Saturday, March 10, 2012

Country Hutch's Pink Interior

The interior of the office hutch got a coat of Antoinette Chalk Paint®.
Shown here with a basic off white background, I wanted to add a touch of pink.
I've got pink chandy crystals, and some pink in my Shabby Chic display board~
(being featured this month in Romantic Homes mag, by the way)
Little fabric swatches of pink and blue hang 
on the opposite end of my office.
Painting the hutch interior pink will 
repeat the shots of soft pink 
in this mostly creamy beige color palette.
 After I painted the right side of the cabinet,
I moved all the stuff to the other side and finished it off.
 Its soft and subtle and when loaded up with treasures its just a nuance of pink.
I'll share how the office looks after I do one more interior in (yup) PINK!
 Antoinette is good for that I think~a nod of pink
 It really put the finishing touch on this cabinet~
and as you can see from the photo below,
it isn't screaming pink~its gentle.
So many wrote and said they loved it~thank you!
 The Antoinette pink with dark wax on the french chair
takes on a more nude or blush appearance~
so if you want a piece to read more pink, use clear wax.
 As far as the clock being hung too high~ I KNOW I KNOW!!
 Hubby was home and wanted to hang it for me.....
we both agree it is too high, but since I am getting a
 replacement (this one had a slightly crooked face),
 I figured I would wait to adjust the hanging position.
But I should have known better! 
After all this is a design blog, and I can't hope
 you won't notice things like this~so thanks for the helpful tips
 that I need to lower it...don't worry~ it will be lowered...
and it will be a different color when you see it next.



  1. Hi, come easy your lovely works.I loved plate with birds.Loves.

  2. You have beautiful style savvy! Love the whole "feel" of the room...congratulations on this beauty! Following you on Linky Followers now. Thanks for sharing!
    xo wendy

  3. Amy, I saw your spread in Romantic Homes. Congrats. I am loving that gorgeous pink as a background in your bookcases. Can't wait to see what you do to the clock.

  4. Amy I love love love that hutch in your office, and the pink background looks great!

  5. Amy I had seen you in Romantic Homes Congratulations! Your hutch is huge.
    Love the pink background.

  6. Hi Amy! Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the pink inside your cabinets! I love your room and you have the most wonderful decorating sense!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. That pink is the perfect finishing touch for that shelving. It is gorgeous..and, of course, I absolutely LOVE it in the hutch, too.

    Now, I have an idea for you...put a little stool in front of that clock to stand on when you need to know the time!;>) It'll save more holes in your walls...bwhahahaha xo Diana

  8. Congrats on your Romantic Homes feature! Your home is the definition of romantic! Love the pink in that gorgeous hutch! I bet it feels like a soft glow!

  9. That pink inside really works I love the name of it too! I am obsessed with pink and Marie Antoinette. Love your blog I will follow you now.

  10. I do love that Antoinette, Amy! I don't really have anywhere to use it in my own home, so I will enjoy it vicariously through you! : ) It looks great with the color on your office hutch. I always like various shades of a pink and brown combination {especially to wear!}.

    I saw your feature in Romantic Homes! Congratulations! I have to tell you I saw the pictures first and I thought, "That's what Amy did! Did someone copy her and it got in print??". I was getting indignant on your behalf! LOL!

  11. Looking great....and congrats on being in The Romantic Homes...your home is like the poster child for the magazine and its all well deserved Amy!! Keep on doing what you do!

  12. Amy,
    I am going to get the latest issue of RH.Congratulations on being featured.Your home is beautiful.I LOVE everything you do.Those colors look amazing on that piece.

  13. Hi Amy~~ I love the pink background. I am going to have to get Romantic Homes when I head to the store this weekend. Cant wait to see your home in it:)
    Have a lovely weekend

  14. Beautiful (of course) - I love the idea of the pink (especially the interior of a cabinet!) It's all coming together nicely - you should be (and probably are) very proud! Great job! Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic weekend! – Jalon

  15. Stunning! I absolutely adore soft pink. Love the idea! The colors are amazing. Congrats on the Romantic Homes spread.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  16. Amy ~ everything looks wonderful! Love the pink accents! I am wondering if you could do a post on using wax on furniture...I've heard so many people mention that they do this, but it's something I've never tried. Perhaps next time you do a piece of furniture this way, you can blog about the how to's! ~Stacy~

  17. Hi Amy,
    The pink inside the hutch is looking wonderful. What a great idea!
    I haven't seen the new RH's yet but I'm going to get a copy tomorrow.
    Can't wait to see it. Did they discover your blog or did you submit photos to them. I'm always curious how that happens. Your home is and has always been magazine worthy.


