Monday, March 26, 2012

Spray painting a chandy in place!

 Part of the bathroom makeover included changing the color of the pair of chandeliers I 
just painted blue last year.  I had no intention of asking Mr. Maison Decor to take them
down so I could spray them and then hang them back whats a girl to do?
Spray paint in place! Even this idea was a first for me. But here is how I did it, and it was easy.
 I covered everything up with my painters sheet and 
then used a big plastic bag that is normally used for 
transporting draperies to my clients as a
 little bubble around the chandy to catch the spray.
 I used the painters tape to hold the plastic in place. 
 You could use a dry cleaning bag for this~
After unscrewing the bulbs and and taking off the
 candle covers I taped over the electrical part.
I wanted a traditional gilt chandelier look like this one on Etsy below~
Here is one priced at $595~ you can have it!
My $60 version from overstock with a little gold paint works for me.
I plan to add a little dark wax to age it up a bit 
after they dry so they will look like they have been around 80 years.
 Quick spurts of spray with Rustoleum Gold and it dried almost instantly. 
 Open your windows and turn on the fan~you will need
 to ventilate the space if you try this. After spraying one side, 
I rotated the chandy on the swag hook to the other side and
 then sprayed that side.  I left bits of the blue showing through, 
but you could cover it completely in the color 
you are going to spray with .
My bathroom is going gold pink and brown~so gold it is!
 One all done, the next one will be done in just a few minutes! 
 This is super easy!
 I was kind of afraid I would spray the 
wall or the ceiling~but that didn't happen. 
 You can see a peek of the vanity in progress so far~
I have ordered some neat hardware
and plan to wax the cabinets in both dark and clear.
The vanity will be a variation of the closet doors I just finished. 
You can read about those here.
 Its pretty frenchy~I will be careful to make
 sure my bathroom is not too Liberace-ish!
Gold is like pink, you don't want to use too much~
so when you use both you need a big dose of a stabilizer color
like chocolate brown or taupe.
Gold fell out of favor for silvers in recent years, 
although it has always has been a classic.
I am seeing gold being used more lately,
 have you noticed that too?
 I'll be madly working on the bathroom trying to
get all the pieces of the puzzle in place.
 Hope to be sharing more very soon~~
but until then these golden chandies will have to suffice.



  1. I had a funny feeling gold was making a come back !!! Looks great...Blessings Lori
    Visit my world if you get a chance sometime...

  2. Love it! I love gold and silver!

  3. Okay, I have NEVER been brave enough to paint a chandelier in place! Good job Amy! Gold is coming back...well "la-dee-dah" and "goody gumdrops"...I guess I am in luck because most of my fixtures, lamps and mirrors, etc. are in gold. Yeah me! LOL! ~Stacy~

  4. Love your chandelier in gold...just beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see the bathroom when it's finished :o)

  5. Im loving Gold lately so much ...I used to be a silver girl but not anymore :) you chandy looks great and expensive it...cant wait to see the reveal
    Rasha@ mychampagnetaste

  6. Love that dressy gold.

    Gold or brass has been the "kiss of death" in contemporay decor but I love the light it reflects.It will always look great with traditional, shabby chic, etc. I think you're spot on!

  7. You are daring! But I'm with you, what is a girl supposed to do....improvise! They both came out great. I love their size.
    Bathroom seems to really be coming along.
    My best Amy!

  8. I have painted things in place too--because my husband hates it when I ask him to take something down. I am not crazy about gold but you are right--I am seeing more and more of it. You are right--just like pink if you don't over do it is beautiful. :) Your chandeliers look pretty.

  9. What a brave move that paid off beautifully! And I agree, gold is definitely making a comeback!

  10. We painted our chandelier from the ceiling too. I was skeptical at first but my husband insisted. So he went for it and it turned out fine. Not one over spray anywhere! Speaking of gold...have you seen young couples on HOuse Hunters reactions when they see anything with brass or gold?? They act like they are going to die or gag!! Looks good Amy! Everything that you do always looks good!~Hugs, Patti

  11. Amy,
    Your bathroom is really coming along.I actually have to repaint a chandy too.Not as pretty as yours.But I don't have the funds for new.So paint I must.And I am going to be a little nutty and use some AS chalk paint and just brush it on.I am hopeing it will cover good.I don't want to try and do what you did.I am not as neat as you are with spray paint.

