Thursday, March 22, 2012

Porch Painted~ Pink Pansies~Pink Swing

Pink is the Color of Spingtime
Two years ago I painted our porch swing bright pink.
This swing hangs underneath an overhanging deck besides the entrance to 
the basement door which leads to an apartment that our 
son uses when not is school, or when we have guests sleepover.
Our house sits sideways on the street, and this overhanging porch is 
the first impression of the house.
 This photo of the sideways porch was taken last year, 
right before my vintage bike got stolen (ugh).
You can see how the underside of the porch is all stained and peely~not very attractive.
So with my son Colin home on spring break, 
he agreed to help me paint it with a fresh coat of white stain.
Mr. Maison Decor powerwashed the underside first to remove the peely paint
and mildew. It does a fantastic job and saves weeks of scraping.With our very warm weather we
were able to start the painting the following day~its unbelievable that this task is taking place in the middle of March!! We have had sunny skies and temps in the 70s-80s this week!
 We used one gallon of Behr solid stain in bright white. 
It covered very well with one coat.
Colin started on one end of the deck and with me at the other end,
 we met in the middle.
Painting overhead is not fun~
paint in the eyes, in the hair, neck ache, upper arms aching too~
It looks like Colin is doing all the work~
well he isn't!! I was doing just as much as he was~trust me!
 While we had the stain out, I wanted to freshen up the pediment.
My youngest~Colin. He has been through so many DIY projects 
with his mom~and is always happy to lend the old girl a hand.
And now let me show you how pretty a coat of white paint 
makes everything!
 Its so fresh! I have other plans for this area that include  
shaped fascia boards and outdoor draperies...
and I'd love to hide my trash barrel too 
(see the pink #47 I so artfully painted?).
 My MIL lives in the little Cape to the left~hubs built 
this house right where her garage
 used to be after tearing it down.  
That is why our house sits sideways on the
 street and this is the first thing you see when 
you pull into our driveway~
so its important to me that it look as pretty as it can.
 This is a sketch I drew to show how I want the area to look~
can you imagine the arched fascia boards, draperies and a black door?
I think the draperies will look fantastic!
 So while I get the fascia boards and drapes in the 
works I am very happy with our progress.
It was hard work~
 Planting and painting paid off,
and getting it done early means we can enjoy it all that much sooner.
For springtime color I found pansies in a pink colorway~
they are just darling~
I planted pink pansies all around the garden
while Kingsley watched.
 A big apple blossom and vine wreath came from Joannes~
and gives the side of the house some curb appeal.
Just as with  indoors decorating, 
I like to repeat the colors from spot to spot.
Pink Pansies, Pink Swing, Pink Wreath~
I was really tired after doing that project in one day.
As soon as I hopped on the couch 
all my buddies came to join me:
Dillon, Kingsley and Tobey~
 It was one of those sweet everyday life moments and 
 I was glad Colin was there to capture it.
Happy Thursday everybody! 
Think first impressions and what little things 
you can do to your entry to enhance it~
so get out there start sprucing!! 



  1. Love your little touches and your ideas sketch. It will look so fabulous you won't want to leave home!!

  2. Your entrance area is looking great! Isn't it nice to have a grown son help you like that? I use my 18 yr old sometimes too and I'm always so thankful. Love your pink touches and especially your future plans using drapes and adding architectural interest. That's going to look great! Your drawing (which is wonderful) really showed it off well. I still need to work on my front porch. We have to replace our swing (it's 16 yrs old and a piece of wood broke) and need to plant flowers on my porch railing baskets. We're going to be getting some much needed rain around here to wash away all of the pollen on everything. It's terrible. Do you get pollen on everything up there too?

  3. I have to agree with Anne, I love the sketch and I wouldn't like to leave home either.Your four legged companions are absolutely sweet.

    Thanks for sharing

    Heidi ♥♥♥

  4. How nice that your son helps you. Y'all did a grand job and it will look so nice when you add the drapes.

  5. Love the black and white curtain panels Amy! It will such a fun place to relax.
    I love the combination of pink with Black and white~so fresh and unexpected for the exterior!
    I bet you will be the envy of the neighborhood!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  6. Love your pink swing Amy- and I think your little porch area will look fantastic! :)

  7. you, I can not believe the things we've been able to do outside during MARCH! Your painting looks great and I love your pink swing! The pops of pink elsewhere outside make your eyes move around the yard...and look so pretty!

    I think the black door, curved fascia boards and drapes will really add drama to the area.

    Jan ♥

  8. I can't take my eyes off of your pink swing. Seriously, I keep scrolling back up, it is so inviting. You must put the drapes up, you will end up with a beautiful oasis to relax in.
    Great job.
    My best.

  9. Ok i could just die i am so excited by your sketch,it is going to be stunning!
    Eventually we are going to have a deck outside our kitchen with some kind of cabana roof and i told Steve we are having white beachy flowing draperies and he looked at me like huh?,now my designer buddy is having it i can sell it to him lol.
    Your son is a real cutie and super sweet of him to help out,loving the last picture of you all snuggled on the sofa and reading Romantic country=bliss.
    Really loved this post,enjoy your pretty pink Amy xxxx

  10. AMY! This looks SO beautiful!! And the sketch? With the plans you have for this space? OHMYGOSH!!! It is going to be a stunner! I am ALL ABOUT curb appeal and will slam on my brakes to just take in a home that is presented so beautifully! If I drove by yours, there would be black tire marks in front!

