Sunday, March 4, 2012

The french desk gets a pink interior

 The french cabinet looked pretty on the outside, 
but flat and dead on the inside.
 Enter Antoinette~the newest color from Annie Sloan. 
 The idea of chalk paint is to not be a fastidious neatnik. 
Just paint away~
 My cabinet with  two coats of the Antoinette~
I am happy it looks much like my inspiration photo below~
The photo of the cabinet on the left from the book 
Pale and Interesting is what inspired the interior pink paint choice.
Often times I will see a photo and know right 
away that I will translate the look to a piece I own.
 All of the pink lusterware cups and their friends 
patiently wait to get set up in their new home.
 Its pink and its chalky and very sweet. 
 The aqua majolica looks grand against the pink.
 So does powder blue (oh yeah! pink and blue go together)
A collection of pastel treasures~

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