Saturday, March 24, 2012

Creating Gilded Paris Apartment Doors

The master bathroom has a series of basic builder bi-fold paneled doors.
Part of the makeover in the bathroom was to create the look of those lovely
paneled doors you might see in France~
Don't these doors make you swoon?
These paneled doors with gold leaf on a taupe base 
were one of the inspiration photos I came across.
I loved these paneled doors and thought I would copy the look.
Let me show you how I recreated this effect to give
my bathroom a touch of Parisian Apartment.
I used a couple of narrow angled paint brushes,
 called sash brushes, to do the door panels with some accuracy.
 This new product I discovered whilst stumbling 
around the paint department at Lowes
is my new favorite thing! It was on clearance, 
which means it is probably being discontinued,
so I would advise you to go get a quart ASAP!! 
This works to create a gilded effect with wonderful results. 
 I had my Brilliant Metals mixed up to be the Brass color. 
 An assortment of furniture appliques which I also found at Lowes, 
but these can be ordered on many online websites as well. 
I wanted a big applique in the center panel with 
smaller ones on the top and bottom panels.
Annie Sloan Antoinette is the highlight color 
I used for the panels along with the gold paint.
First I painted all the trim with Lowes Valspar Oregon Coast, 
which is a milk chocolate color.
 This takes some patience and time~
but the main thing is don't stress about painting everything 
perfectly in the lines. It is going to look wonderful even 
when it is applied in a less than perfect manner.
I painted the doors and left the frames white so 
I could fill in with the pink Antoinette Chalk Paint®.
 See how sloppy artistically I applied the paints? 
I did one coat of each color.
 This is a good shot of one door untouched, 
one door with the white frames and one door ready to be gilded.
 This is the part that you need to be more careful about. 
Tape off the doors around the panels.
I planed to paint outside the framed panel groove as
 well as the groove to make a bigger section of gilding.
 The Brilliant Metals is AWESOME stuff!! 
For less than $20 a quart it is a steal and it is 
quite a good copy of gilding~I am loving this brass brilliant metals! 
Ok, so after I painted the gold color 
I waited about ten minutes and then removed the tape 
and reused it on the next door because I am thrifty.
 Here is one set of doors all gilded without 
the appliques in place~very pretty this way too.
I painted the appliques with the Oregon Coast first, 
and then applied the brilliant metals. After they dried in like ten minutes,
 I applied to the closet doors with hot glue. Voila! 
 The doors really create a mood in the bathroom now~
they were a bland wall of folding doors,
and now they are a focal point. 
I LOVE how they turned out!

 My version of Gilded Parisian Doors~
 Taking these bland boring closet doors on an elevator ride~
To the top of the Eiffel Tower! 
I'll be working on the other parts of the bathroom makeover this week,
but these doors give you a hint of where I am headed....



  1. I had noticed you were pinning the painted paneled doors to your Pinterest account -- had no idea you had this in mind! How beautiful!! Maybe I need to do this with my two doors in my bathroom.

  2. Unreal. I love the look. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  3. AMY!!!! That looks marvelous! I never cease to be amazed by your talent. I LOVE these doors-What a great way to upgrade builder's standard doors. Perfect!

    You know- I never noticed the picture of you & the hubs on the sidebar befoe. He is just a doll and you make a really cute couple. Happy Weekend- Back to sorting out our friend's house and getting ready for his memorial service. xo Diana

  4. Wow! It must feel like you are walking into a completely different room! Lots of work, but so worth it.
    Great job, Amy!

  5. Hi Amy, I loved your version.Fresh and impressive.Waiting for the other works.Loves.

  6. I absolutely love the doors. Very creative to go outside of the grooves to paint more of the gilding, gives it a much grander look. They look so GOOD I am excited to see what the rest will look like...

  7. WOW! amazing. you are so talented.
    I bought some chalk paint the other day. Just a small bottle, you know that one walmart sells.
    Is it suppose to be like jell?
    Just curious.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Your doors are beautiful. How very clever of you.

  9. Amy,
    Your vision and talent to execute that vision always boggles my mind. These doors are spectacular, your home is beautiful and I hope you are so proud of it. Whenever I visit your blog I feel so pampered and like I just went to the spa and then a boutique.
    Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend.

  10. Amy, All I can say is WOW!!!!
    And, stop it for heaven's are making the rest of us look bad! LOL!

    This is a fantastic project and you have definitely created a Parisian Glam look.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your bathroom.


  11. Now how in the world did you ever think of that?! They look great. They look like they belong in a parisian hotel now.

