Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday at the Maison

All weekend long I've been busy with the creative side of my brain....
Check these out~ new linen curtains! 
I'm trying them out for my store,
and plan to offer them if folks like them!
I had to hang them up to check them out~
I put them on a rod in my dining room and considered switching
the white sheers for these.
 They have an antiqued look about them which I really love.
The fabric is sheer with a printed pattern of a rose floral and scrolled damask design
that is very romantic.
 With the loose tie tops the style is 
casual and can fit around any size rod.
 Its kind of a grey print on a beige background, 
looking very much tea stained and old world.
Can you tell I like them? 
Well I decided I will use them in my master bathroom~
The room is next on my list~
so this is a nice before shot.
 My obsession with tole continues~I scored this little tray with tiny little ball feet 
so it sits raised up. I have been using it to hold a pair of vintage pink wine glasses.
And the rose fabric is also a linen remnant I fell in love with on Etsy and snapped up.
 I love this fabric and hope to use it for a pillow or two~i
ts in the softest linen in the perfect shade of pink on white. Yum!
Isn't it cottage pretty? Feeling so creative right now~
but have had lots of mom duties,
like babysitting my son's dog Kingsley, 
who is a nervous nelly.
 Here we are at the first of the weekend Squirt division hockey games~
 He follows me around like a champ!
 In the meantime my sister, Susan, was hunting
 down goodies for my etsy shop at this major antiques
 mart in Missouri! Yes, that mirror will soon be in my shop!! 
She texts me the pics and I give the thumbs up or down~
Wait til you see these pink boudoir lamps!!
 Along the way she happens to find things I can't resist
 like this fab purple coffee pot! 
That ones for me!
And this sweet lavender hooked rug too~!~
Ok, I gotta get back to my work here at the Maison!
Talk to you soon!



  1. Love those drapes and the fabric for pillows and that mirror is fabulous.

  2. Soft looking curtains. That will flow with the breeze.
    Love the purple and white coffee pot.

  3. Those drapes are so pretty the faded look.

  4. I am loving the curtains, Amy...very pretty! And the tray is gorgeous. great find!


  5. Love the drapes! Can you source them please?

  6. So dreamy and elegant! Wonderful choice!

  7. Loved the curtains, pink lamps and Kingsley:) Have a nice day.

  8. What dreamy drapes. Love the fabric... very nicely done. How great to have your sister blaze the treasure trail for you! I also love the tea pot- I have a soft spot for purple transferware.

  9. My goodness Amy, this post is full of pure loveliness. I'm wishing that my sister could find me such lovely things.
    I can see why you love those dreamy curtains. They are so pretty and I bet you end up keeping them for a little while.

    Keep those creative thoughts flowing.


  10. It's all gorgeous, Amy ... love the new drapes !! Your home is always beautiful. :)

  11. So many pretty things to see today! I really love your new tie top curtains. They will be very soft and romantic looking in your bathroom. I also love that cabbage rose fabric.

  12. Those drapes are gorgeous! Usually I don't like the way that type of curtain hangs--but those are so pretty! I love how they hang..and the fabric looks aged and beautiful. Really love them. Also am really loving that mirror your sister found. Your sons dog is adorable. Great post-TFS!

  13. everyone else, I NEED to know where you got those yummy drapes, Amy! They're gorgeous! And sweet little Kingsely is just adorable! Long-haired Chihuahua?

    xoxo laurie

  14. The drapes are the fabric and I bet on a perfect spring day, the sunlight and fresh air must go through them like magic. Really pretty!
    I also love that you have your sister scouting out finds for your shop, LOVE that mirror! And how great that she can send you pics and you can yay or nay thats what I call efficiency!

  15. Gorgeous drapes! Love the weight of them as much as anything. Perfect for a romantic setting. That just made me look around and I think I will change out my dining room drapes for some light summer ones...hmmmm...

    Great mirror and love the old lavender run. How great to have someone do a bit of the "shopping" for you! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday night-xo Diana

  16. The pink floral! My daugther's room (at age 2) was done in that same fabric (not linen) that was Rachel Ashwell SC. It was gorgeous! She decided she wanted nothing to do with floral and sadly, it's stored away as it was only in a twin size. One of the only things I held onto cause it's soooo pretty!

  17. I love the mirror that would look great on my wall for my next project but you are so many miles away from me. I also love the drapes in the bathroom very classic.

  18. You've got a little bit of everything going on, Amy! : ) Kingsley is so cute! Those curtains are really lovely. I really like the casual and soft look to them.

  19. Oh Yeah... i'm dyin over those curtains... i love the color, the print on them airy they look, soooooo, you're gonna have them in your etsy shop??
    You're getting too many good things to choose from in your shop now... i want the clock and the curtains, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna want those lamps! I'm gonna have to sell something around here, to afford all your new goodies! Cool sister too, spyin out all that stuff for you, she knows just want to pick!


  20. love the materail of the curtains and love everything sister took a picture of and that lavendar hooked rug, well I have never seen any in lavendar all mine are pink

    it is so pretty . I live in Missouri however nothing that pretty in this town or I haven't found it LOL

  21. Those window treatments are gorgeous! Love all shop pretties too~:) chris

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE those curtains.I will be checking out your shop if you are offering them.

  23. Love the fabric of the drapes, its so soft looking. I also love the rose fabric, it will be so pretty in pillows. BUT I also really love the pup, what a cutie pie!!

  24. Everything is so beautiful! I love the chandy!

  25. The curtains are beautiful, love the pattern and the colors. The lavender rug is yumm-o. :)

  26. Loved the pink toile curtains. So airy and light. And your other finds are all wonderful. Especially liked the purple/white teapot and the rug. Great new stuff for your store!!!


  27. I love the drapes!! I also liked the tray and the teapt. The tray really caught my eye though. Thanks for sharing


  28. Horton's got these sheers in too and I have had them on my mind.
    The mirror is amazing Amy...I might have to have it!
    hugs from here

  29. I hope you keep the linen curtains. I love the gray print and the look great in your house.

  30. Lots of pretty things! I love the little hooked rug, and the linen curtains are beautiful!

  31. The linen curtains are beautiful. Great picture of you and Kingsley... so nice of you to do pup sitting duty for your son. I hope Dillon and Tobey like Kingsley. Love the mirror your sis scored for you!


  32. Hi Amy, love those curtains. The fabric is gorgeous and the print so romantic. I think these could go almost anywhere. Great new items for your shop. You have a sweetie to babysit!
    Happy spring.

    The French Hutch

  33. the curtains are keepers. unique, and very beautiful. just my style....

  34. Kingsley..what a cutie pa-tootie!!, love the linen curtains...and that purple coffee pot?..the best!

    Looks like you have a great plan going...cannot wait for all of the updates!...and..oh, may I borrow your sister? What a great "picker"!!!


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