Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pink Drapes & Floral Wall Stickers

My living room seemed a tad too cool 
with all the grey and whites.
I love the pale pink in this hooked rug so I brought out
a pair of pink strie silk panels I had in storage.
I strung them on rings next to
 the fleur~de~lis linen sheers.
Earlier in the day I found some stick on wall
decor in a vintage rose floral.
I buy things I like not knowing exactly what I will do with 
them...and it came to me last night!
Since I had only panels for the outside of the windows
I bridged the gap with these pale pink roses.
They are beigey pink and have a touch of glitter.
I used them to frame the mirror.
These can be removed in a wink and reapplied.
$7.99 at Home Goods or TJMaxx.
The look is pretty and romantic.
Perfect for a quick change that is not 
a total commitment.
The pink draperies warm up the room
and the floral dials up the romance factor.
I'll be sharing more this week of other things
I have been doing~the colors
 include, pink, white and lavendar.


  1. The first thing I thought of was that the pink warmed up the room. The stickers are so pretty, where did you find them? I'd love to do something around a doorway.

    Looking forward to more!


  2. OH MY GOD! I LOVE the pink curtains! That looks amazing... It's perfect! I've been struggling with a the neutrals and craving pink... and I'm sooooo gonna copy this!


  3. Very romantic and beautiful, Amy! I love the soft shade of pink the drapes are... very Shabby Chic!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Jo :)

  4. So pretty & inviting....i enjoy seeing other colors brought into the whites in a room...the soft pink is a wonderful addition!

  5. I was wondering when you were going to add color. You just cannot stay away from the pink, purple, and apple greens! I love the softness of all whites but this is better.

  6. My wife and I used stick "ems" like this in our daughters room and have found that they are already falling off. We got ours at Target so perhaps they are a different brand...

  7. Amy, very pretty! I love the addition of the pink it does warm up the room! Love your mirror! Traci

  8. Hello!
    Votre blog est magnifique! j'aime beaucoup! bonsoir de la France!

  9. Hi Amy, I love the touch of pink and those stickers look very pretty around the mirror. The whole room has taken on a warm, cozy feel and the great thing is when you tire of it, you can take them right off again. Love it! take care, Maryann

  10. That is truly such a romantic and elegant room! Love the little tree! You have such great decorating ideas.

  11. Oh Amy, I am so in love with your pink curtains, they would look so lovey with my toile panels! I think you are right, we are sisters separated at birth! LOL. I love everything that you love. The idea using the floral wall art is just perfect. Love the rug too, which reminds me that I have an aubusson rug with pinks underneath me bed which I haven't used for awhile. I think I'll drag it out!

    Oh, I get so inspired coming over here!


  12. I love the little blushes of pink ...they do add a perfect little rosy glow that warms the room for the winter season. Wishing you a warm and joyful holiday!


  13. Love the pink panels! They are the perfect addition to your windows! I like how you've layered them. It adds a lot!

  14. ... and I thought you were painting all weekend ... could've fooled me

  15. Hi Amy,
    Love the pink panels and the little stick on details are darling- I love how your room feels with the new pink additions! So warm and inviting! Hope all is well with you and yours- Happy Holidays!

  16. I love the pink drapes! The decals add just the right touch, I may have to get some of those!!!


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