Monday, April 27, 2015

Turning the revoir Maison Decor

 The last day at the shop finally came and I went out doing what I loved,
teaching an Annie Sloan Intro Workshop.  Its a four hour class and I loved 
every minute.  I had a special guest attend my class, the newest Annie Sloan Stockist, Danielle
from Concord Mass. Her shop is the Blue Butterfly.  She not only took my class, she will be taking my sales girl, Julia!  I am happy that it worked out this way for them both.  
All the while I was teaching the shop was getting picked clean
by shoppers who had also come to bid us goodbye.  
 The day was a bit of a blur I can say....I was immersed with these cool ladies and Julia was handling all the sales.  She never got a minute to sit down or eat lunch.  It was hoppin' and boppin' the entire day.  We had ladies in the shop an hour after closing getting the final steals and deals we had left.  Fathers and sons, and longtime customers were told to pull their vans and trucks in after 3 to load up the last pieces of furniture.  We measured, lifted and lugged things out to their vehicles.
Remember this pretty yellow vintage patio set?  
 Linda, one of our longtime customers was taking it home...
but would it fit in her jeep?  I have moved so much stuff over my lifetime 
but I wasn't sure we could get the entire thing in her car.  
Measuring it up, yes I thought we could do it. 
 And do it we did! Thanks for everything Linda.
And then that father and son that were sent down by the woman of the house
 who just had to have that Drexel Heritage china cabinet.  
I lent a big helping hand, lol.  
Customers were still all over the store, so back inside I went.
 The pictures off the wall were the next to go, but not before I asked the lady who bought them if she would be so kind as to take a photo of Julia and me on our last day.  We never had been in a photo together!  We were exhausted and hadn't had a minute to reflect on what was going on all day, this last day at Maison Decor.  And with the last ringing of the register, we called it a wrap.
 Turned off the lights and headed down the street for a well deserved dinner to reflect and relax.  It was time to transition and while I was excited for what was to come, I tried to absorb the fact that I no longer had to turn a key before 10 am in the morning in a place that had become like a second home.  So much time was spent in those four walls, building it up as good as I could, and now it was to be no longer.  It felt very strange.  Julia and I spent a nice time talking about the day and the past months, the highs and the lows of our experiences.  I was lucky to have her by my side.  It was finally time to go home and resume my former life, the store was now in my rear view mirror (almost).
Yesterday Mr. Maison Decor and I took a ride over and put the last 
few remaining items out front with a hand scrawled sign, that read "FREE, Have a nice day".  
It felt a bit melancholy for sure.  I am looking forward to what remains of spring 
and the summer ahead.  My head is brimming with ideas for what I will do next. 
 I want to thank the beautiful customers that came out of their way to see me before I shut down.  Their lovely words still sound in my ears. I am a lucky girl.

To visit Danielle and Julia head to 89 Main Street, Concord, MA
or visit  her website at

To buy Chalk Paint® you can visit my son Justin
at Pioneer Goods Co at 764 Tremont Street, Boston
or purchase online at

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  1. Good luck with your new journey!!!

  2. Wow Amy I have tears in my eyes, even when its the right thing, saying goodbye to anything can be so bittersweet, thanks for taking us along during your last day, hey you went out with a bang! I know bright things are in your future, you are so talented!~

  3. Oy Vey! RETAIL! Enough said.....
    You are going to LOVE staying at home!!!
    Changing your living room every other week.
    Painting anything that sits still for more than 5 minutes.

  4. Bittersweet....yes. But when it's time for a's time for a change. Good luck and keep us in your loop via Blogland. Love your style and integrity. Carry is good. GOOD! Kathryn in California

  5. I'm sad to see it end but happy to know your time will be your own again. Now you will never have regrets about having your own store. You did that. Now on to the next adventure!


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