Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Trees New and Old

1993 Christmas Tree
I found this picture of my dining room in my 
Victorian house I used to live in.
We had two trees~one in the foyer and one in the dining room.
My house was on a Christmas House tour this year and so 
the dining room was decorated to the hilt for the holidays.
What a great blogging post this would have been.
I"ll have to look for other pictures from this day.
I even decorated the little conservatory 
to appear as it had snowed indoors.
It was very charming.
2010 Christmas Decorating
17 years later and I still love to decorate for Christmas.
Tobey waits outside for me to put up the door swag and lights.
He is quite a helper.
You can see our little tree still in the webbing wrap.
My hubs figured we needed a small tree this year.
Its pretty small. We started laughing at how small it was.
So he came up with the idea of putting it on a box.
I threw an embroidered white table cloth around it.
My MIL watches while Scott and I decorate.
Scott made all the paper snowballs too.
I have to think of a clever idea of how to use them.
It is not finished yet because it was a school night.
We decided this year we wouldn't 
put any dark or loud colored 
ornaments on the tree. 
Pink, blue, and vintage balls mix with icicles.
Its soft and pretty...
and small!
This little pile of small old ornaments is waiting to go 
on the Martha Stewart Feather Tree
I bought on Ebay.
I added some of my pink vintage balls in a centerpiece 
in the dining room.
Its mostly white, silver and pale blue in here,
so the pink looks just right.
Little accents are coming together and
I hope to be done early this week.
I had to rearrange all the furniture to get
my tree to fit since the piano is in our tree corner.
Do you always have to move things around
for your Christmas tree?

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