Friday, December 17, 2010

HGTV wants to makeover your house!

I got asked by HGTV to put this out on my blog~
and we all love decorating and freebies!
Check this out:
HGTV’s newest superstar designers
 want to transform your home on TV!!

Here is the deal:
 A New York based production company is looking for 
energetic and vibrant homeowners (singles, families, couples)
 in the New York tri-state area 
who want their homes to match their personalities…
but who may not have the vision to make it happen.  
Our top designers will bring their eclectic,
 high-end / low-cost, new-meets-old design philosophy to your home. 
This will not be a room makeover; it will be a life changer!

(If I lived in New York, I would be 
all over this opportunity!)

If you think your home and our show might be a good fit,
 send  an email with your vital statistic
Your Name
Address & Contact Info (please include email and cell)
List of rooms to be styled – photos are a big plus!
Favorite style you’d like to see (or do you want to be surprised)
Your real design budget
 HGTV designers are at your service! 
 We will be shooting between January & April 2011.
Your house doesn't have to be this bad....
It might just need a new kitchen and bathroom...
So if you are a New York resident, 
send them an email and you can 
send me a thank you note later!


  1. I lived in New York when I was five, does that count towards anything?! Texas now.

  2. This is amazing wish I lived in N.Y


  3. wishing i lived in new york...just got chickens in my back yard & would love them to help me with the garden around it....& sprucing up the chicken house!!!! Although it's fun for me to have a blank slate like i do, it would be nice to have it all fixed up within a few days!!!

  4. Ooh! Erin @ Like Grandma's gave me the heads up about this post that I missed. I live in New York. Wouldn't this be so much fun!!! Too bad I'm Upstate, not tri-state. :(


  5. Aww man! MA is soooo close to the tri-state! I mean, we're just an hour (or so...) from Conn... They're always over in CA looking for people, being this close is such a tease! Oh well... but wouldn't it be cool if it ended up being someone we all knew in blogland? Small world moments are always so fun!
    : )


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