Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This 'n that. House photos, store sale and more.

Hi there everybody.
I have been adding new photos to the MY HOME 
section on my blog.  Its basically my house tour
with photos taken by both stellar photographer 
Matthew Mead and myself. 
You will see lots more pics than they were able to put
in the recent magazine covering my home.
My master bathroom and my bedroom and 
lots of pics of my dining room and living room and kitchen.
A rare shot of my bedroom~look no painted furniture!
See more of this room on the tour.
 Some sadness came to us last week as we had to send Tobey to 
doggy heaven.  He was no longer able to stand on his own, and would just sit in one spot
for the entire day.  He was a rugged little guy who no doubt was in pain, 
so it was finally time to let him go.
I grabbed my camera and took these pics of Tobey and Dillon
on his last morning at home and I thought he looked so cute.
 RIP my little pal. We buried Tobey in New Hampshire in our friend's lovely yard. 
A country stone wall and trees shade his spot where he rests, 
next to our other dogs that have passed before him, Angus and Buster.
 The sun and warmer weather have finally shown up in New England! Its been 
so wonderful having lovely days after that brutal winter we lived through.  It seemed
to arrive just as I entertained Matthew Mead and crew for the magazine party.
Or perhaps my fellow stockist and friend, Janet Metzger brought the good weather up
when she arrived from Virginia. She helped me tremendously with the party and the following
days we spent our time doing some antiquing in Boston and Concord Mass.
 I got this very over the top lamp.  Its Old Lady Italian Style I guess...seems I am drawn to 
these kind of things.  The trick is you can't have too much of this OLIS (Old Lady Italian Style)
or your house becomes very theatrical looking.  But I adore this thing...and when I have time I 
will clean up the crystals and add some bulbs and perhaps pink silk shades.
 Janet and I really enjoyed our time in Concord. What a cute little downtown they have over there. Since it was Monday and our shop was closed, I even called up my shop girl Julia
 and told her where we were if she wanted to meet us, as this place was so adorable.
Lots of little antique shops, and other sweet looking places. 
 We walked into Thoreauly Antiques and didn't get out for  two hours. We had
blown our whole time frame in just ONE shop!!
 Here I am checking out with more than a few bags.  It was pretty funny because 
one of the women featured in the Matthew Mead Decorating magazine, Cary Goodrich,
 is an antiques dealer and she has an area for her things in this shop, Thoreauly Antiques.  So that
is why we ended up in this particular shop, and boy was it great! The funny part was that
the sales lady, Judi, was talking to Janet about Cary being in the magazine. Then she started
talking about how beautiful Amy Chalmers' home was.  She didn't realize that she was 
talking about me! It made me feel a bit like a celeb, which was kind of surreal.  Anyway you must 
visit Concord Massachusetts if you are in the Boston area.
 You can see things like the childhood home of Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women.
This home is a museum and you can take a tour.  Janet and I stopped by to snap a few pics.
 Of course the biggest thing going on right now is closing my shop. This is the last week
we will be open.  People have been coming in and getting steals and deals on things. I have a Saturday Chalk Paint Workshop but we will be open for business and selling off everything.
 Some things for sale are our knobs, at 50% off.  
 The Annie Sloan line is NOT for sale however. 
We are fully stocked if you want to get 
your last minute supplies before we vanish.
You can continue to buy Chalk Paint® at our sister
store Pioneer Goods with a direct link from my blog above and HERE.
Justin will remain as a stockist and take good care of you.
 How about a smokin' deal on this china cabinet? 
 $200 bucks and you can take it away. Come see what else we have!
I will be here, at least for the week. 
I wish Janet was here to help. 

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  1. I can only imagine all of the emotions that you are experiencing right now, Amy. Bittersweet. I pray that as you step out on this new journey, that you will find peace, joy, fun, and fulfillment! xoxo laurie

  2. I am so sorry for precious little Tobey. It is always hard to say goodbye to the most loyal friends of all. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to and might I say your home has never looked better! It is ready for its closeup:)

  3. We look forward to watching and keeping in touch thru your blog . I know you are so excited. !!!! Love the OLIS find. It is right up my alley !! :) ====== can't wait to see it displayed with the pink shades :)

  4. Oh my....RIP sweet boy...sweet Tobey. We too had to say good-bye to one of our sweet furkids...he could no longer stand and had been in a diaper for several months...They are at Rainbow Bridge...in great full health, running around and looking forward to the day we are all together again.
    I too have a penchant for the OLIS collectibles, and yes, I keep it to a minimum....in each of our 14 rooms.LOL! Looking forward to more of your blog and your home is lovely! So sorry for your loss.

  5. I can feel the emotion in your post, though you don't dwell too much on them. Good luck in your new adventures. The stores helped make you who you have become and will hold so many wonderful memories. RIP Tobey and Carry On Amy Chalmers!

  6. Sorry to hear that you lost Tobey....and also sorry to hear that your shop will be closing...So much news in this post...glad you had a great time with Janet. I am loving the pictures of your home here..I so remember when you transformed those closet doors..

  7. Looks like you and Janet had a great time Amy! Such a wonderful little town I am sure. Sorry to hear about your fur baby. I know that must have been a hard morning. We have two kitties that are getting along in age and I am trying to prepare our boys for the day. Loosing a beloved companion is never easy. Speaking not easy sorry to hear you are closing up shop but can not wait to see where the road take you next!:) I have enjoyed following along with your journey for so many years.

  8. Wow, Amy so much has been going on in your life. I'm sorry about Tobey. It's so hard letting them go. I lost my beloved Tristan last April and it was so hard. I can't believe it's already been a year without him. Wishing you luck on all the new endeavors you will be taking on. Enjoy!

  9. OMG I'm so sorry to hear about Tobey, AND the shop closing. I missed the post over the weekend, or I would have been right there.
    You have always been an inspiration to me. I love the FEARLESS way you approached painting anything with chalk paint.
    Good Luck in your next venture Amy.


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