Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!
 A small gathering for Easter dinner this afternoon around our
table will include Justin and his wife Madison, my mother in law Claire,
Mr. Maison Decor and myself and our youngest.
All the grown ups will get silver baby cups made into
tiny Easter baskets, as a gesture lest we forget how fun it 
was to always get a basket on Easter Sunday morning.
One traditional Easter basket for the "baby" sits at his spot. 
My blue opaline glasses dress the table, and are the perfect Easter Sunday blue. 
 They are my prized possession, I rarely use them for fear of breaking them
 (which kind of goes against my general rule of use what you love).
 Mr. Maison Decor and I took his mom to church this morning 
and upon leaving the service the pastor gave us chocolate eggs from France! 
Wow! French Chocolate Eggs!
Hubby got a blue egg and I got a lavender egg...
The Easter Bunny did come! 
 The tablecloth is an old cloth I inherited from my parents.  
My mother must have picked it up when we lived overseas. 
 It is all hand embroidered, a blue-grey thread on an ivory background. 
 My parents are in Florida so we don't see them for Easter anymore, 
but there was a time when we would have grand Easter dinners
 in our large dining room.  It was always festive, and always full of people,
 as there were 5 of us kids, my grandparents and parents
 and always a few extras around the table to celebrate this holy holiday.
When we outgrew our Easter baskets, my dad would buy us all a gigantic
chocolate egg from Brigham's Ice Cream shop.  It must have weighed a pound at least,
and they were delicious.  Brigham's is a local ice cream maker 
in Massachusetts with a very loyal following.
Looking back on my favorite memories this day, as well as 
creating new ones to slow down the world as it keeps on spinning.
So happy to be part of a loving family, as on holidays
it seems to be highlighted most.  For those missing their 
loved ones, look back and remember the fun times.
Memories can whisk you away to those wonderful moments.
Wishing you all the best, and I will be back with some very exciting
news tomorrow!
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  1. Lovely table setting Amy. Easter traditions always bring special memories of time spent with family and friends and of course, childhood memories of Easter egg hunts, frilly dresses and Sunday School. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Love, love the baby cup idea. Happy Easter.

  3. Muito delicado e bonito! Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful table Amy and beautiful the silver baby cups at each place setting (with the exception of one!)...what a great idea!....

  5. You table looks beautiful Amy. So nice to reminisce of holidays and nice memories gone by. Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter.


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