Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

The cutest pink house arrived today.
I ordered a pink house and some vintage pink ornaments
from an Etsy dealer called Bleueclectic.
As well as some pink bottle brush trees.
This was so much fun to open!
I set them up in  my dining room.
On my server...
I mixed in some of my old pink glassware and icebucket.
All of my pink is on the chest where I will serve desert.
I hung some lavendar ribbon and a few of the vintage balls 
underneath my purple transferware. 
A galvanized bucket holds greens and white birch.
Its soft and pretty and icy
A sprinkle of purple and silver packages...
An old linen runner with a purple border...

Getting ready for our christmas eve gathering!
Pink and purple mix with grey so nicely.
It gives me a soft and romantic look that feels
icy and wintery and festive too.
It would be hard to do a traditional red and green theme here.
You should work within your everyday palette.
And so...the little pink christmas house!
Christmas is coming to this house!
I imagine Santa will be in a pink sled this year.
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  1. Amy, the pink house is so pretty and I love all your pink, white and lavender decor. That last shot of your tree is really pretty.

  2. That little house is too cute!! I really need to find some bottle brushes for next year...I love them.

  3. The pink accents do look great with all your soft grey and white! So very, very pretty... but then I'm partial to pink myself. I did stick a pink parasol in my tree this year, so... maybe I'm biased... but I think it's perfect for the season, too!
    : ) Meg

  4. The pink house is really nice and your home is beautiful. I have the info on the putz houses. I'm going to see about using your email in your profile and send the info there.


  5. Love the pink house and bottle trees! And I, too, think Santa might be in a pink sleigh this year!

  6. I can't get enough of your pink Christmas decor.... MORE please!

  7. Love the little pink house. It's looking very festive in there.

  8. I'm sitting here reading your post in amazement! I have a pink house in my dining room along with a white and pink house! And, I have the exact same mirror that is over your side table! LOL!

    I love how festive, soft and romantic looking your rooms look. The pinks, whites and purple hues mix so beautifully together.

    You know I love everything!!


  9. It's like walking into a fairytale... so so pretty...
    and i'm still dying over those pink curtains in your living room... i found some pink curtains very similar to yours at nearby consignment shop last week and almost got them... thinking how can i make these work.. but didn't get them, when i saw yours i called them right back and said HOLD them! they're a little darker than yours though, wonder if i put them out in the sun, if it would fade them a tad???


  10. Oh Amy- Loving that pink house and it looks just beautiful on the pretty pedestal. Your house looks so charming and pretty- loving your tree too- it is beautiful!

  11. Hi Amy - Pink seems to be the Christmas color this year. It looks wonderful in your home.

    Happy Holidays! Stopping by from Feathered Nest Holiday party.

  12. What a pretty glitter house! I have a small collection and your pink one is really pretty. The room it is displayed in is really pretty too. Very dreamy and soothing.

  13. Need the Pink Pig say more...we love Pink. I love your dining table also very pretty.

  14. Hi Amy,

    Nice to meet you! I am visiting from Cindy's.
    Love your pretty pink house and decorations. I love pink too! I agree the pink and lavendar are perfect for that pretty icy wintry look!


  15. I am so jealous! I'm obsessed with all things pink, and I wanted a pink house like that. I did get a white/gold house, to go with my pink/gold tree. But I want those pink botle brush trees, too!

  16. Hi Amy~ Just stopping back over to say thank you for sharing this at my party this week! All the pinkness is so pretty! Merry Christmas!

  17. Hi Amy, I have read your magical post several times and its just so beautiful to me. Funny I used the same title sometime back on my blog and that's how I found you ( just a coincidence when "Googleing"), really serendipity I am sure !! I would love to know where you ordered the pink house?? I would love to have one for my studio. Can't wait to read more ! xoxo, paulette

  18. I love your little pink house and the pink bottle brush trees are my fave!

  19. You have a very lovely home Amy..... just the right amount of color.... very soft and dreamy looking.

  20. Beautiful post Love the little pink house, but all of your photos are lovely.


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