Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SNEAK PEEK for the new Matthew Mead magazine featuring my home!

I know its Easter week, but honestly it feels like Christmas morning is fast approaching.
The magazine is going to hit the stands any minute!!
 Several cases are on their way to my shop as we speak, and I cannot wait to get it in my hands!
 In case you don't know what I am  talking about, it was about a month and half ago that Matthew Mead, the lifestyle guru came to my humble abode and took pictures, as only he can.  
These are a sneak peek inside my feature, and I have to say they are wonderful!! 
So let me share a few more of Matthew's images~his photography style is luminous, 
simple yet stunning.   All photos on this post are by Matthew Mead.
 My painted piano,  in Annie Sloan's Old White of course. 
It is my favorite painted project besides my kitchen cabinets. 
What a difference it made in the overall lightness of the room.
 These are my dining room chairs.  
A funny back story is that I recovered them when I found out Matthew 
was going to shoot the house.  Why?  Well normally this room is very tone on tone 
and basically grey and white with only my purple transferware as a color accent.  
I felt like I wanted to have a little bit of fun and add some color for the shoot, 
so the simplest way to do that was to recover the chairs. I picked out two fabrics, one for the side chairs in this purple and lime suzanni pattern and a buffalo check for the end chairs.  I figured Matthew would like the modern interpretation of the suzanni in the fresh purple and lime.  
And I was right~ it turned out that Matthew loved them, 
and pulled them away from the tables edge to photograph them.  
 One of my favorite rooms is my master bathroom.  I haven't shared much of it on the blog, and I cannot wait to see Matthew's photos of this space!  I think perhaps it was one of the reasons Matthew named my feature story, REFLECTIONS OF GRANDEUR.  You won't want to miss this room!
This is the cover of the issue that my home is in,
 so look for it or click HERE to order online from the publisher.
I believe it is a dollar for shipping and it gets sent right out.
I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!
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  1. Such beautiful pictures. Your home is so pretty. Congratulations on getting into the mag.

  2. GGGAAAAHHH! Exciting! Do you think Barnes and Noble will have it! It's on my way home from work and I want a copy!


    1. It will, but not sure what day...maybe today!! I cannot wait!

  3. Great Pictures! Love your style! Congratulations on being in the magazine. Can't wait for the chalk paint class too.

    Laurie D

    1. We will have a good time at the next workshop~great seeing you today in the shop Laurie.

  4. Great Pictures! Love your style! Congratulations on being in the magazine. Can't wait for the chalk paint class too.

    Laurie D

  5. I'll have to get the magazine now to see the whole shebang, Amy! : ) Love the chair fabric. I'd love to see the buffalo check, too. I'm sure you must be very excited!

    1. I think these pics are outtakes from the mag, but I am hopeful there will be pics of the entire dining room, so the chairs should be seen in that image Kathy.

  6. Congratulations! Love your work....the chairs are beautiful!

  7. Looks beautiful - I can't wait to see it! Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations! So happy for you!

  9. How Exciting!! Your home is gorgeous! You must be thrilled. Love, Deb xo


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