Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swedish Blue for the Mora Clock

 The clock is soft blue and white now~
 Blue or creamy white would be the color I would pick if
I buy an old Swedish clock...
 So it was natural for me to want to make 
this reproduction as close to the real thing in my mind's eye.
I mixed up a custom color of Chalk Paint
to come close to a color called Glass Slipper that I love.
Essentially using Louis Blue and Old White together,
I was able to copy this Ben Moore favorite.
The crown at the top of the clock has a pretty little 
french looking heart and lacey carved details.
 Overall I am quite pleased, however, 
I still need to wax it. A little dark wax 
will add some age without darkening it too much.
I'll show this wax step in more detail as I was 
asked to elaborate on this process by a reader.
Initially I thought I might keep the dark ochre color 
with the pale blue, but when I hung it up on the wall all 
you really noticed was the outlines that the ochre called attention to.
There was too much of a contrast, so I used old white Chalk Paint® 
to lighten the accent areas.
I wanted two colors, as many of the examples I studied
of antique moras used white as accents on pastel pink or blue bases.
 I've sold quite a few of these clocks.
They are wonderful decorative pieces.
The original color was a favorite of many who commented~
but I like it soft blue.
And of course, I hung it a little lower
and so then I had to lose the little chair~
 The inspiration for the clock to be blue 
was that pale blue chintz pillow~
That wonderful old Mario Buatta chintz 
is going to be back in my bookcases soon,
and this room will feel like springtime in Paris!

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