Saturday, December 18, 2010

The day I met Santa...

 When I was two years old my mom took 
my older brother Paul and me to see
Santa at the Jordan Marsh Department store in Boston.
Look at his velvet chair with tassel upholstery trim.
From my expression I guess
I wasn't quite sure about the fellow.
My sister's twin daughters had their first visit with Santa.
I think Brooksley (R) felt the same way I did.
Audris, my goddaughter,  is pretty confident
 she is on his nice list!

Taking kids to see Santa is one tradition
that is very precious, don't you think?


  1. I love the picture of you and your brother! So cute! I'm glad you got the merry christmas sign...did you hang it yet?

  2. The picture of you and your brother look so much like a picture I have seen of an aunt and uncle of mine. It is eerie.

  3. that made me laugh out loud. i LOVE the first picture and the priceless expression on your face... any kid with half a brain would be highly suspicious of this guy!


  4. That is so cute! Enjoy your week!


  5. I have a picture of Santa holding my daughter when she was 5 weeks old. She fit in his hand, lol. From age 1-3 she wouldn't have anything to do with him and at age 4 she would finally sit with him for a few years. I tease her now..want to visit Santa and she way (ok she's 13 now). The pictures are adorable!!

  6. Oh, how sweet! Love it. I am now following. xo

  7. Love 'em! So sweet♥

  8. Adorable pics! A trip to see Santa is a must. I'm sad that my oldest two think they are too big to sit in his lap. This weekend, I took my 5 year old for his annual picture. The thought popped into my head to do one big wall hanging of all the pics I've collected over the years. You've given me the idea to add my own. Hope I can find some!

  9. Now I know why you were asking! Your blog looks awesome!!! How did you do it?? I love the new look. And I love that first picture with you on Santa's lap. That would make a cute Christmas card, you could have a little thought bubble saying something cute and comical.

  10. Believe it or not, I think my sister and I (separately) had our pictures taken with that EXACT SAME Santa at Jordan Marsh! I'm going to ask my Mom to dig out the pics...


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