Monday, April 20, 2015

Decoupaged Furniture with Cocktail Napkins

Looking for a new way to create a personality piece?
I usually grab Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and get started
transforming my furniture with paint.  But lets say you wanted
something whimsical and completely different....
enter Annie Sloan's Decoupage Medium and a few packages
of tissue cocktail napkins and several hours later the result was stunning.
 Pretty chair loaded with personality courtesy of the cocktail napkins
that was attached in an overlapping manner using the decoupage medium.
 I bought a set of 6 ribbon back cherry dining room chairs. After
recovering the seats of the armchairs in a toile, I sold them as a set.  
I still had four more left, so I decided to create another pair of 
occasional chairs with the decoupage.
 Created in the shop with my right hand shop gal, Julia, we used
4 different patterns of cocktail napkins.  We separated the tissue
as it is 4 ply paper, and only used the top layer that had the print.
 Then we ripped the napkins into strips and sections and stuck them on
 with the glue like Annie Sloan Decoupage.  
Using a 1" chip brush I applied the medium as each strip was put on, 
and quickly added one after another, ripping the paper into shapes
 that suited the contour of the chair. One more coat over the entire thing
seals the paper onto the chair.  Annie's Decoupage is furniture grade
so its more durable than craft shop decoupage mediums. 
 They came out fantastic and are such a fun and fast way to make any chair, 
dresser, mirror, lamp, headboard (you get the idea)  look special.
Create a fun chair for your kitchen desk, bathroom dressing table, kid's room
 or create a pair as an adorable sitting spot for two in the family room.
 From head to toe this chair is covered with print. 
 Imagine the possibilities with all of the choices you have in napkin patterns. 
 Great patterns are available at HomeGoods, so use just one print or find two, 
three or four that work well together to create the look you want in just the right style.
 Our boho-chic chairs got new chair coverings in Annie Sloan's Gigi Ticking Stripe,
just one of her fabrics from her European Fabric Collection, all made in France
 or Belgium, they are available through your local Annie Sloan Stockist.
How's that for a bright idea?

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  1.! Those are adorable! I am dying to try that on something!

    1. Nita you have to try doing something..its so fun and easy.

  2. So cute and fun! I really like this idea and especially if I could do it for a chair that sits outside! Love it!

    1. This is not for outdoors Janet, interior use only.

    2. I had the same thought as Janet that it would make for a unique chair at the door on the front covered porch. Would you be able to get away with a non upholstered version with a few coats of varathane on top or would it react with the Decoupage Medium?

    3. Well maybe it would be fine, but I am not sure....try it!

  3. Amy - love those chairs! How amusing and what a conversation piece. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Wonderful transformation into a one-of- a kind- accent piece; the chair looks like it could come straight out of Anthropology!
    I will miss your blog- but best of luck with your future plans..

    1. Dolores I will be blogging more than ever now after I close my shop. I am not going anywhere, just getting more freedom to do what I love.

  5. Amy, I LOVE these and they are even more amazing in person!!!! So you just used regular cocktail napkins or something made for decoupaging! Pinning! x

  6. You're not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere, WE'RE not going's the good life, BABYCAKES!. ONCE I'M FINISHED DESIGNING THIS STINKING FABRIC LINE, I'LL HAVE TIME TO PLAY!

    1. ha, yes tons to do outside the shop. Can't wait to see your fabric line.

  7. So glad to hear that, Amy..and also, very happy to hear that Betsy isn’t done blogging either !! I understand that we don’t know each other personally, I get it, so it shouldn’t make a difference to my life if you both disappeared into thin air- but that isn’t true. I would miss you both..:-)

    1. Loved this note Dolores, I love getting your comments, thank you!

  8. Your shops always looked so lovely and fun! I admit your schedule seemed overwhelming to me. I work, just two days a week, at my fiend's shop just down the road on Main St., Hudson, Ohio. Oh my gosh, owning a shop is crazy busy!!! I'm so glad I just poke in, work on displays, ring up sales and chat with people. It's a dream for me hahaha. You're like me, home is where the heart is. We certainly love our nests don't we? Perfect timing to make your transition. Take a big sigh! Enjoy!!!!


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