Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring has sprung and bathroom updates

 When springy weather arrives in Boston, 
its the best feeling in the world!
I just want to be outside and welcome all the flowers 
and freshen up the outside of the Maison. 
I grabbed the old pillars and propped them by the front door
and filled the urns with sweatpeas and forsythia (faux natch!)
A big grapevine wreath stuffed with clippings
 of faux forsythia is the easiest wreath to make 
to herald in the season.
 Last year I meant to do a few things like add lattice work around the porch~
I think I will try a little harder and earlier to get it done.
 I just don't like the look of it standing on stilts!
 Signs of life in the small garden are purple crocus~
and budding pink tulips and pink and peach narcissus.
Big pots and urns are empty and ready to be 
filled for the spring and summer seasons.
 In the barren and grey landscape all 
the bits and buds of green are very apparent.
Blobs of pink tulips are planted here and there~
its so fun to see them come into flower.
And following them, the roses will bloom!
 More crocus surround the budding Endless Summer hydrangea.
The wreath bursts with color~boom! Spring is here early this year!! 
Its going to be 70 degrees all week in Boston~that means the trees will be blooming early I guess.
All good things, its been such a mild winter, so nice, compared to last winter where we still had snow fall in April.  I'm ready to be outside for sure~but in the meantime I have indoor projects to complete that I have barely just started, like my bathroom.
 This is what it looks like when I descend upon a room
 and turn it into a project...boxes of paint 
and pieces of fabric and an image in my head...
I'll be sharing more as it develops~
it involves beige and antique pink and a touch of aqua.



  1. Your front looks amazing.
    Love the crocus and the forsythia.
    I decorate my front with faux forsythia as well.
    My crocus has just budded, One flower,
    more to come. We are having extremely warm weather here.

  2. I have a forsythia grapevine wreath on my front door, too! The real forsythia are in bloom here. Loving the fresh spring colored ribbon on your wreath! And dying to hear the story behind the shoes decoration!

  3. Well Amy the shoes on the wall threw me off. They must be special, do tell.

    Love the front door wreath. I've been sprucing up around here too but the pollen is so thick and chokes me up. I did manage to get some pots filled.


  4. How exciting to see Spring pushing its way to the surface in your yard. Ok, the glass slippers on the wall are adorable! Happy Spring!!! Jalon

  5. I think this is the first time I have seen your yard and front of house. Looks lovely. I am very excited to see what develops in your bathroom--love the colors you are doing!

  6. Oh Amy, I love all your garden elements, and those pink columns just take the cake! pretty pretty!

  7. It looks very springy at your home, Amy! Love your wreath and I can't wait to see your bath!


  8. I LOVE lattice, it is so charming, you should definitely add that around the porch. And, there are those fabulous pillars, they look good wherever you put them! Love the wreath, it's a great size, and sooo sweet and welcoming with the big bow that matches the pillars... I see a peak of those heavenly curtain panels in the bathroom too, can't wait to see what you're up to in there!


  9. We had 80 degrees here today in Ohio, Amy! With humidity! It's just crazy here ~ high 70's and 80's in March. Everything popped overnight with the trees flowering and daffodils in full bloom.

  10. Amy, Your home looks like spring! What a pretty garden you have ;) It's so muddy here, and our ground is very cold (was 26 degrees this morning) so it will be a while before I get outside. In the meantime I can enjoy the progress you are making! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Looking good! I can see spring has sprung and it looks so beautiful and fresh! Love it Amy!

  12. Love your beautiful front porch...the pillars are great! Looks like Spring has definitely sprung in Boston..

    Oh my, those shoes on the wall are the cutest!

  13. This weather is amazing! I want to start planting to add some color but I know it's still too early : ( Can't wait to see your bathroom re-do!

  14. Gloriousness is just around your corner!

  15. Does Dave know that Linda likes your front?
    Just want you to know, that as your friend, I like ALL of you.

  16. Love the pops of color on your front porch! Welcome Spring!

  17. It´s soooo beautiful here - thank you for all your inspiration and for your lovely comment!!!


  18. Spring is amazing here in new england..I agree! With the warm weather the other day, every neighbor was out raking & planting spring was so nice to see after a dreary winter (warm but still dreary lol) your front looks gorgeous! :) chris

  19. Amy I love the start of your bathroom project! It;s going to be wonderful!
    The early Spring is quite amazing but honestly, I am a tad bit concerned...I have never had my lilacs budding in March and everything is in bloom!
    I am looking forward to seeing this project unfold!
    hugs from here

  20. You have such a pretty property! Love the wreath & your pillars. Are they different from the ones last year? I remember pink pillars but I do not remember the cut outs (rail inserts?) on them. Gorgeous. Our forsythia just started to bud. The weather here has been amazing for March and things are starting to sprout and bud MUCH earlier. Would those be your wedding shoes on your wall? Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the bathroom! I was just looking at the post with all of your previous homes...Every single one was so charming!


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