Monday, May 10, 2010

Painted Cabinets

                    Painted cabinets just happen to be one of the things that I put at the top of my list.
                                                                        I adore them.
 I have a mahogany secretary sitting in my living room that is going to be a painted secretary one day....
                                                            she just doesn't know it yet...
                    but until then stroll through these cabinets with me and see which one rings your bell.

Lovely Swedish blue grey cabinet

                                         See the pink armoire? Daring or darling?

                             This is my own green country hutch....

Ok, its not painted, but still lovely...

So fresh and charming.

One of my favorite images from House Beautiful.
The decorator called this Chippendale piece a "big honking cabinet" until he had it painted white.

This grand old dame is hiding in the background
 in an elegant milky gray paint. I'd buy her and take her home in a heartbeat.

                                                Yellow and marvelous!

Last but not least, this magazine has been hanging around my house
 for two years all because of this fabulous painted secretary!


  1. I love that Chippendale! Gorgeous!! Great inspiration

    Have a great week!

  2. thank you so much to stop by Nest by Tamara and leave me a note about my orange colored bedroom makeover. It is obvious you have a keen sense of color by the lovely touches on your blog, from the pink porch swing to the view of the ocean....I lived in Boston for five years and love love love it and miss it, tamara

  3. Thank you for your comments Tamara! I agree that color is one thing that if used corectly can make or break a room!

  4. Hi Amy, look at you with your own blog, twittering about and everything!

    I love hutches, esp. the "grand old dame" above.

    And yes, color is Everything!

    I have lot's of beautiful broken finishes you'd probably love in my south boston studio. As a matter of fact, we're having open studios sunday and I'll be there. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the specs.

    Congrats on your blog! Will you do mine?

  5. Hey Marilyn! I tried to follow you on twitter, and I do, but you have protected tweets! At any rate I have been inducted into the Social Media world since May 1st of this year and have been having a blast with it! Even Martha Stewart is following me on twitter!! I can help you set up your blog, it was pretty easy and you just have to tweak it. I am still on a big learning curve.
    I saw the article of you in boston Magazine! You go girl!!! Fill me in on the latest and I will help you with a blog for sure.
    By the way, how did you find me (with my new married name?) on twitter and blog?

  6. Thanks. I just unprotected my tweets... I don't know how I found you. I think you were following me so I clicked on your link. And I knew your last name cuz u sent me a postcard announcement. Looks like married life suits you!

    I do a lot of FB with my paint friends. Most of the local design people I know just do email/website.

    I can see why Martha follows you... you share a similar style! Love your blog.

    As for twitter, I'm just learning. Hardly ever use it and am trying to figure out why it's good, plan on getting better with all this. I need to redo my web site, create a blog and learn twitter this summer. Actually I'm thinking of having a simpler two-page website since I upload my photos to FB. So much easier!

  7. Just clicked on this link from your page...That magazine is one of my all time favorites...Love your blog!

  8. I love them all. It makes me want to paint mine, but i think my husband would faint. lol Thank you for shareing them. Helen


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