  18. The pink looks wonderful! And a big congratulations on your feature in RH!! You so deserve it! :)


  19. Amy,
    I have to admit that I used to live in a house that was all pink, white, and shabby! Then, I got married... four sons later, my house is no longer pink! Oh how I miss it! Your blog takes me away! I love all the pink and roses!! Thanks for being receptive to my comment about the clock! I love the color now, but can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

  20. There you go--inspiring me again. I have always loved pink. I used to have a pink kitchen, bedroom, almost everything. I had to tone it down because it was just too much. Even though my husband is nice about it I know he didn't like it. Now that I am on such an Aqua kick I am finding that pink is like the perfect color to put with it. I love what you have done--and you are so right, that pink is perfect.

  21. Hi, I just found your blog and I have to follow. You have a beautiful home.

    Have a nice sunday


  22. You're gonna be in Romantic Homes Magazine, Cool!
    Love you touch of pink... very nice and subtle...
    And, sooooo i'm not the only one giving you crap about the clock being too high..??? funny, love your response to that...


  23. Hi Amy, love your touches of pink! Congrats on your home being in Romantic Homes.. and so it should be! Your home is so inspiring, bright and cheery.. I love it. I think the clock will look so much better when you lower it even if it means losing the chair... take care, Maryann

  24. Amy, I just want some credit for using all my self restraint and not noting that the clock was hung too high. I figure, if you wanted my advice, you would have asked on a Tuesday!
    Your home is looking so pretty.

  25. Amy, that is the perfect color pink to play of the gray. looks fantastic.

    OK, Betsy is above me being very cheeky and making me laugh :)

  26. Ohhh what a pretty shade of pink, and I love your sweet cabinet!! In fact, I so wish my home was as organized as yours looks in your pictures.....right now, mine is full of projects, glitter, and many other things as I am getting ready for an upcoming show!! I don't think I will EVER catch back up! Cathy aka GGJ

  27. I love the idea of painting the inside of your hutch pink. Beautiful! Your office space is great. I love how big and roomy it is. Conrats on the feature in Romantic Homes!

  28. Love the pink Amy ~ so sweet and charming for your hutch!! Can't wait to see what else is getting a little pink!! Congrats on the feature too !

  29. I love the Pink Paint !!!! looks Beautiful

  30. I didn't know you were in Romantic Homes again. I'll have to find a copy. You are going crazy with the pink paint. Very pretty.

  31. Hi Amy,
    I am loving the Antoinette pink, although I have not painted anything with it yet. The bookcase looks great. My clock has a slightly crooked face as well, but it was the only one the store had when I purchased it last summer. I am just living with it. Hope the new one you get has a straight face on it. Can't wait to see what you paint it with, I know it will look wonderful. I will probably want to paint mine after I see yours.

  32. I love the pink added to your hutch. It is just enough to add that romantic feeling to your room and tie in your other pinks in the room. Can't wait to see the room when it's complete! I really like your mora clock in the color that you received it in, but completely understand the desire to repaint it. We all like to put our own signature on things.

  33. Amy congrats on the feature article!! I love the drop leaf desk. What are the other colors you used on the exterior?

    Art by Karena

  34. It looks very pretty. I love what you do with furniture!

  35. I lve when yo show your office! It's my favorite room!

  36. i can only dream of an office like yours...I have a "corner" in the smaller guest, love what you did..very magazine worthy too!

  37. I love the pink, The whole room is beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  38. Amy, I do believe this is my first visit here but I could be wrong. Stunning pink interior on the cabinet first off! What I want to say is "WOW" on the homes you lived in, I read the entire home post and am amazed. Well heck jealous too! For myself I would love to do more of my own work at home (built in 1923)and would love to have my Dad help, he's passed on. Looking forward to reading some old posts and looking forward to future ones as well. have a lovly week! Lori

  39. I am loving that pink! Can't wait to see more of the color in your space. Congratulations on the Romantic Home feature. I can't wait to see it. Again, looking forward to seeing the finish you have planned for that Mora. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas.


  40. Hi Amy, The pink looks wonderful and congrats on your RH feature.
    Hugs, Sherry

  41. Of course you're in Romantic Homes! They'd be fools to not feature you -- hmmm, I'm thinking how cool you'd be as a regular contributor....

  42. Congrats on your RH feature - well deserved!

  43. I really like the pink! Congrats on being in Romantic Homes magazine, very cool! Yes, the clock is too high, I didn't say anything because I figured you knew :) excited to see the finished product!

  44. c'est magnifique!

    i've got a little catching up to do on your blog, and if this is any indication i will be drowning in lovely all evening!

    just genius, amy.


  45. You are such a great designer Amy, you always know what changes to bring about to make a piece of furniture or a room look its best. You have such an eye for design, and so many creative ideas. It's really inspiring to read your blog.
    I love this new pink colour, it's perfect in your hutch.
    Congrats on your feature in Romantic Homes, Wow !


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