Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden style...inside~

One of my favorite things I bought for myself when I got divorced and had to move 
to a tiny house was this double wide wicker chair with big cabbage roses on an aqua background.
There was a tiny sunporch on the front of the bungalow with room for this chair~
I painted the walls apple green and plopped this chair in the corner~
it was a little piece of heaven at a difficult time.
Since things have changed~and for the better!!~this big wicker chair
hasn't had a place to go in my new house and I just can't part with it.
Its been in my big master bathroom being used as a clothing caddy.
But with the makeover going on in the upstairs bath,
I wasn't sure what to do with this chair~
What I did have over here in this corner was the antique tapestry chair~
after one visit from a girl friend proved to me that chair was very uncomfortable 
and had to go~! So in with the wicker~all of a sudden the room feels
light hearted, just the look I prefer.
It looks pretty next to the white banister I just painted.
An easter egg garland adds a bit more whimsy.

 I wish I could stretch out our room just a bit~
my son thinks I have too much stuff crammed in here.
But I think it feels like a summer cottage now
and everywhere you look there are pretty things.
 I still adore tole trays and every time I put anything on one, it looks fabulous.
 These tulips are heavenly~and if you want lots of inspiration try to hunt down the Romantic Country magazine  summer issue!! Oh my~died and went to heaven over two of the homes in this issue!
 I sold all of my clocks and will be getting more in~one clock I will be custom painting in Paris Grey next week, and will be showing you how it came out on the blog.  I still have to wax my clock, so you haven't missed that. Its just that I am doing the bathroom and the outside porch all at the same time, and somethings gotta give!
 Do you ever feel like you are on a roller coaster of productivity? 
Take time to have coffee in your favorite mug and take a breath~
I love my bird mug from TJMaxx.
 My babysitting charge, Kingsley, has been my constant companion. He goes home Sunday,
but he grew miles as a dog living at Maison Decor for a week. He learned he better eat his breakfast and dinner when the other dogs eat 'cuz it might not be there at his leisure for picking at later on. He doesn't shake like a leaf now when people come in the room, he lets men pet him, and is nice to the other dogs~
so his insulated apartment lifestyle never let him be relaxed socially. He is sooo much better now! I'm very proud of him.
 Of course I'm proud of bossy little Tobey too....
and Dillon, who was unavailable for the photo shoot.
Too busy sleeping on the couch in the other room~
Using wicker furniture indoors created a garden mood~
I just LOVE this look!! 
Do you have any gardeny things you use indoors
 to lighten the mood of your spaces?



  1. That chair is just gorgeous! What a perfect spot. I love the light and spring like look of your space. The eggs around the banister are so cute. This makes me want to lighten things up around my place!

  2. Your white wicker chair and ottoman look great in your living room. Love the blue floral fabric used on it. This time of year I start gravitating to more florals. It just feels like it belongs. I recently brought in my garden statuary from outside and set it next to the fireplace. I'm really liking it. Kinglsey is a sweetie! Dogs (unlike cats) really need companionship and their behavior changes if they don't get enough. I hate to hear of a dog staying home all day by themselves. It sounds very lonely. Glad that you were able to spend so much time with him.

  3. I am coming over for a cup of coffee and relax in that "comfy" chair. Being a gardener I love to bring the garden inside. Thanks for sharing your home.

  4. Amy, what a beautiful post. Love the chair there. It is perfect. I never looked at your clocks and already sold. Wow. I will have to check out the new magazine. You are working on many projects at one time like I did in January. Can't wait to see the reveals.

  5. Yes Amy, I have this big metal garden chair that is very wide and heavy. I've yet to put a cushion on it and it sits hear my entryway basically untouched. Now after seeing your pretty wicker with the lovely cushions....I might just have to work on mine.
    You are definitely fired up and in a decorating mode. If you are like me you'll soon crash! LOL!

    The doggies are so cute.


  6. Amy that chair looks great in your living room and the fabric on the cushions is so pretty and looks great with the bench slipcover you have near your piano. Is the slip a pale blue?

  7. That slipcover is more of a greenish blue~the perfect aqua thats bleached out a bit.

  8. I just love that room! I would walk in and say ahhhhhhh every time I saw it.

    Your wicker looks wonderful there.

    I have some natural color wicker furniture with red toile in my loft area...

  9. The chair looks super and I love your room. So inviting. Hugs, Marty

  10. Such a pretty color on the cushion on your chair, Amy! Your other touches of blue work well with it in this room. I do feel like I have ups and downs with my productivity. These few days I have down time because I'm babysitting my granddaughter through to Sunday, so there will be no painting or sewing! I'm lucky I found a minute to get on my laptop while she's napping!

  11. I love that wicker chair Amy! it looks so pretty in your light and airy living room. It is so Spring like in there! ~Hugs, Patti

  12. love wicker and tole trays too
    yours is perfect on the coffee table

  13. Absolutely caught my breath when I saw that beautiful chair. It looks like the breath of springtime and I love the contrast of white next to the darkness of the piano.

