Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Feather Tree Arrives and the Romantic Style Book winner!

The mailman brought my 
Martha Stewart Feather Tree!
I opened it up last night.
I bought it on Ebay for $15.00.
It came in the original box from KMart 
with a $19.99 price tag
printed on the upper corner. 
It appears to be in great condition.
It came in the original packaging.
Some of the cement that is used to keep the tree
in place in the container was crumbling out.
This little tree had no loving hands on it
for a long time....
Martha's tree comes with ornaments too.
They were all there underneath a dusty plastic cover.
The tree comes with spun snow cover for the base.
I couldn't wait to play with it!
But as a blogger I had to take a picture first.
My first feather tree! 
So excited!!
I set it up last night and this morning
it was lit up by a beam of sunshine.
Look how the sunshine bathes this tree.
It was kind of enchanting.
I had set aside my smallest ornaments for this tree.
Old bells and ornaments with tinsel inside.
The small round green and gold came with the tree.
The only ones I bought for this tree were 
these blue glitter snowflakes from Walmart.
I LOVE this darling tree!

No flash...
With flash...
This is sitting on my coffee table/bench in the middle of my room.
Looking towards the stairs you can see my new
slipcover I just finished and the ottoman too...
My chair and ottoman go in the corner normally
where the "big" tree is sitting now.
My "big" tree.
 Like Sylvester Stallone in high heel boots!
Feather Trees are a German Tradition.
I think they were a great addition to the holidays.
This will be one well loved little tree.
and now to announce my giveaway winner of 

Romantic Style
kindly offered to my readers by
Ryland Peters and Small Publishing Co.
If you want to order this book or look inside visit the
publisher's link above.
The winner is:
Amy (cottageprims)
of Bumble Bee Lane

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