Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The old french settee

 Sometimes you just fall in love with a piece of furniture.  
The old french settee was one of those pieces for me.  I saw it and wanted it.  That doesn't happen to me that often anymore.  After having a shop where I had to buy lots and lots of things, I lost the need to possess.  Buying and selling, buying and took away the thrill of acquisition and possession of furnishings. But then I saw a photo on my friend and Florida Annie Sloan Stockist, Lisa Ard's facebook page.  She was summering in Rockport, Massachusetts last year
 and she went to visit a vintage outdoor market event hosted by Matthew Mead.  
I was too busy running my shop or hosting a workshop or something...and I missed it.
Lisa posted a photo on her Facebook page with a comment like she wished she could have fit this settee into her jeep for the long ride back to Florida, but she had no room.  So I asked her about it and one thing led to another, with Matthew Mead messaging me that if I was interested in it, he still had it.  Oh boy! Yes I would love to get it! It took some back and forth but finally we were able to get a time where my husband ran up to pick it up for me, as I was "too busy with the store" (see how that shopkeeper thing was getting in the way of me living my life...!!?!"
 I tried it here and there and finally I found the spot for it.
 It sits right along this wall that bridges the gap from the kitchen to the dining room.
This is the photo that made it into the DECORATING magazine by
Matthew Mead.  He took this shot and I love it. 
All the pillows I picked up from HomeGoods. HomeGoods is my
go to for pillows!  Any color or style you need or can imagine is usually
found in their huge pillow department at great prices.
 By the way, this magazine is on the news stands 
for another month or so if you haven't seen it yet.

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