    A few years ago my daughters bought for me a cast aluminum bench in bright white. It has a beautiful floral design. I couldn't bear to put it out in the weather. I've used it in the guest bedroom. It makes a good luggage rack when my family is visiting.

  14. your room looks so pretty i like the turquoise color with the white through out that room

    the clock caught my eye right away

    also those cute doggies caught my eye

    tell you son he is wrong it all looks good, not too much stuff

  15. Love the slip cover on the piano stool...Very springy!!! Blessings Lori

  16. Amy, I love the look of that chair and your room for that matter...very spring-like and refreshing! ~Stacy~

  17. Hi Amy, love your wicker chair! The fabric on it is soo pretty. Your entry way is like a breath of fresh air and your easter garland is so cute! I love bringing the outdoors in and have a couple of plant stands inside. Love how you placed the clock now with the flowers and basket underneath. take care, Maryann

  18. Amy,
    I must tell you how much I love that Swedish clock, the Easter egg garland, and that fab vintage tole tray. I'd love to hang out with you in that house!

  19. Love your chair addition, everything does look like spring inside indeed. The little dogs are precious so nice of you to acclimate him to the other dogs. Sounds like you have been really busy, can't wait to see what you have been up to.

  20. I love your wicker chair,and I agree, it looks wonderful next to the white banner. It just says, "Spring is here"! You have so many pretty little areas, a feast for the soul, I spotted my favorite blue vase - it always makes me smile:)

  21. wow i love the room!! The chair looks so nice!! Can't wait ti see the clock!!!!

  22. Everything looks So SPRING!!! Love the puppies!! Yes Target has new duvets and curtains you must go, the pink and white stripe one is the back of the white and pink floral one.. very beautiful, and like 4 different curtains, must go to Target !!!lol Have a Great Weekend!!

  23. Love your wicker chair--
    have had a desire to bring the outside in too. I am going nuts for floral fabric and had my husband build a little picket fence for inside the house--I guess if it is going to snow in spring than I'll make it spring like inside:)

  24. So glad you kept that wonderful wicker chair. I like it there. It does add to the light and airyness of the room. I have alot of wicker on my wrap around porch and love it. But it all needs painting again and as soon as its warm enough the job will be done. Yours reminds me of how beautiful wicker looks.

  25. Love the chair. How great that Kingsley became more socialized. He just needed some time. He sure is cute. I know you are busy with projects and I can't wait to see how they come out.

  26. Oh...I forgot to say I love all the Easter touches. I bought more eggs today to add to my Easter stuff. Gotta get it all up.

  27. I too have a wicker chair in my living room. I put ie there because the space seemed kinda empty when I rearranged the furniture. But it gives the room a certain relaxed's not white though I'm considering painting it.

  28. Love the wicker chair and the soft touches of aqua and pink throughout the room--from the chair cushions, tole tray, area rugs and accessories. Also love the flowering branches under the clock. You can't go wrong decorating with garden style. I love bringing the outside in.

  29. Amy -
    YOUR BLOG is a little piece of heaven! Love everything in your pictures! Should you ever want to part with that wicker chair, I will come to the east coast in a flash. Great piano bench too!

  30. That chair & ottomon are fabulous & look just wonderful there. Such inspiring springiness(is that a word?) in your home. The latest issue of RC is a beauty & I know the homes you are talking about..gorgeous. Check out page 67 top right-our massachusetts garden is there....I was so suprised to turn the page & see it! fifi & dan must have been saving this one from the last shoot....:) chris

  31. I can picture myself reading a book and falling asleep in that chair! Totally cozy! :)

  32. Gorgeous fabric on that beautiful wicker chair..I love using wicker inside..bringing the outdoors have graced your home with beautiful touches of Spring.

  33. Amy, if you're not careful, you'll have as much $&@ in your house as I do! Love the look of the wicker next to the piano. The scale is so much larger than the tapestry chair that it helps balance the size of the piano bench.

  34. Hi Amy, Love the pictures love all the flowers and that chair is fantastic.

  35. I love those pink delphinium in that tin vase! Are they real? If not where are they from? I love them! And the wicker indoors is so beautiful! I recently purchased a vintage wicker loveseat and put it in my dining room, and it instantly gave my dining room a more cozy, inviting feeling. I'll definitely have to make a post about that on my blog soon!

  36. The room looks beautiful and all ready for Easter! I hope you have your boys with you for it :)

  37. Wonderful **Spring** Feel...
    AND LoVe that little "BirDie Cup"...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  38. Thank you for sharing a little of your life with me and thank you for a peek round your charming home, the light floods in with a delightful soft tone and reflects a warmth of welcome waiting for any visitor, include that with a seat on your lovely chair and a wee cup of tea in a floral mug would be just dandy. Thank you (Mary from Scotland UK)


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