Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Early Garden Tour

Today is so nice I just had to get outside and do some yard cleanup.
Gardening is one of my favorite things to do.
Our house is a sideways house~it sits sideways on the lot.
The pink swing hangs by the basement door, 
and our front door is up the granite steps.
I sprayed this old bike I found at the dump. 
Our walkway border has tulips blooming.
And more tulips in a small garden.
The garden house I built sits up high and holds a flower basket.
 I filled it with pansies in a pretty colorway called "antique".

This week the squirrels ate about 40 of my tulip blossoms
 right before they were ready to open.
I really hate squirrels now.
Squirrels may look cute, but they wreak havoc 
with the bird feeders and they destroyed my tulips.
I have never lost my tulips to squirrels before. 
They also dig up the pansies in the planters looking for bulbs I think.
The garden is just coming out of the bleakness of winter.
Pansies are the first touch of life. As soon as I can get them
I add them to my planters.
The big urn holds pansies and english daisies.
The cherry tree is in full blossom along with the forsythia.
I have too many chairs in my garden, so I will be playing around with 
the new vintage garden chairs and finding the right spot for them.
The garden is a little rough around the edges right now.
By mother's day it should look a lot nicer.
Hope the sun is shining where you are!
I'll be back to painting kitchen cabinets tomorrow.


  1. I wish I had more time to get my beds in order, Amy. I did one last night after work, but then had to stop or I just kill my back. If the rain holds off tonight, I may try to do the another one tonight.

    I was thinking of getting some pansies this weekend {open house on Sunday} to add some color, but I love how my hostas look at this point in the year and my perenniels are getting all their lovely greenery. It's just too much green! I need some flowers! Your garden house is so pretty, it should definitely be in an area where it can be admired!

  2. Absolutely charming Amy! Your yard is so pretty- I love your vintage bike and chairs too- so sweet! :)

  3. O My !!! So beautiful!! Love the trees!! I wish my yard looked like that, When i had my very small garden the deer would eat my i just love your yard !! I need to start all over again, we put the pool in right where my garden was, now none... But i'm not very good at it anyways...

  4. I love your world, Amy! The chalk paint cabinets are so much more lovely than the gobs of money ones, and your cherry tree is gorgeous. I gave up on tulips the first year I planted...200 bulbs, 50 flowers. Rabbits & squirrels & small boys & dogs.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  5. your garden is absolutely stunning! the layout, the flowers, everything! i'm especially in love with that pink swinging bench :)
    can't wait to see more pictures when the flowers are fully in bloom!

  6. It is a beautiful time of year when it is not storming all the time, isn't it? Your yard is so pretty with all that it! Sun is out here right now but severe storms just hours away...AGAIN.~Hugs, Patti

  7. Such pretty pictures! My garden looks about like yours right now--some bulbs and some blossoms on the trees. I am so ready for nice weather to get here!

    I love your garden house. It looks great with the hanging pot.

    Have a great day.

  8. Oh...your yard is shaping up nicely. I didn't know squirrels would eat tulips. That is exasperating! They were eating the pumpkins that were out last fall around here and I didn't know they would do that. I love all the flowers you planted. I need one of those garden houses in my backyard. I should make one this year...add that to my ever growing list.

  9. Looks so pretty:) Love the blue bike!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. What a treat to see your beautiful gardens - that bike is priceless! ;)

  11. Hi Amy,
    Your garden is looking very spring like. Seeing your backyard and garden makes me really miss spring time in the mountains of West Virginia. Spring on the coast is so different.

    I love your little greenhouse.


  12. I hate those squirrels now too! They ate your gorgeous tulips! GAAAHHHH! Your yard is precious... and whats left of the pink tulips are wonderful. I love the way you have layers of stones everywhere separating grassy places and flowers, and the big stone steps are crazy cool. what is the little gravel area?, it's cute surround by flowers....


  13. What a beautiful place your have! And darn those squirrels.............Love the pink porch swing, and the aqua bike and vintage chairs. It is all just adorable. I looked further and saw your pink mirror and painted cabinets Love all your photo's and posts. Very inspirational! Thanks for stopping by my place! I love yours

  14. What beautiful pictures. You have done a great job with your yard and gardens. I also really love the pops of color that the porch swing and the bike bring... genious! Looking forward to more pics of your garden house.


    P.S. My dobermans don't think too highly of squirrels, either... they haven't caught one yet, though. :)

  15. I am so utterly envious of you!!! your garden is beautiful.
    I have been SEARCHING for a bike like that for decades! and you just found it at the dump?! agh. its beautiful!
    I want a pink one. please tell me - did you just spray paint it?
    if you had any pointers i'd be beyond appreciative...

    Sincerely, Your most adoring follower!!!!
    Peace & love
    oxo, ETTE



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