    Can't wait to see!!

    And I love all the gang on the couch! I do the same thing but mine are kitty cats!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda :)

  11. The pink accents are so pretty and I love the curtains idea...can't wait to see it! xo wendy

  12. love it, Amy it's fresh and beautiful!! Your pink swing is the perfect greeting!

  13. I think your porch are will look great when it is done. I love the swing. Can;t wait for the finished project.

  14. Amy! So much inspiration....just purchased a copy of Romantic Homes and I love your inspirational board. Congratulations. Ciao Rita

  15. Bellissima la tua altalena e complimenti per il portico!!

  16. Hi,pink is the color of happiness also yellow I think:)Wish happy springtime.Blossooms beloved.

  17. That would look fantastic, Amy! You'll probably find a lot of visitors to your house at that door! : )

  18. It looks great, Amy! I know that is a big job. How wonderful to have such an able, and willing, helper. The whole thing looks just great and I am still saddened that your bike got stolen! Happy Spring Thursday- xo Diana

  19. Amy~~ Your home is stunning and I just LOVE all the pink touches:) You are so lucky to have a porch like that.
    Enjoy your weekend in your beautiful home

  20. So cute and I am your newest follower. I can't wait to read more!

  21. Love the pink
    and your sweet son who is so helpful
    Family fun looks awesome

  22. i can imagine! i can imagine! because you are a pro at designing and articulating what you're after. just love that sketch and how stuff is reading from the curb right now--so charming, amy.

    what a restful image that last one is--mmmmmmmm, love written all over it.

    smiles to you.


  23. I love all your touches of pink. Very pretty.


  24. Hi Amy,
    You are such a doll! I love the pic of you and the doggies.
    The under porch look fantastic. I love the bright white and how in the world do you get your son to work so hard!
    Love the pink wreath, the pink flowers and your drawing. My guess is you'll have it looking like the drawing in no time at all.


  25. The pink swing looks amazing and spring ready.....and you deserved that rest on your couch even with your friends in tow:) You and your husband should so have your own show....I think a perfect name is "Amys it and love all you do!

  26. Is Kingsley a new dog? I guess I'll have to catch up on posts. He's adorable! Of course your other dogs are cute too. It's wonderful that Colin likes to help so much. It inspires me to work on my plants, up front. I need a complete paint job that now "sprucing" would help. If I spruced up my porch it would make the rest look worse. sigh!

    Thanks for the early Spring Inspiration. Katharine

  27. That turned out great.The white makes the pink swing pop more.What a perfect place to sit outside.

  28. WOW you have been busy!! I LOVE the pink swing!! We have had weather in the high 80's all week:) I got a lot of work in the yard done:)

  29. OMG Amy it looks GREAT I am tired and sore just THINKING about all the work you guys did !! I'm too scared to plant even pansies (even though we are as warm here in Chicago as you are in Boston) I just know the minute I do it will Snow !!!!

  30. Love your porch swing. Painted mine red years ago but I've been ready for a new color for a while. I had to grin when I saw "Pink is the color of springtime". I expect for you pink is an anytime/all-the-time color! It just suits you!

  31. Can't wait to see the finished product...if it is anything like your sketch, it will be wondeful...thanks...

  32. I LOVE your pink swing...
    Everything looks so pretty and springy there. The wreath looks just perfect with the swing... and I can't help but wonder what flowers will end up in your window box!
    I think you wore everyone out including the dogs! They're probably so glad that you finally stopped so they could come in for a snuggle... cute picture of all of you on the sofa... made me smile


  33. Terrific son you have there! I love the pink swing/wreath and your sketche is so dreamy!

  34. you've got me feeling like a slacker. I should'ave taken advantage of this perfect weather and painted my front porch floor which is dire need of a fresh coat, Amy! Does Colin hire out....? lol!

    Love how much nice and clean your porch looks now - and your ideas of fluffing it are just gorgeous!!! Those drapes are going to look fabulous! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. Can I move into your house. I could just sit in there and... out side and let the world go by while I just enjoyed the heaven around me. Everything is just beautiful as usual.!!!

  36. So pretty and how sweet of your son to help! I'm SO ready for spring! We've had snow/rain all week and my yard is very muddy. Enjoy :) and I love the pups - relax when you can!


  37. Love the work you have been doing--the pink swing is so pretty and everything all freshened up looks great. Nice you have helpers! Your dog is just too cute. Love the picture of you with all the doggies on the couch--love that feeling of being able to relax after having accomplished something!

  38. Love how its a team effort, the pink is so perfect for spring.

  39. It looks amazing Amy! What paint can do and a little elbow grease ;) I love that bright pink and I can't wait to see how you pull it all together like in your sketch. :)

  40. You are already off to a great start...from your sketch, your porch is going to look fantastic...just love the pink swing!! What a great focal point and wonderful place to be!

  41. I think you have a great plan for the porch. I love, love, love the drawing and the curtains will look fabulous! I hope to see it when you're finished. You also have a lovely place for a nap……..I think you have a beautiful home.

    The French Hutch

  42. Love the plans for your porch, and the photo of you with your fur babies is adorable!

  43. Just now getting to reading the blogs. Love the pink color your sketch is so pretty It will look amazing.

  44. I think the draperies would look so awesome! What a nice picture of you with all the doggies!!


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