  12. I got that same chandy from Overstock for my craft/sewing room, Amy! I just left it white though. Yes, I have to say I like gold. I think it got thrown in with the shiny brass that fell out of favor. I've got gold accents in our master bedroom and I like it. I feel it is a warmer look, for my room anyway.

  13. They are looking great! I have always loved gold and old brass chandies...The one in my master bath is it's original old brass patina.

  14. That was an awesome transformation, especially doing it in-place! I can't wait to see them with the rubbing applied. Looking forward to seeing it all put together!

  15. I have done a ceiling fan that same way! Great job!

  16. You are brave to paint those in place. I would have over spray everywhere. Looking good!

  17. You are a genius, Amy! lol! They turned out just beautifully! Yes, you're right. I've been seeing more and more gold make it's way back into decor lately. But it's more like the gold you chose. Softer and more muted.

    xoxo laurie

  18. Hmmm I KNEW if I stuck by all my gold choices it would come back around eventually. Now I wonder...was I behind the times or ahead of the times?
    Awesome job on painting it in place! I always wondered if that would be a good idea or bad idea. Now I know it CAN be done. Thanks Amy!!

  19. You NEVER cease to amaze me, LOVE gold so of course I am loving this! You make everything look so easy...but of course I know better!

  20. Ohhhhh, this is awesome fun. I'm lovin the gold chandys! I can already see the look coming through with what you've done.


  21. I once painted a chandy in place too. But I used a small sponge to daub paint on it. Not only was I afraid I'd get spray paint on something I didn't want to, but I knew the fumes would be awful! The beauty of my technique was I was able to leave just a little of the under color showing through and it got an aged appearance with no effort. The whole thing took me literally 2 minutes to do :-)

  22. Amy great job the chandeliers look fabulous,

    The last time I used spray paint you would not believe the mess I made!! ( even covering for over-spray!)

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  23. I've personally been using more gold- and I LOVE those chandeliers!! What an awesome and easy way to transform them!!

  24. Very very good gold lamps with your version in french style cabinets.A big well done job I think.
    In Turkish there is an idiom:'Ellerin dert görmesin', if try to translate, it means like this:'Don't worry about your hands' or 'Wish your hands of health'.
    But what about mirrors:)I'm sure you have an intelligent idea about them.Loves.

  25. I've always loved silver & pewter regardless of trends. But I do love your gold chandies. I've been wondering how I could paint my candolier without taking it down. Shoot, no excuses now! :)

  26. You are one handy woman!!..I would have paint all over the place, even with the utmost precautions!..But, you are the master...Looks fabulous..tres chic!!

  27. I do see more gold coming out these days. Those look really pretty I love them. Your room is coming along nicely. You always have such a great vision.

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. You are a brave soul! I think MyHero would have a heart attack on the spot if he walked in and I was spray painting in the house. He has palpitations when I do it in the garage!

    That turned out really great. I do love seeing gold in a home. I think it adds an old world elegance. Years ago when you walked into some of the old, historic homes that had been restored there was gilt and gold throughout. It just felt opulent.

    Nice job, Amy!!!! Can' wait to see the whole thing done- xo Diana

  30. The chandy's look beautiful! Love your can-do spirit. Where there's a will there's a way!

  31. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I spray painted sconces in place once, but just let the paint get all over the wall and then repainted the wall. Your way is SO much better :)

  32. Gold and brass are showing up everywhere.. Great look. your closet doors are amazing.. goodness a feast for the eyes. Can't wait to see the chandies with some wax.. xo marlis

  33. Oh my goodness, Amy! you are such a brave soul. I'm anxious to see the whole room done.
    Looking good!

  34. They are looking fabulous Amy,love the frenchy doors it all looks very beautiful so far,can not wait to see it finished,have fun!

  35. I would never ever have thought to spray paint it in place! What a fabulous idea! And I have been noticing alot more gold turning up lately too! I have always enjoyed a mix of gold and silver. I think because I love both chocolate and gray and when I am using chocolate I love how gold looks with it and when I use gray I love how silver looks, so I have quite the mix in our home.

  36. I googled how to paint a chandelier never expecting to see mine lol...I'm going from gold to silver but using same idea with the crystals. Great minds think alike! I'll have to post a photo for you lol


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