  12. Holy cow Amy! Those doors are just gorgeous now! I see what you are trying to accomplish in your bathroom...that plaque is going to fit in perfectly! ~Stacy~

  13. WOW Amy, this is simply amazing... Such talent... I LOVE IT! AWESOME - thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Jalon

  14. Wow! Aren't you having fun? Can't wait to see the rest of the room.

  15. Love.. Love the look! You nailed it!

  16. Amy these are gorgeous French Doors!! I love the colors you chose! For myself I would probably leave off the appliques, however they do make them so unique!!

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  17. I'm swooning over your new doors! They are beautiful. Just got back from The Annie Sloan Unfolded tour today and your post has given me even more inspiration!! Thank you. Btw, I'm in love with the Anntoinette. Beautiful choice.

  18. My grandparents lived in an apartment building that had a French feel to it. When you walked in the foyer of the building there was circular marble stairs that went all the way up. In the center was a fabulous French Elevator with iron scroll work. In side the apartment the ceilings were very high with high windows and at least one chandelier (my sister got that one too). I bet the doors had scroll work but I don't remember, I just remember everything being very elegant. The main room was large but all the other rooms were small.

  19. Amy, these look fantastic! You would never think bi-fold doors looking at these! Great job and I love the colors you chose. The appliques really finish it off nicely, too.

  20. Sooooo beautiful! you did such an awesome job! :)

  21. Amy, This is incredible! What a difference it's made in the overall look. You are right, a little patience, and you have to go for it and not worry about everything being perfect.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. I just love your doors.. they came out beautifully.... they look just like the other photos....



  23. once again, another work of art. its abso beautiful it looks very classy. great idea i must say. i love that rug by the way... have great weekend. not like last is it??? but can work on indoor huh?? great work amy.

  24. Wow, Amy, your doors are beautiful! I would have never thought to do that! Love!

  25. Oh my--gorgeous! And so pretty with the rug.

  26. Amy!!!!!!! I am blown away AGAIN!!!!!! OMG I thought I was looking at Marie Antoinettes boudoir and then I read I am reading your redone closet doors- get out of town!
    You are too much. I can't believe what a stupendous job you did, seriously beautiful. I am sooooooo impressed. I may need to kidnap you for a week and bring you to NY :)

  27. Unbelievable job...Looks like you are in a gorgeous Parisian mansion...Stunning!

  28. Amy, these look amazing. Thry are fantastic!!

  29. Amy,
    Looks amazing.Wow what a transformation.I am going to run out to Lowes.I am sure I could find some project to use that paint on .

  30. very cool, amy! absolutely dreamy.


  31. Unless Valspar really is discontinuing the Metals paint and our local store just happens to have a bunch on hand, I think that product is around to stay for awhile. The doors look so much fancy-schmancier ---like the way Betsy Speert described you! :-) Very pretty!

  32. Unreal is right! WOW, Amy! Amazing!!!! 5 stars!!!

    Now if I only dare to do something similar to the closet doors in my guest suite...

    Very inspirational, Amy.



  33. Absolutely gorgeous, and such a brilliant idea! I love the finished look! Can't wait to see what you come up with next...I'm sure it will be amazing!


  34. Awesome! Amazing transformation! Love this look and and the technique!

  35. Your brain is going a mile a minute!! Great idea. Your idea turned out beautiful.

  36. Very pretty, Amy. You added great architecture, and dimension.

  37. Your doors are fabulous!! No longer ho-hum. I love what you did.
    Mary Alice

  38. Gorgeous, Amy! What a beautiful transformation. Hugs, Sherry

  39. AMY YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Those are the prettiest ones of all the ones you showed. I am SO impressed!!!

  40. Hi Amy,I love what youdid to the doors. What a transformation! Your inspiration pics are great too and have hep me decide on the blue and gold in mylounge room. I still have no doors on my wardrobe in my bedroom as I have been on the look out for half glass half solid doors so i can add some sheer curtains to the back of them.. just for a different look. If I'm unsuccessful at finding them at a cheap price I think I am going to copy you! thanks for the great ideas, Maryann

  41. Amy, these are totally amazing!!!! What a great technique and the result is just gorgeous!!

  42. Oh my goodness... i'm just seeing this! Awesome! and sooooo Frenchy...


  43. I'm loving them~so delightful and so frenchy!!! Well done!Thanks for linking up!

  44. What a beautiful idea! They look wonderful! I love the color you chose. :)

  45. I appreciate you sharing this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
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