Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Shabby Bedroom Makeover Plan

I was sent this image and fell in love!
My bedroom will be loosely based on this room.
Dissecting this room to create a plan I look at:
  1. colors on walls and fabrics
  2. patterns in fabrics
  3. furniture styles
  4. lighting and accessories 
My bedroom is larger than this room 
but has slanted ceilings which are always a challenge.
I bought a mosquito net for over the bed.
But as in the photo above, it also hung at a tilt 
because of the slant of the dormer roof.
Do you find this objectionable? I did.
I am considering wallpapering the wall behind the bed.
I love this RL pattern if the color was right...
This vintage floral could work but may be too flowery...
This pretty Thibeault paper may hit just the right note.
Currently the room has beautiful aqua silk panels 
in this same fabric as these I was busy installing
for a client's bedroom.
On the floor are some Martha Stewart area rugs.
After an Ebay hunt I found the same fabric on the 
bed in my inspiration picture.
Sorry, bad blurry picture...
My plan is to incorporate shades of pinks and blues in the bedding.
Walls are beige with white trim and light blue draperies, 
although opposite of the inspiration photo,
 it is still the same palette.
I have a beautiful English styled bedroom set, 
but it is dark wood, so that is a concern.
I need to remember a man sleeps in here too!
This dreadful picture *shudder*was how my room used to look.
Nothing shabby or romantic to be found anywhere.
Since then, I have given the oriental rug to my son.
I took down the dark blue panels,
and added the pale blue silk drapes and rugs.
That is as far as I had gotten until I saw the inspiration pic!
In a couple of weeks I will be unveiling my after photo.
Wish me luck!!

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