  5. Happy anniversary! Mine is Sunday...May Day! May Day! 6 years. Your gown was so pretty, mine was my 2nd wedding, so I got my simple white dress at Express! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Marcia

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple you two make! Your wedding was so pretty and it looks like everyone was very happy, even the guests! I was married to my prince in April too. Must be the month for true love and fairy tales! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Amy...Thanks for commenting on my table...I was happily surprised to see you leave me a comment. Funny thing is your secretary redo in Paris Gray is what made me get off the couch and do this! So thank YOU for the motivation and inspiration!! I love how it turned out--even if it was an accident. I think the gold showing through is so pretty.
    Happy Anniversary to you!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your Prince! You looked so lovely. How wonderful that you are still newlyweds!


  9. Amy...Happy Anniversary!! You made quite a stunning bride and Kate has absolutely nothing on you! You both looked fabulous. Enjoy your weekend:)

  10. Your dress was gorgeous. So elegant. I love that the theme was Happily Ever After and that it says that on your rings. have your Prince are a very lucky girl. I think that is so neat that you watched the wedding together and remembered your own.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I watched every minute of the wedding! The music! The HATS! It was great! Your wedding looked perfect as well (Love the dress) Linda

  12. AHHHHHHH! I love your sweet wedding story. You look so BEAUTIFUL! and happy... sigh... it makes me smile.


  13. Awwwww, this post made me well up!

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you! You were such a beautiful bride and your wedding looked like a lovely event.

    Best to you both, ever after,


  14. Amy~ You looked gorgeous on your wedding day! What a wonderful theme you had for your wedding!!! Your dress ...BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you for sharing the photo's of your special day! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Aw. Happy Anniversary, Amy! You and Catherine were beautiful brides!

  16. Happy Anniversary Amy, you looked beautiful. I love small and intimate weddings, so much more wonderful than all the pomp and show. Thank you for sharing your special photos with us.

  17. That's so sweet... I got all teary eyed (in a good way)... you looked beautiful on your wedding day! Congrats on 4 years with many more happy anniversaries to come!



  18. That is a sweet, sweet story. Happy anniversay and best wishes for many, many more.

  19. Great post...thanks for sharing. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


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