Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Order a Mora clock and Pink Roses

I have a couple of clocks to sell, so stay with me
if you are interested!  Lets talk about pretty stuff first.
 A simple bunch of supermarket roses can elevate the mood of a room.
 This sugar pink bunch is breathtakingly beautiful~I couldn't stop snapping photos.

 In every pretty magazine shot, you will always notice flowers.
  Its the secret weapon of the photo stylist~but even if you aren't
taking photos or putting your house in a magazine, adding fresh flowers
to your rooms will make them more inviting.
 Ah~the mora wall clock!  
So many of you were interested in these
I am selling them now.
 I'll be painting them with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and 
putting them in my online shop~
52" tall x 14" wide x 3" deep, 
runs on one AA battery and is silent. 
Since the clock took it spot in the living room,
 I moved the little french desk
into the dining room. I edited this post and added this photo
when I saw a reader from Turkey said she would miss it...
well, don't worry,  its still here!
The combination of the pink roses and the blue opaline
 and the mora clock just makes for one pretty room~
and I love pretty!



  1. I love pretty too and i agree your room is really pretty Amy,the sun looks stunning streaming through your window x

  2. Hi Amy, I love opalines.You do the best always, but I'll miss your french cabinet, she is so beautiful and smart.Loves from Turkey.

  3. I still love that clock. Wow! You bought 4 of them? Aren't you a little entrepeneur! Now that've I've moved my floor clock to the foyer, I don't really have a spot for that one now. I thought about getting one for the foyer. I will keep it in mind in case something changes around here (which is often). Ha! Love how pretty yours looks against the pink roses too.

  4. Oh dear lovely lady,I know she is in the dining room, I read your blog almost everyday, so I know the story:), but it would be better on old place I mean.Loves and best wishes.

  5. One pretty room indeed! Nothing like fresh flowers. Just bought some myself. Love your pink roses! Great photography.

  6. Beautiful! I wish our market had flowers I would by them all the time!

  7. I'm really lovin that clock. I like the finish too. If i sell a painting, i'll be emailing you! You were smart to buy 4 of them, it's a good looking reproduction. Your room looks so pretty with the pink roses. I found some long stemmed pink french tulips at whole foods yesterday, and i'm enjoying them so much, had to rearrange the whole house around them!


  8. Amy, the images are so pretty, but what I really can't get over every time I am here is how GREAT your images look. That camera was worth every single penny

  9. Beautiful roses. I do love flowers and my grocery store has not had any nice ones lately. May have to go somewhere else.

  10. Amy,
    I love the clock mounted on the wall. It looks so pretty in your living room. The last photo shows how beautiful it all looks.


  11. The clock looks stunning, such a beautiful compliment to your room. I know people are going to snatch those up, they are so beautiful and highly decorative!

  12. Very pretty, Amy! I love any flowers that are pink. I should treat myself to a bunch! That last picture of your living room makes it look like it is Spring by you already!

  13. The flowers are beautiful as are the pictures of them.

  14. who says that you have to go to a florist for roses.
    They are so bright and stunning.
    The Mora clock looks so perfect in your room.
    We collect antique cuckoo clocks.

  15. Well you know me, I'm all about pink and especially pink roses! They look beautiful in your home! I love the look of the clock in your living room and the secretary being moved to the other room...good choice! Looks beautiful! ~Stacy~

  16. Flowers are gorgeous.Our market was a little sparse when I looked for some today.LOVE that clock.I need to sell some things before I shop any more.

  17. Love love love that clock Amy and that pretty little chair you have under it too!!

  18. I'm betting those clocks will be gone before tomorrow's sunrise. They are just gorgeous...and a good price, I think. Let Laurie over at Heaven's Walk know you have them -I think she was pretty interested.

    Love the roses here, too. xo Diana

    ps...Pop by tomorrow- I painted the little TV today and an posting it

  19. Oh my gosh, Amy.....I SO want one of those clocks....but after looking around the rooms in my house - there's not really a good spot for one. :( I'll keep looking and imagining though....and will definitely keep you in mind, sweetie! Thank you SO much for letting me know!

    Your room looks so sweet and cozy and inviting. You're a master at decor..... :)

    Hugs ~

    xoxo laurie

  20. You are so right--the combination of the things in your living room make it picture perfect!

  21. Your pink roses and blue opaline looks so pretty and I'm considering a mora clock :)

  22. I love the pink roses and the finish on the clock. Gorgeous...oh and I am STILL staring at that pink interior that you posted on Sunday....seriously ordering that paint!
    Greetings from the brocantes in France....

  23. Those pink roses are really pretty, they really do make the photos, brings life to them! I will remember that little secret :)

  24. Can't wait to see how you paint the clocks with the Annie Sloan paint.

  25. Th clock are so very pretty. The roses add life to the pictures. I can't wait to see your touches on the clocks.

  26. All the pics are gorgeous but that second one especially!

  27. I love your roses. I almost bought some at my grocery last night but opted for a Country Home magazine instead. Still wondering if it was the right choice. :o) I saw your comment at Beatrice Banks about resizing your photos. Could you tell me what program you use to resize and what size you load to your blog? My pics sometimes look fuzzy when I enlarge them in my post. No hurry...I'm a Linky follower now.

  28. Your decorating is beautiful, however the clock dwarfs the chair. I think the chair should be moved somewhere else and the clock should be lowered on the wall. It just doesn't look right. Other than that, it's gorgeous.

  29. Love the always make the room, don't they? And they set the mood....I will remember that in "future" photoshoots....

  30. I agree with you that adding fresh flowers makes spaces so much more inviting. Love the Mora, but look forward to see the finish(s)) you are planning on doing. Your images are beautiful, by the way.


  31. So beautiful. I hear from Janet of The Empty Nest that you'll be at Annie Sloan Boston. I look forward to meeting you!

  32. Beautiful ! The roses are a perfect match with the pillow on the couch. The mora clock is also very beautiful.
    Have a nice day Amy !


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