Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updates on Man Cave and Chalk Paint

I ordered Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Paris Grey and Old White.
I wanted to try this paint out before I take the plunge and do my kitchen cabinets.
Since the Old White is on back order, 
 I won't be able to finish my test project~the secretary.
 This bonnet top secretary was moved into the living room.
The golden tones and the hand painted motifs had to go...
Here is how it looks with one coat of Paris Grey.
It is closest to Ben Moore Coventry Gray HC#169. 
I plan to add Old White to the door, the panels or the raised molding,
then I will wax it to give it a little dimension.
Mr. Maison Decor thinks it looks like primer.
He is not a fan...but I told him, lets wait and see
how it looks after I do some white detailing
and apply the wax finish.
This secretary used to be in our NH home.
When we sold it, our favorite things had to find a new place,
and so it wound up in Man Town.
~Man Cave Before~
The secretary is in the corner. 
This room is small and it is hard to fit 
our family in here, so we have too much furniture,
 and on top of that, the room was feeling dark and cramped.
My plan was to wallpaper this room in a whitewashed wood plank paper.
When the paper arrived, it was a huge disappointment.
It looked tacky, and super fake, and not what I imagined.
 Wallpaper = Tacky fake wood look.
Ugh. Pressing ahead,
I figured I would do one wall, 
then white wash over the whole thing 
to get close to my inspiration idea.
If I hated it, I would just have to remove it.
This is how I wanted to wall to look.
All I was seeing now was brown stripes...
This is the whitewashed wallpaper.
It came out OK, but honestly I couldn't make myself 
paper the entire room.
Now I think it would have been fine, but I couldn't pull the trigger.
The remaining walls got a coat of BM Natural Wicker.
This color looks like a creamy oyster color.
I hung a few of my vintage metal trays.
A large metal tin piece hangs on the wood wall.
The coffee table got a two tone paint job to help brighten the room.
A pair of big Antropology looking pillows 
were introduced for some pattern and color.
I will be making a slipcover for the ottoman out of this old chenille spread.
 The Man Cave Before
The Man Cave After
It feels bigger and brighter in here.
Hubs got a new flat screen with HD.
Some fabric samples are on order for window treatments.
Rustic Romantic Man Cave
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  1. I'm so excited to try the chalk paint! Mine whole order was back-ordered, so I'm trying to be patient. How did you like it?

    The man cave looks great - definitely bigger and brighter!

  2. Good job on the man cave! I love the photo of your sweet dog on the chair... oh they are such loves aren't they? I think the secretary looks GREAT and I know it will look even better when you are finished. I like the way you handled your husband not loving it ;)

  3. Isn't that Chalk paint the best... I wish it were just a little bit cheaper BUT still worth the price. It's crazy cool.....


  4. I love your man cave! The only thing missing
    from the after photo is Dillon !
    I can't believe you had the guts to paint your secretary! It looks fabulous! I have a piece that has the identical colour and pattern as your secretary...I would love to paint it the same as you have done. I'm not crazy for the gold yellow look it has.
    I can't wait to see the finished results of the desk!

  5. What a difference paint makes. The room looks so much bigger and brighter. I love the chalkboard paint on the secretary. Cannot wait to see it after you finish it. ~~Sherry~~

  6. I think the wallpaper wall looks pretty good now that you've white washed it. Do you like it? I love those big pillows! I'm sure whatever curtains you do will be icing on the cake. The room does look lots lighter and brighter.

  7. I just don't get the whole man-with-a-huge-tv thing. But I know they all seem to feel the same about them! I love how you lightened and brightened this spot!

  8. Great job! I love paint... and love your cottage too! A cottage beautifully decorated.... love it!


  9. oh my gosh!!! I love, love, love that secretary in the Paris Gray. It is perfection!!

  10. Wow so beautiful and so how that secretary came out, just dreamy...I am really really into anything gray lately and that milky gray color is perfection. Each of these pictures was a real treat to behold!

  11. Amy, that secretary already looks marvelous, but once you wax it it only gets better!

  12. Amy that secretary is GORGEOUS!! Love the new color! Martina

  13. Hi Amy,
    You have just inspired me to paint my bombay chest that has a similar hand painted looks in a goldish color. I think I will try Benjamin Moore's paint and not the chalk paint. I'm still not convinced it's any better than regular good quality paints. What do you think?

    The man cave looks great. I actually like the wallpaper on the single wall. Looks great. The entire room is a winner!


  14. Love your man cave. You should see ours, I mean his. Ugh! Even though I made burlap curtains for it with old oars as rods and he has a fabulous leather sofa and some other fun things, it still looks like his man cave. It's messy! Drives me nuts. :)

  15. Oh Yeah...much brighter and lighter and more spacious looking! I actually like what you did with the wallpaper on the one wall. The secretary is going to look fantastic!~ Hugs, Patti

  16. Amy, love your room transformation. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do?! Your secretary looks fabulous. You did a wonderful job!

  17. I LOVE the new color of the secretary! (I don't think it looks like primer) Love the chenille bedspread to use as an ottoman slip cover, can't wait to see it finished! Love the new color of the walls in the man cave. Have you tried using one of those thingys to make your own wood grain walls? Do you know what I'm talking about? Where on earth do you get all your energy and motivation? You're like the energizer bunny! Spread the love :) xoxo B

  18. On the "wood" paper, I bet it would look better if you painted the bold lines with shadowing..well make the planks have a wider groove. I'll see if I can find a picture.


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