Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

The cutest pink house arrived today.
I ordered a pink house and some vintage pink ornaments
from an Etsy dealer called Bleueclectic.
As well as some pink bottle brush trees.
This was so much fun to open!
I set them up in  my dining room.
On my server...
I mixed in some of my old pink glassware and icebucket.
All of my pink is on the chest where I will serve desert.
I hung some lavendar ribbon and a few of the vintage balls 
underneath my purple transferware. 
A galvanized bucket holds greens and white birch.
Its soft and pretty and icy
A sprinkle of purple and silver packages...
An old linen runner with a purple border...

Getting ready for our christmas eve gathering!
Pink and purple mix with grey so nicely.
It gives me a soft and romantic look that feels
icy and wintery and festive too.
It would be hard to do a traditional red and green theme here.
You should work within your everyday palette.
And so...the little pink christmas house!
Christmas is coming to this house!
I imagine Santa will be in a pink sled this year.
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