Friday, December 3, 2010

Angel wings and snowflakes

Did you know that French homes are supposed to have
angel wings?
I heard that from Jami at Frecked Laundry.
Then I saw a pair of angel wings on the backs
of dining room chairs in a recent magazine.
Source:Country Living
They looked so pretty and Christmassy...
So I looked around and 
I found this pair online at Walgreens!
Yes, Walgreens for $9.99!
I hung a glittery snowflake in the center and
mounted them on my french door.
They are a pretty touch.
I took more of the snowflakes and hung them on 
my new white chandelier.
These glittered snowflakes are from Walmart.
$3 for a package of 20 snowflakes.
This is the best buy I have found anywhere.
Besides the angels wings and my feather tree, 
these are the only new items 
I am using in my Christmas decorating.
A few of my french toile chairs 
have sheer embroidered slips
I added for the holidays.
I bought these many years ago at Bombay Company.
They add a light and dreamy air to the seats.
Pretty white embroidery
I love this look!
My favorite thing is the pair of angel wings.
Thanks for the inspiration Jami...
I just love my french angel wings!
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Feathered Nest Holiday Party


  1. Oh my, I havn't seen the angel wings before and yours are stunning. What a pretty look on the door. The chair slips are gorgeous. They look like floating beautiful clouds. Everything is beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh so pretty! I love the airy look! The wings are a beautiful touch!

  3. How gorgeous! I've never seen this done and it is stunning! ♥

  4. I searched and searched wal greens website and could not find those beautiful angel wings! Can you send me a link?
    I would so love those for our christmas cottage!

    thank you so much,
    Hugs, Dolly

  5. I love your angel wings. And you can go to Walgreens online??? Wow! And to find them there of all places! I like where you have hung them. I also love the chair slips, so sheer and pretty, Your pictures look heavenly! ;-D


  6. I love it, too! So pretty! What a great deal on the wings AND the snowflakes!
    Your sheer chair slips are beautiful!

  7. This is so pretty. Such a soft approach to Christmas, very refreshing.

  8. Hi there Amy!!! I am LOVING those Angel wings!! and Walgreens?! Seriously?! Wow! I didn't know that French homes were supposed to have them~ I actually have a couple of small Angels with wings that look similar that I will have to get out and display. Yours look absolutely beautiful in your home and loving the chair slips as well- so dreamy! Thank you for stopping by and sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday this week!! :)

  9. Oh my goodness, everything looks so dreamy and wonderful!!!

  10. Darling, I sold some in my booth about a month ago. I could not figure out what to do with them. Now I know!

  11. I've not seen angel wings like those before. Very pretty and such a great price.

    I have some similar snowflakes...I wish I'd seen them at Walmart got a better deal than I did.


  12. Oh my gosh, those wings are beautiful, Amy. Thank you so much for heads up. $9.99? That is a steal. In fact, they look just like one of the pair in the Jeanne D'Arc Magazine. Did I show that picture? I'll have to check. I went and bought supplies to make a pair & the total was more than $9.99...I might just have to return it and buy those wings. Whatever I decide to do, I'll definitely link to your post. I absolutely love those wings on the back of the chairs, too. Oh, stop it with all this inspiration! lol The snowflakes are adorable & I love the dreamy, airy feel of your slips.



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