Thursday, April 28, 2011

Washroom Editing and Fluffing

 After any new decorating project is finished there is always a
number of things that get adjusted, and the washroom is no exception.
Before blogging I had never heard of the term "fluffing".
Fluffing is making things a little bit fresher and better.
 This project involved the tin wallpaper ceiling
 and changing up the finish on the cabinets.
A soft two tone distressed finished with a crown molding 
gave this room the shabby vintage feel I was looking for.
But some things weren't quite right.
This is a detail pic of the cabinet distressing and the knobs.
I painted and distressed these knobs in the Habbersham way!
 The mirror is now hung vertically so Mr. Maison can see himself.
I removed the large towel hanger 
and replaced it with a pretty shelf I found at an antique shop. 
The hand towel now hangs off of a bronze robe hook.
A decorative display for pretty bottles, some old, some new.
That tall green bottle was on a stone wall on 
the New Hampshire home we sold last year. 
It was filled with dirt and moss and is a fond reminder of our former home.
This is how it looked after I finished the wallpapering and cabinets.
Too much going on in that space...
Keeping a wooden box holds the things my family likes to leave
on the counter top. For the photo I have hand soap and a pretend vintage bottle,
but in real life the man soap in a can and the iPhone charger find there way
into this box and it keeps me happy.
 This box came from Hobby Lobby and it corrals countertop items.
A hooked rug of roses in browns and blues
 is perfect for this shabby pretty room.
Toilet pictures are not my favorite, I will say.
Blues and greens and galvanized metal are the common thread.
Decorating a toilet area~it has to be done.
The metal toilet paper holder came home with me from Hobby Lobby too.
The wall behind it needs to be painted, but this was a needed improvement.
The linen fleur-de-lis kitchen valance replaced 
the mosquito net drape I originally hung.
This is the before fluffing.
 I hated the placement of the toilet paper roll holder.
Who put that there??
Right under the window in such an important spot~
I couldn't find anything that would fit 
this shabby vintage washroom until I went to Hobby Lobby!
The other changes were adding the valance and the rug.
Here is a reminder of how far this room has come:
Yes, its the same room!
Ahh the power of paint and wallpaper.
And little adjustments that make it just right.


  1. Sometimes that's all it needs, Amy - little adjustments! I find that they can make a big difference though in how we look at a room. Especially when you have that nagging feeling that something just isn't right or missing! I love that French box and what a great light fixture.

  2. Good Morning Amy,
    I love that ceiling!!!!!

    Beautiful job all around.
    All the little details make such a difference.

    Janet xox

  3. The box on the counter is both clever and pretty. Love how you continued the ceiling and cabinets in the powder room. Your space has taken on a soft and sophisticated look. I love your old valance in the laundry room. But the new one looks great with your new look. Pretty!

  4. Beautiful...the ceiling is the fluffing in there...making it perfect!

  5. Just perfect, love the ceiling.

  6. I had a co-worker once who refered to it as "fluffing your nest".
    I love the the wall paper ceiling tiles and crown molding it's pure genius! And ya' gotta love Hobby Lobby, I get tons of stuff from there and Homegoods.

  7. I still love that ceiling and cabinet finish. You have the Habersham look down perfectly. Although the room looked great before, I really like how you have tweaked things, especially changing the mirror to a vertical positioning and hanging the fleur de lis valance... love the tassled fringe. Your toilet area also looks great with your HL find and placement of the area rug. Well done.

  8. Love the fluffing! I am going to borrow that term for my "redoux" projects. Your laundry turned out so gorgeous. I might truly enjoy doing laundry if I had a ceiling like that. What a very good idea. Was it hard to install?

  9. Love this room!


  10. Love all the pretty details! I am going to be doing a wallpaper ceiling in my living/kitchen area. Where did you get your beautiful wallpaper from? The cabinets are gorgeous...what a wonderful room!! :)


  11. Adore that box on the counter. Can I be your house guest? Amy I really do love how you're able to pull it all together, the whole house I mean.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  12. Hmmm...I might need to hit Hob Lob and get one of those boxes. This room is lovely. I wish I had as lovely of a spot to do my laundry. How's the kitchen going? I can imagine you painting away.

  13. You have made this room so beautiful Amy!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Love this room! Is the box a recent find at Hobby Lobby? Hope so, I'll have to run over and check it out! It's only three minutes from my house...don't you hate that! (*_*) ~Stacy~

  16. Hi Amy,
    I love the ceiling! I even love the Hobby Lobby box. Nice touch. Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for the nice compliment. I love your blog, I'm a follower now.

  17. Ha ha! Yes, I did see the "Harry is still single"- too funny. I think I saw it on Nita's blog. My favorite by far!

  18. What a difference you've made in that little space! Very pretty.

  19. Hi Amy, You did such an amazing job on this room. The tweaking is perfect. Looks like the wood box is a big hit and I love it too!

  20. This room is beautiful and the decor is worthy of public rooms, it would actually be a treat to do laundry here. Very nice job, Amy.

  21. I am curious do you ever sleep? I cannot believe all the projects you have accomplished in the short time you have been blogging. Love the ceiling wonderful execution. Love how fearless you are. I have some similar wallpaper I ordered for a client who got transferred before we could use it. She left it with me.
    Hmmm...what room can I transform?

  22. Ok, it's me...I'm back again...can't stop looking at your kitchen...LOVELY!!!...and now visiting the rest of your fab projects...loving the washroom...I want that wallpaper cieling...just don't want to hang it...haha...glad you found me too...that was an old post I put up, so come on back and check out the glad to meet you...xo, Mariaelena

  23. Awesome changes, Amy. I am still reading about the washroom.


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