Monday, April 6, 2015

Matthew Mead Magazine, and so a Party

It's here!!
 The postman delivered all the issues I ordered from the publisher
Saturday afternoon at the shop while I was working! 
I will be shipping out all the orders I have sold online 
as well as selling in the shop until I am out of stock. 
The first issue sold out in 36 hours, so this time I ordered
three times as many.  Look for it where ever magazines are sold: 
Walmart, Barnes & Noble, CVS, Walgreens, Publix etc. or visit me.
This is the cover so you know what to look for.  Matthew says it is the 
culmination of his 25 years in the the business, so that makes me extra
proud to be included in this advertisement free issue!
 It is $12.99 an issue and well worth it, for you will find 130 pages of 
decorating~tips, ideas, home tours, and more.  My home is featured and 
there are 12 amazing pages!  
 I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I finally found one of the first stores
to carry it.  Hubby drove me over to pick it up and I couldn't stop smiling, which
made him have the same condition.  I got home, kicked off my boots and socks and 
hopped up on the couch with Tobey and started to take it all in, page by page.
Floored, overwhelmed, humbled....all these emotions swirling inside.
Here is the opener page~what a pretty shot of our dining room chandelier.
I added the strand of amethyst crystal drapery trim and some amethyst drops
to the old French basket chandelier a while back.  When Matthew was shooting
I asked him if he thought I should remove it, but no, he agreed it was what 
made it just a bit more special.  Each shot has a backstory from the day of the 
photo shoot, and some day in the future, perhaps this summer, I will revisit this
magazine photo by photo and tell what was going on behind the scenes.
 For now, I will show just a bit of that day and how it went.
Of course I had cleaned and decorated like a maniac before Matthew arrived
for the photo shoot.  The other times I had been in Romantic Homes I had
taken all the photos myself.  So with nerves on high alert he arrived and 
quickly we settled in to a natural groove.  
No need for nerves, it was turning out to be quite lovely and fun.
 Once we commenced shooting Matthew would shoot a room, then 
when finished he would enter the next room and you could see
his mind just absorbing and deciding what and how he was going to shoot.
 Sylvia and I watched him focus in and shoot a bunch of pics at a time.
My dogs, Dillon and Tobey were taken off premises for the shoot
by Mr. Maison Decor as Tobey likes to bark and Dillon will just
want to sit on the couch and that wouldn't work today.
Justin and Madison's dog Sylvia got to stay and hang as she is a bit more relaxed.  
 Shots from my dining room, living room, master bedroom and bathroom 
all made the cut.  Later I will share out takes as Matthew is giving me 
all of the images he shot that day.  How nice of him, right?
You will see some shots from my master bathroom, different from this
one that I took the day before he arrived.  These closet doors
were a project I was working on right before I opened my shop
about 3 years ago to the day.  Time flies!  
Now they are captured forever in time in this beautiful publication
by Matthew Mead.  I am so honored.
And because I think he is sooo talented, I want to have a magazine launch 
party at the shop to honor him.  I am working on a few things to make the party
special and it will be a tribute to Matthew as well as all the participants in his 
March and April issues.  The invites have gone out to the amazing creatives and soon
we will be gathered together to celebrate this very exciting time for all involved.
It will be coming up soon, and I will be back to share my ideas of how
I turned my shop into a pop-up party location.  Its a design spin off from my 
magazine feature~Reflections of Glamour.

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  1. Amy! The pictures are exquisite! Holy Moly... Your house looks amazing. I love that one shot with the pink rug and the gold chair frame. I bet you are just tickled to death by it all! I'm going to head by Barnes and Noble after work today and hopefully get my copy...


  2. I'm so excited for you Amy, your home is beautiful and you have so many unique touches. I can't wait to see it in the magazine!

  3. Oh very exciting...I cannot wait to get my copy....loved the sneak peeks..just love your gorgeous home!

  4. I am so excited for you Amy. How surreal this must feel. Your house is an ever evolving beautiful space.
    I love the pic you took of you in your jeans! One hot mamma :)

  5. I am so excited too! I know someone who was featured in Matthew's magazine. I must get to your shop before you sell out of magazines again.

  6. Wow, your home looks amazing! I so love the doors in your master bath! congrats! You are an amazing talent! xo Leslie Sinclair

  7. What a beautiful honor for you Amy! I hope I can find the magazine in my area to enjoy, Congratulations!

  8. That's it, I'm officially so envious! BEAUTIFUL home you have. I truly admire how you've created a space that's just stunning, but that is also a cozy, comfortable, and "homey" feeling place. That seems to be a combination many struggle to find, {with me at the top of the list}, but you've managed to nail it in your home. Kudos to you and a huge congrats! I cannot wait to pick up a copy of my own.


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