Thursday, January 24, 2013

Custom color candles in two minutes!

 I used to be a white candle only person...I think I read somewhere it was
a design no no to use colored candles.  I am so glad I don't have to follow 
all the rules anymore..."cause I am all grown up and I have my own ideas!
Well maybe my ideas are greatly influenced by what I see in books and on
beautiful blogs~but at any rate I had in mind a set of ten bright pink candles for 
these antique candelabra.  The last time I wanted a certain color candle I went online
and ordered some in turquoise from a very expensive store~and they were perfect.
Since I needed ten candles for a store display this time I went to TJMaxx looking
for a boxed set of pink candles...but the only color candles were neutrals.
So I bought two boxes at $7.99 each and headed to the shop~as I 
was driving it occurred to me that I could try painting them with Chalk Paint!!
I was all excited thinking this could really be a great thing if it worked~
Selina Lake's book Romantic Style has room after
 romantic room and many of them use brightly colored tapers
in the antique candle holders and candelabras, like this one in hot pink.
Here is another photo of a candelabra similar to mine and
 there are two shades of a chartreuse green candle.
I love the funky spunky look of the bright candles with the antique fixture.
So I got to mixing up my pink paint~
I used about 3 parts Pure White to 1 part Emperor's Silk.
You can see the fleshy colored tapers laying in wait...
The first candle gets a quick one coat paint job....
I held it by the wick and then zapped it with the hair dryer
 to hasten the drying.  I wanted to light it to see if anything bad would happen~
It appeared this was going to work!
But after an extended period they start throwing a smokey trail.
What a bummer!
So use these for decorative purposes only please!
Then I painted the next 9 candles all with one coat 
and stuck them in water bottles.
Maybe you can stick them in something else, but I had all these 
empties from my last Paint Workshop and they were just the right size!  
The next thing I did was to take one out at a time and do a 
quick second coat followed by a hairdryer blast
 for a minute or two and they were finished!!
I was so pleased with the finished result~I had the 
bubble gum pink candles I wanted for just pennies!!
Think of all the colors you can make with your candles~
plum,  aqua bright orange!! Just look at the Annie Sloan paint chart!
My candelabras were looking swell~
For decorative purposes~not meant for burning!
I knew the pink candles would totally make that vanity top pop!
Now all I have to do is paint the vanity.



  1. How fun!!! who would have thought about ASCP candles? really a pretty idea!!

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing ;)
    I love the bubble gum pink you chose for your candles :)


  3. pure genius! thanks for sharing.

  4. I use colored candles all the time, but I never thought to paint white ones. Brilliant!


  5. What a great it Amy!

  6. Great idea Amy and very pretty too.


  7. Amy very smart! I have some sample pots I can use for this!

    New 2013 Artists Series

  8. That is amazing Amy! They look adorable...what a great idea!

  9. That is such a fun idea, Amy- who woulda' thunk it?! I have a sample jar of emille, will have to try this!

  10. shut my mouth but aren't you clever, painter of lovely?

    happy weekend to you, amy.


  11. How brilliant is that!! Amazing Amy does it again!

  12. How totally clever to think outside the box. This opens up so many choices for candle colors. You've started a new trend. I'm glad the paint didn't run with the wax and drip on your table. Totally, totally SMART idea.


  13. I love those candelabras, love them so much and have looking for some similar

    of course the pretty pink candles are gorgeous, with all the other pink accessories in that area they really stand out

  14. Great idea, Amy! LOVE the pink!

  15. Oooo those are beautiful Amy! Who would have thought you could paint candles! LOVE that color too!

  16. Oh Amy I think you have created a new trend and frenzy! I adore the entirely! Lori

  17. Who would have thought? Well Amy would of course! Thanks for sharing your great idea :)

  18. Hi Amy!

    Wow! They look great and I have to give you credit for thinking out of the box. There are too many rules and you just have to be creative and do what feels right. If you love it, it will look perfect:)

    Well done! Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  19. I tried to post the other day but Blogger said "NO". I came to try again!
    I'm a white candle girl because I don't have the talent you do...but here I am trying to learn!
    Thanks for the advice on the tabletop...I took it! Tell me what you think when you have a chance?




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