Thursday, April 9, 2015

My kitchen inspiration becomes a reality

Kitchens! They are the heart of our homes.
Whether you have a grand space or just a nook,
get inspired to make your kitchen a space you will love.
My kitchen is decorated with purple transferware and pops of granny smith green.
I painted my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk Paint several years
ago.  I love white kitchens and so I had to have white cabinets!  
There was one particular kitchen that I found in a book years ago
by Carolyn Westbrook that struck a chord with me.  It was a creamy white kitchen 
with interesting old bits,  a green bead board backsplash, 
a white farmhouse sink and loads of purple transferware.
This was the kitchen that stole my heart, and it was then that I decided
to start collecting purple transferware.  I also decided I would try to 
make my kitchen into something that resembled this one.
Something as simple as a pretty picture in a book or online can offer
decorating inspiration and lead the way when you are ready.
 My collection grew quickly as I started to hunt down pieces in earnest.
  This is a shot from the new magazine my home is featured in, 
and it was Matthew Mead's idea to assemble
a lot of my collection on top of the piano for a group shot. 
 How marvelous this photo is!
I took some pieces off the wall in the dining room, and some pieces out
of the tiny kitchen display cupboard I created when I redid my kitchen
so we could get that amazing shot.  I would love to know the back story of
Carolyn Westbrook's kitchen and how she came to her vision.
Anyway, my tiny kitchen is a an example of how one can make something
special out of something pretty ordinary.  Its got loads of
personality now, and its very cheerful too.  Some newer accessories
from HomeGoods mix it up with the vintage pieces.  Floral coffee cups
and pretty mixing bowls used to hold fruit all add to the cottage charm.
Create your own brand of magic after finding an inspiration photo.
that gets you motivated!  And just to see how far this little kitchen 
has come, take a peek at my before kitchen.
Need I say more? 

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  1. It's is so beautiful. Love all of the pretty accents. It shows that you took the time to really give everything it's special place. Bravo!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

    1. Its been a work in progress for sure, and I am enjoying it now Debra. Nice to see you here. xo

  2. It looks wonderful Amy so fresh and pretty!!

  3. Wow, your kitchen really has come a long way. It is gorgeous. You did an amazing job of creating the same look as your inspiration.

    1. thank you Marty, you are so kind to say that. xo

  4. Love your new kitchen. Want to come over and do mine? It really needs a paint job and it seems to big a job I am afraid to begin. I do want to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in either old white, old ocher, or cream. How do I decide? Yikes.

    1. Cream is really a pale yellow. Old Ochre is a bone and Old White is a soft cottage white. I think it depends on what else you have going on...but its tough to get sick of a white kitchen.

  5. I love how your kitchen looks today! It really does look like your inspiration photo. That apple green and lavender are so pretty together.

    1. thanks Kelly, and if I get tired of the green its an easy switch.

  6. I have always LOVED your kitchen Amy....I remember when you were redoing it and I just loved it! Congratulations on the feature in Matthew Mead! you SO deserve it!

  7. Love what you have done..its so pretty, charming and inviting at the same time. I know that kitchen has hosted many happy occasions full of love and togetherness, you have done a beautiful job!~

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous, Amy! I love the colors you've used in here. Carolyn Westbrook is one of my favorite designers and I love her books. That kitchen is one I have pinned and loved for a long time now myself.

  9. You've come a LONG way!!!! I love how it turned out....and LOOK at that light fixture in the BEFORE picture. Those were generally bathroom vanity lights- xo Diana

  10. Amy, Your kitchen looks so beautiful. My cabinets are done in Old White and I now want to replace the counters and am thinking of the Wilsonart marble look I have faux yellow plaster in there now that went with my Tuscan theme and that will have to go to achieve that white Country French look.It is like dominoes.It never ends,

  11. So fresh and pretty Amy! Those buffalo plaid curtains and that chandelier are dreamy...

  12. I love what you have done with your kitchen! So true that a picture can be the inspiration for making a dream turn into a reality. Enjoy your weekend...

  13. Woah Amy. I always love before pictures. How do we live with stuff for such a long time and then see another vision.

  14. Bravo....Love the transformation, Amy! I also love the feature in the magazine! I spent my whole lunch hour at the pharmacy looking, and reading about your gorgeous home! Matthew did a fantastic job with the article in his magazine!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I'm so in love with your wonderful kitchen. Those checked curtains are showstoppers!

  16. Wow Amy! The before was hardly and comparison to what it looks like now. You have done such a beautiful job. Whether a kitchen is big and grand or tiny and charming it is truly the heart of the home. I love all of your purple transfer ware too!

  17. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I so enjoyed seeing you in the magazine! :)

  18. This is a do-able transformation, miles away from these grand expensive changes some magazines display after people have thrown loads of money at. Your kitchen chage is just beautiful and shows skill, vision and talent. Just fantastic and encourages me to do my own kitchen soon. Wonderful !

  19. Beautiful redesign! I would be one very happy home owner with this cute kitchen. You've given me hope for my own in maybe I can come up with a pretty space without major and/or costly renovations. So thanks for sharing!! New follower of the blog. :-)

  20. Gorgeous makeover!! Beautifully done!


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